the face of an angel

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“When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD.” (Exodus 34:29)

I want to tell you a story today before time takes it away from me. Only a few have been privy to the details thus far, but you need to know them as well. The moment is now because this is the moment God has ordained for such a telling. It’s a story about the face of an angel.

My angel. His face.

On May 31st, Jadon will graduate from Scotland Christian Academy. Nearly eight months ago, Jadon’s graduation wasn’t even on our radar. His survival was. On September 14, 2018, Jadon suffered a traumatic brain injury when a tree fell on him during Hurricane Florence. His skull was fractured, the crack stretching from the top of one ear, across his head to the top of his other ear. In addition, he had two brain bleeds that, without immediate intervention, would cause him to bleed out within a couple of hours. If you’ve been following along, then you know the rest of the story. Jadon’s survival is nothing short of a miracle. You can read more about it here.

What I’m about to tell you brings additional texture and layers to his miracle. I cannot explain it otherwise except to say that I trust fully in the details, in the way they arrived to my heart, and in the witness of the Holy Spirit to my spirit as they were being spoken to me.

On the night of Jadon’s accident, a group of alumni from Asbury University were meeting at their annual board meeting in Wilmore, KY. I grew up in Wilmore and graduated from Asbury. Both Wilmore and Asbury have a wide stretch across the globe. One of my friends, Sarah, is on the board. On Friday night, she was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she came across my urgent request for prayer. We were on our way to Charlotte through the turbulent storm, and, over the course of that three-hour drive, I would periodically give my readers an update of our progress. I asked them to, “… pray us in to Charlotte.” Sensing the urgency of my request, Sarah asked those gathered at the meeting if they could pray. They did so on a couple of different occasions.

Fast forward to Sunday when I received a Facebook message from a complete stranger, a woman who knew Sarah and who was in attendance at that same alumni meeting. She asked me if I could give her a call at my earliest convenience. At this point, Jadon had made it to Charlotte, made it through surgery, but was currently in a coma. The response we had received from friends, family, and strangers was overwhelming, so much so that I quickly had to install some parameters around my time. Accordingly, I wasn’t able to give everyone access to my heart in the way I would have desired. However, there was something about this particular Facebook message that led me to make that call to a complete stranger on Monday, September 17th.

During our conversation, my new friend comforted me by sharing with me a vision she had during the alumni group’s prayer time on Friday night as Jadon was being transported to Charlotte. She told me that, on occasion, God speaks to her through visions and that he wouldn’t let her rest until she shared this particular one with me. I’m thankful for God’s insistence in the matter. Her witness changed the trajectory of my thinking.

In her vision, she saw Jadon surrounded by a myriad of angels who had completely encircled his body. In particular, one angel stood out; he was cradling Jadon’s head. No one could touch Jadon without going through the angels’ presence. She also could see Billy and me crying over our son. She asked the Lord about the meaning of her vision … about if these angels were coming to take Jadon home to heaven or were they there to escort him to the hospital? After her conversation with me on Monday, she had her answer; she understood the significance of the angel cradling Jadon’s head, and I understood the significance of her sharing her vision with me.

Jadon was being protected and preserved by a heavenly dispatch of angels. My fears were relieved, and I knew that God had his hands all over my son’s body and my son’s future.

One of the most earnest prayers my husband and I prayed over Jadon while he was “asleep” was that God would whisper words of healing comfort to him, that Jadon would know deep in his spirit that he belonged to God and that God was, indeed, his closest and best companion. That in the days to come, Jadon would awaken with a heart bursting forth with a testimony of his Father’s grace and mercy … that the words spoken “in quiet” would become an eventual out loud witness to the world. That, going forward, everyone who spends even a moment with Jadon would see his radiance and know that he has, like Moses, been in the presence of God.

Eight months later, God is answering our prayers. Jadon’s story no longer belongs to just us. It belongs to the world … to you. And while Jadon doesn’t have any memory of those “quiet” days in the hospital, he has been radically changed because of them. His radiance is blinding and his testimony is life-giving to anyone willing to listen.

Jadon has the face of an angel because Jadon has been next to Jesus. Close proximity to the Divine is just that powerful, friends. When we spend time with God, we radiate the witness of his glory. Perhaps this is the closest we’ll come to catching a glimpse of heaven on earth, and who of us couldn’t use a little more of that … a little more of the sacred spilling onto the scenes of our lives?

The face of an angel. Jadon’s. Yours. Mine.

Find the “quiet” this week. Allow God to do what only he can do in that silent space reserved for just you and him. What will emerge is what this world needs.

A radiant people who hold the testimony of a glorious God! Indeed, a little bit of heaven on earth. As always…

Peace for the journey,

21 Responses to the face of an angel

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Very encouraging and inspiring. So happy Jadon is sharing his great testimony. Love.

    • Thank you for taking time to be here, Sharon. We are amazingly blessed by God each day we are given. Peace to you.

    • So glad you joined us for SS this morning! I am glad you part of the Saint Luke bunch. I hate that we are only now getting to know you. Take care of Shirley for me.

  2. Amazing how the testimony of this situation continues to unfold. I know we have never met, but I have prayed for your family like we have known each other all our lives. I loved the prom pics and all the updates on what Jordan is doing. I think my heart was even waiting for this piece of the testimony. I surely don’t think the story ends here! Expecting God to continue to move us all through this journey Jordan continues to live through.

    • We have met so many new friends because of Jadon’s fight! Thank you for prayers and for joining us on the road. The best is yet to be. With Christ, our best days are always ahead of us, never behind. Shalom.

  3. Praise the Lord that through Jadon hope will come to those persons so desiring. What an awesome testimony he has.

    • Thanks, Lynn. You had him in his early days in the nursery… remember? What fun times!

  4. I love this testimony, of Jason’s accident. It shows just how God does place angels in our paths to surround and protect us. God’s Grace is sufficient for reach of us.

    • All around us, Cindy, God’s angels. If only we could catch a glimpse every now and again.

  5. Jadon’s fight is part of God’s perfect plan and your family’s willingness to share your story is a blessing to all. I love reading everything you write and am always touched. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    • Awww thanks, Tina. We love sharing the road with you! The other day, I was sorting through all my Bible study materials and found a load of your Scripture cards. I’m going to keep them at hand and share them with those who need a “word”! Thank you for your service to the kingdom.

  6. Than you Elaine for once again sharing something from your heart. What started out as a tragedy that brought me to tears, transformed into a miracle that keeps on giving. Through all the prayers that were lifted up for Jadon’s sake, God’s angels where right there with him and your family. As I continue to read about Jadon’s journey I am constantly touched by what has transpired. One can only imagine what God has in store for him in the future. Praise be to God!

  7. Such grace! I love this ‘the rest of the story’ piece. God will continue to use Jadon and your family for years to come to encourage others. I love you, friend.

    • God is in it all… sometimes we just need to take the time to trace his hand of grace and mercy. Love you too.

  8. How loving and beautiful is our God to allow many people & Angels to touch the life of your son through prayer… and then passing on the vision of the heavenly dispatch that God had orchestrated to give hope when things seemed grim.

    Choosing Joy~
    Psalm 126

  9. I just read this, again, Elaine. Your words, God’s healing presence and Jadon’s fight always bring tears to my eyes, but it’s more than that. It’s the profound knowledge that He is with us always and knows what’s best for us. I continue to pray for you and your family. Love, Brenda

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