Places I Visit

  Blogging is my home away from home, another safe place for me to rest my head and my heart. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of making many friends along the way. These are just a few of them and their corresponding web addresses. Won’t you join us on the journey as we travel along together?


Longest Running Members of my Blogging Family (thanks for hanging with me, girls):

Kristen @ Over the Backyard Fence

Joy @ Pondering in His Presence

Kathleen @ Sassy Granny


Cancer Survivor Sisters:

Brenda @ Breast Cancer Sisterhood

Stacy @ His Way, Not Mine

Cyndi @ Advocate of Hope

Joy @ Pondering in His Presence

Lisa @ Glad Chatter

Veronica @ Inspired Looks

Amy @ New Nostalgia


Speaker Sisters:

Alicia Chole @ Truth Portraits

Melanie Dorsey @ A Faith that Endures

Joanne Kraft @ Joanne Kraft

Nancy @ Olive Leaf Ministries

Leah @ The Point

Lisa Shaw @ You are His

Tiffany @ Tea with Tiffany

Kennisha @ A Cup of Grace for Women

Joy @ Pondering in His Presence

Lisa Whittle @ Lisa Whittle

Candy Troutman @ How’s That Working for Ya?


Photography Sisters:

Susan @ Runner Mom & Susan Hood Photography

Cindy @ Letters from Midlife & Grace Notes by Cindy Etsy Shop

Shirley @ Life in the Simple Lane


Blogging Sisters I’ve Met:

Susan @ Runner Mom

Joy @ Pondering in His Presence

Beth @ Outnumbered 3 to 1

Pamela @ In His Graces

Lelia Chealey @ Lelia Chealey

Melanie @ A Faith that Endures

Tiffany @ Tea With Tiffany

Melinda @ Traveling the Road Home

Lisa @ Glad Chatter

Veronica @ Inspired Looks


Blogging Sisters and Brothers I want to meet (although it feels like we’ve already met):

Andrea @ A Parson’s Wife

Denise @ A Sacred Longing

Joanne @ An Open Door

Kelli @ Awesome God… Ordinary Girl

Sonja @ Bits and Pieces

Cheryl @ Cheryl’s R&R

Susan @ Forever His

Lidj @ Crown of Beauty

Debbie @ Heart Choices

Yolanda @ Higher Grounds

Phil @ Inspirations from Phather Phil

Jottin Mama @ Jottin Mama

Judith @ A Doxology in Darkness

LauraLee @ Faith Colored Glasses

Nichole @ Living my Life on Purpose

Mich @ Mich

Skoots 1 Mom @ My Hands, His Glory

Jeneil @ Rhema’s Hope

Sharon @ Bible Pick ‘Ems

Sharon @ Sit with Me Awhile

Sita @ Sita’s Sanctum

Marlene @ Stitchin’ by the Lake

Terri Tiffany @ Terri Tiffany

Sheri @ The Leaking Window

Laura @ The Wellspring

Lisa @ Lisa Writes

Stephanie @ Truthsharer

Marilyn @ Walking in Truth

Elizabeth @ Embracing Life

Deborah @ Deborah’s Journey

Debbie @ The Way We Are

Lauren @ Traded Dreams

Jackie @ Fresh Oil Today

Kathie @ The White Stone




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