zoo thoughts…

zoo thoughts…

We took our young kids to the zoo last week. Despite the blistering temperatures and the long walks in between exhibits, I managed to have a few, chewing-on kind of thoughts as I went.

Eden isn’t as far away as we might think; it’s approaching our souls, even now…


No one but God could paint this one; he stands alone and high above the rest as a witness to the Creator’s creative pulse…

Sometimes a barrier allows us a bravery and a beauty not yet realized…


One day, I will ride one of these…

One day I will sleep with one of these…

One day, flamingo duty will be just fine with me…

This is, indeed, my beautiful “pink” season…

My kids will not be kids forever…


But my kids will always be my favorites of God’s created! I’ll be spending some extended time with them over the next few weeks… getting to know them all over again and trying to catch up with their childhoods. 

Indeed, Eden is closer now than ever before. Better grab it as it comes, friends! I love you each one. As always…

Peace for the journey,

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  1. OK, so I got out of sync with your picture descriptions, thinking you plan to ride a sea turtle and sleep with an elephant. I then went back and read it again, all the while laughing at the mental image of you atop a saddled turtle. Cracks me up!!!

    Oh how I loved our children's summer respites and the adventures they allowed. Your children will be blessing the Lord of His having created you, too!


  2. We can learn something from every event in our lives!

    Your thoughts our profound, my friend, and your littles are absolutely adorable! So glad you got to spend some time with them!

    Oh, and for the record…I cannot picture myself EVER riding an elephant! You have much more spunk than I!

    I enjoyed our chat…your phone call made my day!

    Love and prayers, sweet friend.

  3. Love your zoo thoughts, Elaine. Love how God speaks to our souls in the midst of our experiences.

    And how right you are, they won't be kids forever. You're wise to cherish these days!

  4. Wonderful pictures and times with your kids! ENJOY every moment you can this summer. They grow up so fast! Love to you, Debbie

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful day together Elaine, and I love the photos! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  6. my friend, i've been thinking of you. just wanted to stop by and let you know i love you and your family.

  7. Yes, ponder-able words, adorable children and beautiful pictures.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Sweet HOLY SPIRIT leading and fun for you and the children in this blessed season.
    Just one of the KING's handmaidens, Kathie

  8. After a busy year of renovating a house, I too hope to spend more 'fun' time with my kids over the next months….a trip to the zoo is on the list!

  9. One day ALL this majestic creatures will NOT make me sneeze!
    Enjoy this wonderful summer with your precious children!

  10. This was so very lovely. The picture of the child's hand (your son or daughter, couldn't tell…) touched up against the huge paw of the polar bear brought me to tears. So touching.

    God has made the most amazing creatures – I just love His animals. The words you put with the pictures gave me such joy – and such a sense of anticipation. Someday, creation will stop groaning, and we'll all worship together at the feet of the One who created it all with love.


  11. What a lovely lovely heartwarming post, dear Elaine.

    I still have goose bumps from reading your words – so full of discernment and eternal perspective.

    Oh, I loved what you said about enjoying flamingo duty one day…

    But what did you mean when you said that this is your "pink" season? Maybe it's an idiom I am not familiar with…

    Loved your captions, Elaine.

    Yes, someday in eternity we will get to sleep with the lion.

    Did you know that I got to ride an honest to goodness elephant during our time in Thailand? You should really try it.

    I am asking God if I may have a pet giraffe in heaven. Certainly one of His best creations.

    What an enjoyable time I had visiting here…

    Much love

  12. Elaine, I so enjoyed taking a trip to the zoo with you and your family!! Nothing like family fun when your kids are little! You are making wonderful memories with them! Glad that you are feeling like being "out and about" a little bit but don't overdo it in this heat!


  13. These were great! Those babies are growing up on me!! Mercy! Loved the pics and more importantly the words that God gives you.
    Love you!

  14. Giraffes are my favorite animals. They are indeed great witnesses to the Creator's creative pulse. Who but God could think of that? In this season of my life, my grandkids are my favorites of God's created. You have that to look forward to.

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