Jadon’s Fight

“Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses.”  -1 Timothy 6:11

He lies here, stretched out and so very vulnerable, like when he arrived in this world. His chest is broad, his head is shaved, and in true Jadon fashion, his legs are crossed in just the way he likes to sleep.

Gladiator. That’s what comes to mind.

He is beautiful. He’s my boy, #3 falling in behind his two older brothers and just ahead of his sister.

I can’t believe we are here. My unbelief is trumped by the reality—the gravity of this moment.

We are here, six days out from the most horrific day of my life. I don’t like revisiting that moment. There will be time for that in coming days. For now, I want to focus on this one moment, the one reality that struck me profoundly at 2:00 AM this morning and has stayed with me ever since.

Jadon’s fight is so much bigger than a hashtag or a Go Fund Me account.

Jadon’s fight isn’t just about him, although he has every right to call it all his own.

Jadon’s fight isn’t just so his parents or his brothers or his sisters are able to watch him play ball, graduate, go to college, marry, and have children.

Jadon’s fight is grander than all these parameters.

Jadon’s fight is eternal.

Jadon’s fight is for you, everyone of you reading this now. Everyone who has checked in, prayed, given, loved from afar, loved up close. Stranger, friend, family, and even, perhaps, foe. Jadon’s fight doesn’t discriminate.

You see, if you know Jadon personally, you get this. He loves life. He loves people. He’s never met a stranger. He steps up to the plate when called upon. Of his own accord, he mentors young boys. He carries groceries to cars on food bank days. He ushers at church. He volunteers (he would joke “voluntold”) with Special Olympics, VBSes, and the Appalachian Service Project. He buys veterans meals when they come into Zaxby’s and is ready with a quarter when you need an extra sauce and don’t have any change. He has a verse ready when your spirit is downcast and a smile when yours is upside down. He’ll give you a ride; he’ll give you his shirt. He’ll find a way to work around a problem by creating a new solution (Have you seen his hillbilly bench press?). He helps his mom and never complains. Never.

He has a servant’s heart because he serves the Father’s heart.

And serving, friends, is what landed him smack dab in the middle of this very blessed mess.

Upon Jadon’s insistence, he and his father left the safety of his car to remove a tree branch that had fallen across the road so that others could safely, more easily move down a neighborhood street. And just like that, in a moment of serving—of bending low to lift up—Jadon was struck by a bigger tree branch that put him on his face. It has put us all on our faces, the very place where Jadon would want us to be …

Talking to God.

Thus far, it appears to me, mission accomplished. Thousands of us have joined in holy dialogue with the Almighty, all on behalf of Jadon. History is writing the story, and because my son’s words are currently buried somewhere deep within his gladiator soul, God has called me to serve as Jadon’s mouthpiece.

Since his birth, Jadon has been declaring his faith so very well before many witnesses. You are sharing your Jadon stories with us, and I am not surprised by any of them. I just rarely hear of them. Jadon’s humility often keeps me from knowing just how widely and deeply he’s sown God’s love into the soil of humanity. The harvest is coming to pass, friends, and the fruit we’re taking hold of (the witness of a young man whose name means “God has heard”) is ripening before our very eyes.

What a sight to behold! A good fruit in a good fight.

“Good?” you might ask. Yes. Good. Why? Because Jadon’s fight is not just a fight to live again personally. Instead, Jadon’s fight is an invitation for you and me to join him on the front lines of faith and to live eternally.

And that, friends, is exactly what makes all of this good.

So, if you’re inclined, would you join us on the battlefield? Would you be willing to step up and step into the glorious harvest of faith that awaits you? Jadon would want you there, alongside him, contending for the “bigger” that is beyond what we can currently see. Jadon wants you with him now. Jadon wants you with him next. Jadon wants you with him forever.

Jadon wants you with God.

I do too. So consider this your invitation to join us on this sacred road of suffering. Grab our hands, grab a tissue, grab a moment, and grab whatever fragments of faith you have. Let’s take hold of the eternal life to which we’ve been called. Together, with Jadon leading the charge, we can sow and grow an abundant harvest that will last forever! As always and forever…

Peace for the journey,

If you’d like to follow Jadon’s progress please visit my fb page. All posts pertaining to Jadon will be made public. If you’d like to read a nice article about Jadon’s story published by the Laurinburg Exchange, click here. In addition, Jadon’s has been featured on the local Charlotte NBC station. You can view it by clicking here. Along the way and as we go, there will be many ways you can help us. We’re not shy about asking. We need help at so many levels. If you would like to join Jadon’s fight in a financial way, please click here. Every dollar raised will go specifically toward paying for the financial cost of getting our boy well. We are eternally grateful! Please feel free to share the link to this post but keep in mind that all rights are reserved by me. If you’d like to use a quote, please seek my permission first. Thank you!

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36 Responses to Jadon’s Fight

  1. I have been with you in this fight from the moment your FB post appeared on my news feed asking for,urgent prayers for Billy and Jadon at the height of Hurricane Florence’s fury… And it is a privilege to be a part of another chapter of your peace journey. The ending to this chapter has already been written by our Scriptwriter. That is the amazing part. Much love always, Elaine.

