Shopping for Seed


Spoken. Written. Thought.

Some beautiful. Some bitter. And others, somewhere in between. All words?

Powerful. Why?

Because they are attached to the heart.

“ … For out of the overflow of his heart, his mouth speaks.” –Luke 6:45

The words that grow in our hearts, sooner or later, flow out of our mouths. Along those lines, it might be wise, then, to be more intentional (and more choosy) about the seeds we’re sowing into the sacred soil of our souls.  

So, ask yourself a question, even as I am asking the same of myself in this season:

From what feed store have you recently made a purchase of word-seed?

Some of my favorite filling stations as of late include: social media, must-see television series, breaking news reports, pages of the latest, Christian-how-to-do-life-with-Jesus books, work-related projects and curriculum, church activity, conversations with family and friends, interactions with students, parents, and staff, and God’s Word.

What are your favorites?

In measured proportion, all of these popular haunts have the potential to yield a harvest of good, gracious, and God-honoring words that can yield a kingdom harvest in due season. But when the scales get off balance because the seeds are no longer weighed for effectiveness and, instead, we fill up on what’s popular rather than on what’s productive, the overflow of our hearts becomes as sludge – a thick, muddy mess of careless words that dirties the landscape of our souls and stymies the ripening of God’s fruit. Those words not only muddy-up our hearts, but often they spill over to muddy-up the hearts of others.

Whatever seeds are growing on the inside of us will eventually move outside to mess with us. For good or for ill, the word-seeds that we are allowing into the garden of our hearts will yield a powerful crop of words to be absorbed by those around us. Shouldn’t we, then, be more vigilant? Shouldn’t we more carefully measure out these word-seeds before we purchase them … embed them? Before we take another dive into the pool of words available to us, could we push the pause button for a moment or two or ten to consider the fruit of our previous purchases?

What seeds have yielded fruitfulness? What seeds have reaped destruction?

Words are, indeed, powerful. They come to us freely from all directions at any given moment in our days. Wise are those who choose to carefully and prayerfully steward those moments alongside the great heart of God. When that happens, all hell does break loose, because we have thwarted the enemy’s plan for the destruction of our kingdom effectiveness by growing, in its place, a garden of beautiful words that yields eternal results.

That’s where I want to live, friends, alongside the great heart of God and his garden of good words.

Choose carefully the seeds that you will sow into the soil of your hearts this year. Along the way and as you plant, live safely, live confidently, and live expectantly next to the heart of Jesus. He will shepherd your steps and he will superintend your garden. I look forward to your many words and to gleaning from your harvest. As always …

Peace for the journey,  

7 Responses to Shopping for Seed

  1. As always, Elaine, perfect words, beautifully shared! Sending prayers for you and your family in this new year. May it be joy filled and peaceful! Blessings, Cindy

  2. A good word here, Elaine. Unfortunately my mouth engages before my heart all too often. I want to steward my words well. Thank you for the reminder. Praying for you!

  3. This was really beautiful: “…alongside the great heart of God and his garden of good words.”

    That’s where I want to live, too. But it doesn’t happen without some intentional work, just as you said. And planting seeds in our hearts is where it begins. I believe that God has something in mind for me this year – as He’s given me the word *grateful* to be my focus. I think it’s going to change the *seeds* I plant, for all too often, my seeds of nervousness and negativity have grown into a field of fear and complaint. I want something better…and I think God does, too.


  4. Your fifth line here (“attached to the heart”) reminded me to GUARD my heart or as Amplified Bible puts Proverbs 4:23:”Watch over your heart with all diligence,
    For from it flow the springs of life.” Praying the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart WILL be acceptable in HIS sight – choosing my “seed” with more intentionality as a result of reading your post, Elaine.

  5. I want to live alongside God and his garden of good words, too, Elaine. And I pray that others may find a garden of good words when they’re around me as well. Blessings to you, friend!

  6. In his garden of good words, they are not bunched together resulting in weak results, be spaced safely a part to ensure the best growth! I love words – and I love growing things. I need to carefully space my words and not dump them all at once:) What a joy this post is to read – your words are well-measured and good seed!

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