on getting noticed in a noisy world {a book review and give-away}…

I’m currently reading Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. I also follow Michael’s blog. He’s a ball of energy, a no-nonsense, straight-forward, genuine leader. He’s figured out how to make all this work… this blogging, branding, getting noticed in a noisy world thing. And so, I’m reading his book. What he’s doing is working (case in point, I bought the book), which begs the question, is what I’m doing working? Am I getting noticed in a noisy world? Further still, should I even be asking the question?


Do you know what I like best about Michael’s book? All the helpful tips for getting noticed.


Do you know what makes me the most uncomfortable about Michael’s book? All the helpful tips for getting noticed.


I struggle with this… this whole “look at me.” Truly, that’s not the pulse behind Michael’s book. Michael is trying to equip his readers with the necessary tools that better enable them to get their message out. I get it. I’m grateful for it. After all, I believe I have a message—a story of grace and witness to share with others. I believe you have one as well. As Christians, we are charged with the “story.” The Great Commission belongs to believers and is Christ’s benediction to his earthly tenure, his parting words intended for us (see Matthew 28:16-20). Going into all the world (your little corner of the world) and making disciples isn’t an optional requirement of our faith. It’s a necessary component to cultivating our faith.


In light of this, Michael’s question becomes a question I’m willing to wrestle with as I seek to put parameters around what I’m doing here at my blogging address, peace for the journey. Am I getting noticed in a noisy world? Is my message getting through? How can I best maximize the witness of my heart so that the hearts of others might be drawn closer to the heart of the Father?


It’s a tricky endeavor, merging sacred witness with social media platforms (Michael devotes a lot of chapters to talking about this area, probably because so many of us are focused there). Blogging, facebooking, twittering, pinterest, it’s a lot to take on. And I might get blasted for saying this, but I’ve come to believe that there is always a “me” attached to these forums. Think about it… even if we’re typing out scriptures for one another, we’re still the mouthpiece—the hands and heart behind our tweets. And that’s not always a bad something; most of the time, it’s a really good something, but we can’t deny that there’s not a “me” that comes with each and every one of our posts, our status updates, our tweets, our pins. We’re just a huge part of the process. We want to be heard; accordingly, we speak our minds.


And therein lies the rub—our minds. My mind. Oh the places it goes, the explorations it undertakes! My mind is a traveling gypsy. Left unregulated by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I could easily steer off course and make this place about something else, something other than my journey with Jesus.


I guess I just want to do this right. I don’t want to get so tangled up in all the particulars—the strategies, methods, and latest trends—that I lose my focus. I want to keep writing about my journey with Jesus and then let go of the rest. Let what happens happen and let that be enough. But underneath, there’s still this push for more, this pulsing notion that I should be doing more to get my story out there and to keep up with this ever-changing beast named social media. Indeed, a tough wrestling, this idea of platform and my feelings about getting noticed, about getting God noticed.


How about you and your platform? Do you ever feel the strain? What stage has God allowed to serve as a venue for your faith’s witness? Are you getting noticed in a noisy world? Is God getting noticed because of you? How has social media shaped the way you share your story? What’s going right with it? What’s going wrong with it? And why has it become so desperately important to most of us?


I’m not knocking Michael’s book. I love his book; it’s chock-full of practical advice for anyone with “something to say or sell.” But I just don’t know how to take all of his advice and incorporate it into what I’m trying to do here in my little corner of the blogosphere. It just feels too big and too hard some days. Maybe I’m just too tired.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above questions. Obviously, my heart’s working them through, and I’d like nothing better than to work them through with you, faithful readers. Let’s keep the conversation positive, and as an added bonus, I’m giving away a copy of Michael’s book. Just mention your interest in your discussion of these questions. As always…


Peace for the journey
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  1. Oh, Elaine. This is SO hard. Pride is definitely a problem for me, and I’m checking my motives more than you might suspect (and finding them lacking more often than I’d like to admit).

    The simple answer is – it depends on your heart – your motivation, if you will. No – not the one on the outside, but the one deep within you. If Jesus is in control, He will move you to promote in His way – not yourself, but His message through you. But that’s QUITE a bit more difficult to discern than I’d like.

    For a couple months, I stopped announcing my Finds for Fridays blog faves through “tagging” on Facebook, because I discerned that I was doing it for my own praise. I’ve since started doing it again, my motive now being to encourage the bloggers and getting more people to read THEIR posts. But that was a personal thing – and it could change as I feel led.

    Thank you for this post. And I WOULD like to be entered in the giveaway. Thanks, my friend.