  2. Your words are so true. It is in our deepest fear that God’s ultimate power is revealed. “Fear not” He tells us and wraps His loving spirit around us through the prayers and loving arms of people around us. Love to you all!

  3. You will always be one of my favorite writers!! The words God gives you to put on a blog or on paper always stirs my soul. You are an amazing woman Elaine and no matter what you go through or how weak or strong you may feel you are a beacon of light for the One you love and serve. I continue to pray many blessings on you and your family, and especially your son Jadon. Sending you the biggest cyber [[HUG]] too!!

    • Tears here… you are one of my favorite blogging buddies. We kind of grew up in this together, didn’t we? Just when I think my writing days are over…

  4. You amaze me, my friend. Such loving, inspiring words words. They stir my heart and challenge me to stay strong on this “sacred road of suffering.” I love you.

    • Thank you for staying with me on the road, friend. We’ve been through some stuff together, right? Love you.

  5. I am with you my faithful friend! I know your heart and know that God is first no matter what…NO MATTER WHAT!! And that speaks volumes about you and the great God you love and live for! It’s quite an humbling and exalted position (yes..I know those words are not usually used together) to know literally thousands of Christians are on their knees praying for the life of your son! I’ve been on the receiving end of those prayers and now have the privilege of being able to pray for your son. This is life changing for your whole family. None of you will ever view life in quite the same way. I’m sure Jadon’s story is having an impact on doctors, nurses, aids, and staff every day. We pray for him often. You are much on my mind. I love you my faithful sister friend!! <3

    • So humbling to hear these words. I appreciate all the many years of kindness you’ve afforded me. I love you.

  6. Jadon is an amazing young man with amazing, God loving parents. He learned from watching you and Billy. I will always be grateful for your friendship at a time in my life when I so desperately needed it. Jadon was just a little guy back then, but I remember his sweet smile. I’ve enjoyed watching him grow up on FB. I can never repay you for embracing me back then, but I can pray for you and your family and spread the word of Jadon’s fight to other prayer warriors. Peace for the journey is so appropriate.

    • Tender, sweet remembrances as I think of our time together, Tina. The “Bible” we learned was solid grounding for the challenges of today. I am grateful for that season in our lives.

  7. I just saw your FB post, Elaine, and am joining your prayer team. I’m also writing this week’s blog so that others will pray for Jadon as well, and I’m putting him on our prayer list at church. Sending you peace and prayers. Love, Brenda

    • Thank you so much, Brenda. We so love our boy and would lay down our lives for his. Your support means everything!

  8. Beautifully expressed from the heart of my dear niece. Praises to God for His Masterful watch over this gift–Jadon–which God has so graciously given to you and Billy and thus to the entire family. Aunt Patty ‘n Uncle Joe

  9. Prayers for Jadon and your family! I have been following his medical status as well as you and your family’s faith in God! He is stronger than everything and can get you through anything!!! Prayers continued for Jadon!!!!

  10. Such a great young role model for our young people today! Jadon does so much so well. I always enjoy bantering with him over the Carolina-State rivalry.

    Having a rather strong work ethic myself, I truly appreciate a young man who excels at school while working at a paying job. What a great message this is for all young people!

    I said Sunday, and I will continue to say, Jadon will win the battle over this tragedy. I believe!

  11. Hi Elaine, I don’t know if you remember me. My family lived in Wilmore during the mid 80’s and I was part of youth group with you. I have seen your story as been shared with many others on Facebook. We are holding you in prayer here in Virginia. Your faith is so evident, I know right now you only see a glimpse of His glory through this, but one day you will get to see the full picture. I will continue to watch, pray and see. ❤️
    Heather Anderson Whitson

  12. Your words have been inspiring. Jadon was making a positive impact on your boy Tavon. We have been praying daily throughout the day. As we grieve and prepare for my mother funeral I read the updates on Jadon to cheer me and keep me encouraged. You will see me soon and know you are not alone. You are always there for us and we get through this together.

  13. Elaine & Family-You don’t know me but in small ways I feel I know you. I am a friend of Jane’s in Bettendorf, IA. We attend the same church & ladies Sunday School class, Women of the Word. It is a wonderful group of ladies at FBC, Bettendorf, who love each other & share our praises & concerns each week.
    It has been my privilege to pray for your family on occasion & I wanted you to know I am praying for you, your family and your precious son, Jadon. From what I have read he is an amazing young man and a blessing to so many.
    Recently, a friend shared Zephaniah 3:17 with me when I needed to hear a word from God. They were words I needed to hear at that very moment. I can’t remember ever reading this verse before & having words touch me the way they did & continue to in my moment of need. My prayer is they will continue to help you feel God’s tender touch
    I also pray for you, your family, and precious Jadon, that God will continue to be your peace, comfort & strength.
    Asking the “Great Physician” to heal Jadon. May his walk continue to bring others to Christ.
    Jane is a dear & faithful friend. It is a privilege to join so many to pray for you. Claiming His Promises!

    • Thank you, Jonette, for being here and for praying. We are exceedingly grateful for your thoughtfulness.

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