dancing in the car . . .

Tonight we danced in the car.

Never mind the two kids in the back of the van or the fact that we were driving in six lanes of traffic. When the song hit the airwaves, our hearts were immediately fastened on one another and on the reality that is ours to hold.

Deep love. A love that carries burdens and holds on for the rest of the story. I imagine it’s what we do best, how we’ve made this work. We carry and we hold despite the odds that are forever trying to isolate our hearts from one another.

Never more have we needed this holding love. The current of life is swiftly (and sometimes harshly) pulling us along, and there are days when the waters rush over us with the force of Niagara. Sometimes, it feels like we’re drowning in this craziness called right now. It’s in those times . . . a right now kind of time, when we need a song like this one. A favorite country music melody that allows us to dance in the car – touching hands and crying tears and making a choice, once again, to hold on to the rest of our story.

I’ve long since given up trying to predict the lines of our upcoming chapters. But every now and again, I dream a little with my man. I remember our way back then and think forward regarding our up and coming, and find myself exceedingly tender about and grateful for the right now.

Right now?

Well, right now we take a pause, take a hand, and take a moment to dance in the car. Just like we did on that night so many nights ago when his long locks captured my fancy and his fancy footwork stepped on my toes a time or two. We’ve come a long way since our first barn dance, and I imagine we’ve a few more turns around the dance floor before the lights go down. At least this is where my dreaming takes me tonight.

I love the way he loves me, and I love the song that allows us a dance in the car from time to time.

Keep dancing with the ones you love, friends. Keep holding on to one another. Your rest of the story just may be the best of your story. I’ll meet you on the dance floor.

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30 Responses to dancing in the car . . .

    • Perhaps my favorite country music song; plus, I went to high school with John Michael Montgomery. It’s our song.

  1. Those Niagara-force waters have been washing over us, of late. I’m so grateful for my forever dance partner, and so thankful for the deep love we have for one another.

    Very touching, friend. I could just picture the two of you in your car!

    Love you…

  2. Elaine,
    Your words always speak to my heart and remind me to live life to the fullest. God, once again, drew me here because I needed this. The empty nest has entered our lives and we are learning to love again 🙂

    • As my friend Shirley told me, “Dance like nobody else is around.” Thank you for being here.

  3. Such beautiful and tender thoughts tonight. Warms my heart and brings a sweet smile for the precious love you share with your dear hubby. 🙂

  4. The Best IS yet to come! Aren’t you thankful for the memories & ability of the heart to hold them?! Isn’t it amazing the way a song can call those memories out?! (For us, it’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters…) Aren’t you glad for the ability to “dance” in the front seat of a car?

    • Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with life, I forget to dance, Rebecca. Life is so much sweeter with a dance partner alongside.

  5. Oh one of my all time favorite songs for sure as well! Love it. I am so glad you posted it, I will be humming it all day. Your thoughts here are soo true as well. Hope you had a good day!

  6. I still love the way he loves me. The only problem is, all I have are memories. Memories and a secure knowledge that even the great Niagra waters of death can’t take that from me. You’re blessed to still have one another.


    • Praying you not only dance with James in your memories, Brenda, but in your dreams tonight. Miss you terribly and pray you are well – body, soul, and spirit.

    • I often wonder why we don’t dance much anymore. It’s when we do that the music comes alive! Enjoy your weekend, Jennifer.

  7. The dance has changed through the years, but the partner is dearer than ever before. I love the thought, and can just picture you and Preacher Billy dancing in the car. Why not??? Sometimes it’s fun just to create our own moments, and remember all the places we’ve journeyed together through the years. LOVE the song!

    • Very little movement of the feet involved with this particular dance. Tons of movement in our hearts. I’m reminded to give thanks for this grace – so far much more than I deserve.

  8. So neat to have something that so immediately brings your focus back to one another and keeps it there for a sweet interlude. Dance on, Elaine, with your sweetheart!

  9. This was beautiful, Elaine. I’m gonna go give my hubby a big hug right now – because I love him, and I love the dance we’re dancing.


  10. The last post of yours I read was written April 30… didn’t realize it’s been that long since I last visited here. So I slowly read this most recent one, about dancing in the car… and also slowly scrolled down to read ALL your past entries until I reached the post about the frayed blue sweater that has been your friend for twenty years. Your posts touched my heart at a deep spot – never mind that it took some time for me to catch up… reading about a table someone no longer needs, but how it has become a table of grace for you and eventually… for your two grown up sons. Dancing in the car brought tears to my eyes. Made me miss my Ernie. We had danced in the car a few times as well – I know what that means. Your beautiful thoughts in What Is? Yes, so much better than What if… Well, Elaine, I do not know the full story of why you are relocating (again) – is it another call? So glad I stayed a while this morning. Much love to you.

    • You gift me with your presence, friend. Let’s stay in touch over this next month. It will be a time of great transition for my family. Love you.

  11. Totally sweet! Love the way you love each other.
    remembering you and the family this week as you transition from one place to another.
    The Lord has most certainly already gone before you…preparing the way. That’s just the way He loves you!

    Blessings dear friend
    patrina ><

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