common sense and good grace… {for Jadon}

There’s a boy that I love… a third son whose name means “God has heard.” A tenderhearted grace that arrived in our lives in a season when I thought my womb would remain closed for forever. It’s a long story, really it is. One that I’ve written about at length in another manuscript that’s yet to make it off the bookshelf. Safe to say, Jadon’s birth filled a deep longing in our young married hearts to have a child together. He’s a miracle, and today I was given another keepsake to treasure. Today, my son finished the 5th grade.


There was a season not long ago when I didn’t know how it would finish for us… how we’d make it through the stresses and rigors of the curriculum. Some of you may remember my frustration—a time when common sense and good grace threatened to leave the building. Thankfully, sense and grace prevailed, and today my son finished the 5th grade. Not just any kind of a finish… a strong finish.

Jadon and his awesome tutor, Ms. Ann!

And I applauded him. Choked back a few tears, thought back a few years, and realized just how far common sense and a very good grace have carried us all. It doesn’t always end this way. Not everyone makes the honor roll, at least not on this side of eternity. Some of us scrape and scrap our way through to the finish line believing the finish line to be the honor, not the grades. But every now and again, we receive the glory of having them both—the honor roll and the finish line colliding as one and reminding us that all has not been lost in the struggle to get there. There has been gain and growth that will carry over and push us forward into the next chapter of our stories.


I don’t know how that next chapter will read for Jadon. I do believe it will be hard for this miracle boy growing into a man, especially as he tries to meld into a mold that doesn’t fit with his uniqueness. We’ll be homeschooling next year, a change that will certainly bring challenges our way. But despite the many unknowns regarding Jadon’s tomorrows, this I do know. Common sense and good grace will take him where he wants to go… where he needs to go. Common sense and good grace never fail. Common sense and good grace make the honor roll every time.


May God grant us all an ample supply of both as we press on in faith toward the finish line. As always…


Peace for the journey,
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  1. Congratulations to your Jadon! I know you are a proud mama…

    “Common sense and good grace never fail.”

    Wise words…and a comforting truth…carry them with you into your season of home schooling…the best is yet to come!

  2. Oh, that sweet, precious boy! I know how hard he worked this year in school. Not only did he persevere, he excelled. I am so happy for him. Congratulations, Jadon! I wish I were there to give him a big hug…since I’m not, please give him one for me.

    Love to all…

  3. Congratulations to your son! What an achievement. I do remember his struggle and it is good to read this. I also remember some long nights with my own daughter, struggling with her to understand math and how sentences are put together. She made it through and lives a wonderful life now–full of common sense and grace as well.

  4. not knowing the history but hearing your heart, congratulations to all!

    homeschooling will be challenging and rewarding rolled all into one. my adult children refer to their days of homeschooling and the memories they cherish and talk about are the fun and silly. only i will remember the days i was absolutely exhausted or ready to “pull my hair” out – and i always questioned, am i do a good job and covering all the subjects well? i guess i did. they remembered the greatest lesson of all and they all walk a strong faith in Christ Jesus. i couldn’t be more blessed!
    Cyndi, Lakeside, MT

  5. Congratulations Jadon on a job well done! Looks like a great tutor. Reminded me of the tutor on The Blind Side. Not looks but just that she has done a great job.

    And now you will be his tutor while you homeschool. From 17 years of homeschooling I can tell you it will be so hard some days you will want to quit. Please don’t hate me for saying that! ha BUT it will also be one of the most rewarding, satisfying, and memorable things you do also!!! It’s sooooooooooo worth it! And if I can be of any encouragement to you after you get started, please give me a call. It’s been 14 years this month since we graduated our last child from homeschool so I am not up to date on all the teaching stuff but I can still remember how it was.

    Love you sweet Elaine!


  6. Congratulations to Jadon And family. School is a road our children do not travel alone, it truly is a family journey! I will pray as you enter this New Homeschooling season of our lives!

  7. Elaine, oh my goodness, that first picture is absolutely precious. Can I say that about a boy? I’ve got girls — I don’t know the boy rules! 🙂 What a joy for you to see him finish strong this year. Good luck with the homeschooling next year.

    Common sense and good grace can be a challenge in lots of situations, can’t it? I pray I have enough of both at just the right times!

  8. Yes. Yes! Congratulations to Jadon! Enjoyed this post so much, Elaine!

    Common Sense and good grace! Yes, Yes a good dose of it – put me in line for it. That phrase will find its way into my conversations many times I am sure.

    Love to you,

  9. Woo Hoo, congrats to dear Jadon. I truly admire you as you take on homeschooling. I will be praying for you, and Jadon. I know you will do a fabulous job, love you so much.

  10. How sweet. Gives me hope. And I love that song!! Sending it two our two graduating seniors, one whom is my daughter on that destructive path.

    A good reminder to keep plowing and rely on God in the difficult times. Thank you!

    Striving to Live Out Loud~Pamela

  11. wifeforthejourney:

    It was indeed a day of triumph for our son; a finish line he crossed hand-in-hand with his momma!

    As I have so many times since we started our life as husband and wife, mother and father, I am grateful for your strong and able love for each of our kids. All along the way of our life as a family, God has blessed me with a selfless partner, a wise counselor and a beacon of truth for our children to look to on good days and bad. You are, and remain, God’s best for us all!

    This was a day Jadon earned for himself, but he never would have made it there on his own.

    Love you honey!


  12. Congratulations to you and your boy! May the Lord continue to show Himself sufficient on Jadon’s behalf…He is faithful!

    Love the pic of him as a little guy. My boys also wore those blue overalls with the plaid pockets–all four of them, one right after the other! 🙂

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