worn out to wearable . . .

“There’s something in there, Elaine. I’m not quite sure what ‘it’ is, but there’s something in there.”

So says my artist friend while staring at a pile of scraps in her attic sanctuary. To the casual onlooker, those scraps don’t look like much. Just a pile of colorful leftovers—cast-offs from somebody’s closet and the thrift store down the road. I cannot see what she sees on the front side of her creating. I can only be thankful for her visioning that leads to a finished product that is both beautiful and functional.

A recycled masterpiece!

In wearing her treasures across my body, I carry history into the present. Threads of yesterday are delicately woven into a tapestry that tells a story. My story.

Scraps to salvaged. Parts to whole. Old to new. Worn out to wearable.

Yes, this is my story. And all it took was the visioning of the Artist to see what I couldn’t see. To imagine what I couldn’t imagine. To pause before the scrap heap and to say,

“There’s something in there. I’m not quite sure what ‘it’ is, but there’s something in there.”

A functioning something. A beautiful something. A recycled masterpiece fashioned by the Master, pieced and woven tightly together by threads of sacred love. History into the present . . . a lot of times past that count toward tomorrow.

So here I am – a garment comprised of yesterday’s scraps, sewn up with a lot of grace-splashes. And it works. I work because I am his work. There simply isn’t any other reasonable explanation for how this is all turning out so well – my life.

How grateful I am for the quiet pauses in a day that lend themselves to creativity. To climb the attic stairs and to imagine through to the other side of the scrap heap. To house (even if just a little) the creative pulse of the Creator within me. To have the light coming through the window to crystallize and clarify the blueprint. To remind me when I so often forget that …

“There’s something in there.”

There is something in there, friends. A holy something. A God something. Whether you’re staring at a scrap pile in the mirror today or whether your work is on the table awaiting a hem line, there’s something in there. The Artist has his eyes on you, and he’s working with the end product in mind.

What you’ve yet to see, he has already seen. What you cannot imagine, he has already imagined. His visioning is holier than yours and his patience enduring. The word on the street is you’re going to be a masterpiece. In the Master’s hands, how could you be anything but? Trust him with and for the finishing details. Give him your scraps and watch him create.

Grace looks beautiful on you, friends. As always . . .

Peace for the journey,

PS: If you’d like to learn more about the artist, Lisa Dixon, and how you might secure one of her valuable treasures, please visit her Etsy sight by clicking here . What’s your favorite item? Let me know in a comment, and I’ll enter your name into a drawing to win a secret treasure from her stash. You can also find Lisa on facebook by clicking here.

14 Responses to worn out to wearable . . .

  1. What a wonderful, encouraging message…that God can take the bits, pieces, scraps of my life and create a masterpiece. That’s a good word, friend. I needed that reminder.

    Well, I went to Lisa’s Etsy site, and it’s really hard to choose what I like the best…I like it all! The maple leaf serving bowl and nesting bowls really caught my eye…so did the oak leaf bowls. I also liked the Wild Little Wristlet Batik Blues and the snowman ornaments. If I had a baby, I would snatch up those adorable baby slippers in a hot minute! Of course, the handbags are beautiful! You see my dilemma, here! 😉

    I miss y’all already. Love you.

    • Miss you too, friend. We just didn’t have enough time. I’m thankful, however, to be resting beneath my own roof tonight. So good to see you both this past weekend. Thanks for being part of our special day.

  2. It’s always comforting to read your insights Elaine… there is peace in what you write. So enjoyable. I love the Creator and the vision He has given you. Loved her site… not a collector myself… more practical… so totes and wristlets appeal to me… but, better then that, give something to a charity to be used in an auction and the blessing gets passed on.

  3. “There simply isn’t any other reasonable explanation for how this is all turning out so well – my life.’ As my grandmother would have said, “Well, ain’t that the truth!!” Only the Master could take a mess like me, and turn it into something valuable and usable. Beautiful, beautiful post, Elaine.

    • Thanks, Leah. I’m enjoying your study – working through “covenant” currently. Fresh words for my soul.

  4. Thankful the finished product rests in the mind AND hands of the Ultimate Artist! (I’m such a puzzling pile of pieces!)

    Pottery lover that I am, it was hard to pick just one piece. I really liked the large, dark blue oak leaf serving bowl but lingered long over the Christmas advent wreath 🙂

    • I love the Advent Wreath as well. We also have many of Lisa’s pottery pieces, our most recent favorite – the butter crock.

  5. What a wonderful shop and thank you for sharing! All the colors remind me of you! I love it all from the bags to the booties but my favorite has to be the pie plate. I have a thing about making home made pie in an original work of art pie plate, it just adds to the whole experiance! I only wish she had a pie plate in the island colors. I LOVED those island colors. Reminds me of ous days in NC and the trips to the ocean. Don’t see a lot of ocean in Montana or Utah! Miss you!

  6. I love this blog on any given day. And just love the connection that my husband and I have with Elaine. But I am overwhelmed at the mention here and her continued support. Dwain and I believe deeply in using our hands, heads and hearts doing the work that we love and are so blessed that our Creator gives us the opportunity.
    Sarah Shoquist…we will be adding more Island Series pieces in the next months…please check back.
    And thank you all for the lovely words.

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