when God paints pink …

A Cherry Blossom in full bloom greeted me on my way into Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center this afternoon. Fitting that it should be there, waiting on me. I think God knew I needed its witness. Just two weeks ago, an ice storm wreaked havoc on our community. The only colors that afternoon were white and gray, still beautiful in their own right.

I am grateful for the limitless color palette of our Creator. He paints the witness of his presence into every scene of our lives. Whether we’re in the midst of the brittle bite of winter, the extravagant blossom of spring, the sun and shade of summer, or the earthy harvest of fall, no matter the season of our lives …

God is there. God is near. God is here. With me; with you.

Look around. Look up. Look beyond. Just start looking. You will see him, even as I have seen him. Today, God wrapped himself up in pink and reminded me that I am not forgotten, that I am his daughter, and that a tree from his garden would be his preference to remind me of his great love for me.

Considering the recent weather conditions in our area, some would say that spring has arrived a little early to eastern North Carolina. The Father would say that it has arrived right on time … in blossom and wearing pink.

‘Tis a grace unspeakable and filled with glory. My heart sings the refrain, and my knee bows humbly to drink it in.

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9 Responses to when God paints pink …

  1. Yes, spring has arrived early in the mountains, too. I have also noticed many trees with beautiful PINK blooms on them. And their beauty reminds me that God’s presence is near me always.

    Even when my heart feels wintry, He paints hope.


  2. So glad the Lord gave you this precious gift, Elaine. Absolutely beautiful. We are so ready for spring here in KS. I guess it will arrive right on time here in our lives, too. Blessings to you, my friend.

  3. How beautiful! We have not one hint of spring here in the north Georgia mountains, yet. However, I am hopeful that soon. In spite of it, I see God’s hand even in the winter’s reduction. Praying for you.

  4. What a tender showing of God’s love and care for you!! I love it when things like that happen!! I can just ”feel” the excitement and awe in your words today! Sometimes I get that feeling when just, out-of-the-blue, a friend does something special for me. It’s hard for me to realize that I would be the object of their attention. And how much more I feel it when God shows me in some special way how very much He loves and cares for me!

    God bless you!

  5. This is a beautiful reminder today Elaine… no pink here yet, but I know it’s on the way!! Yes, gray & white is also beautiful, but pink signals ‘new’ ahead and it makes my heart happy!

  6. I’m a huge fan of pink! I especially love the way the Lord splashes in across sunset skies, flowered landscapes & cherry blossoms. The picture you selected will be replicated her in another month or so … Spring rarely arrives early in rain country. I love the pink of your heart, sweet friend!

  7. ‘Morning Elaine! How are you my friend?
    You wrote the above praises to our God last week, but I didn’t read them til this morning early, and I’m so glad I saved your email.
    What blessings HE continually pours on to our lives!
    It impressed me that HIS Grace was painted pink for you on that particular day…a day of remembrance of the cancer
    battle HE brought you through. In my life, HE’s been using a pair of Canadian geese who are hanging out on the pond behind
    My house, to remind me of HIS perfect care.
    Go figure!
    Just wanted to thank you for faithfully sharing your heart with us…with love, Jess

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