    • There’s always an element of “us” in everything we write, and I think that sometimes, we mistakenly chalk it up to pride and then end up feeling exceedingly guilty about it! Ever been there? You’re right, Joanne. Motive is everything. I guess I’m just thinking about my motives at an increased level these days. In the end, it’s about creating something of “value” for others (Michael’s word). Really, what other motive could be better? It’s about raising the bar, and that can only be accomplished by allowing God his continual transformation process in us! FYI… I’ve always appreciated your pointing me to great “reads.” It’s a generous way of giving back to your readers. Shalom.

  2. I love your blog-post, Elaine. And truthfully, I echo your feelings 100%. Ever since a writing mentor friend of mine explained the terms branding and platform, I immediately became uncomfortable. My thoughts have always been, “But I don’t want to receive any credit or glory for anything. I only want Jesus to be glorified.” I definitely felt like I didn’t “need” to be in the spotlight by any means.

    I’m excited about reading Michael’s book. I subscribe to his blog as well and his post are always on-time for me– exactly what I need to hear. No doubt his book will do that on a whole different level.

    Do I feel like I’m getting noticed in a noisy world? Only by my children who are usually the ones creating the noise! 😉

    I’m interested in learning how to balance getting the message God has given me to share out to the world and making sure He always received full credit and glory. I realize the message has to get out somehow.. I’m sure He’ll guide me with how to do that too.. and probably through Michael’s book. 🙂

    Love and Big Hugs,

    • LOL on the noisy kid thing! You have an entire household at this point and with another one of the way. Talk about a platform! One of the things I’ve always admired about you Kennisha, is your dogged determination and boundless energy for this entire process. You have your heart and hands on the cutting edge of this technology beast, and you’re mastering it beautifully, with so much grace and integrity. I honestly don’t know how you do it. I’m also excited for your newest book, “Once Upon a Child.” I plan on making it part of my summer reading list!

  3. I think you and I are on the “same page”, asking the same questions, etc. It’s a tough one…. I rebel against overt self-promotion. At the same time I am not foolish enough to think there is none of it in me. “O wretched (wo)man that I am! Who will deliver me…..Thanks be to God…our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    (I don’t need the book. Even though he touches on the 4 venues I’m involved in, I’m so far behind with my reading already that I would never get around to it!)

    • Sounds like you have a good handle on all this, Rebecca. I have no doubt that your heart and head are in the right place!

      • Eileen, when I read your response, I realized I said “I don’t need this book”….I DIDN’T mean I couldn’t learn something from it, and it sure “sounded” like that. I just meant I don’t need another book on my reading stack ’cause I’m so far behind. I sure hope you understood what I meant!

        • I completely got it, Rebecca. I really do mean it when I tell you that I think you’ve got it together. You’re one of the most together people I know!

  4. I can relate so well to this!! I struggle to find the appropriate balance. I want to share all that Jesus has done in my life because I know how much others testimonies mean to me (especially during times of struggle) but I don’t want to be TOO focused on numbers and getting noticed. I guess my greatest question right now is – how to I work hard to get JESUS noticed in this noisy world. What’s my role in that? How do I use my blog to reach the most people for HIS glory? My pride is such an enemy because if my viewing goes up a lot I feel good about myself – but it’s not supposed to be about me! I love this post Elaine! Thank you for sharing!

    • I just returned from a lengthy walk, Lauren, and I thought about this struggle from another angle (probably worthy of another post altogether). Could it be there’s a gender angle to all of this? Do we (as females) struggle with this more because of our tendency toward emotion? I know I certainly “feel it” when readership is off. Just something to think about. I think Jesus is noticed in your life every time you light up about your son and your journey through adoption. I know it’s an encouragement to so many!

  5. Your struggles echo many of my own. I want to be noticed but then again I don’t! 🙂 I have several local readers and I struggle with appearing the hypocrite– you know, being able to write about my faith much more easily than I can speak of it. I am the hypocrite, that much is true, so how do I balance the me in real life with the me on the blog? Hmmmm…..

    Anyway, I’m intrigued by this book; thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’m so glad our blog paths crossed and I appreciate the heart of humility and authenticity you consistently exhibit. Blessings on you, sister!

    • Seems like we’ve been blogging on this topic for a long time, Lisa! Maybe one day we’ll figure it out. I know you’re going through a lot of changes in your household; I read earlier about college orientation coming up! I well remember those visits. I call them “growing pains” for a family. We’re experiencing our own, yet in different ways. When “one” grows/changes/shifts focus, we all do. Praying God walks you through this every step of the way with his abundant peace for the journey!

  6. Great question(s)! The fact that you’re even wrestling with it says alot about your heart. And, in my opinion, that’s where the entire subject-matter begins & ends. It has everything to do with one’s motives.

    Getting noticed for what, or for Who?

    I’m thinking those like Spurgeon & Whitfield, Chambers & Graham (the noble & honoroable among believers) sent/send out fliers and/or post banners about their revivals or rallies. Good marketing is just that: good marketing. It’s the “why light a lamp and put it under the bed” thingy. If you’ve got something to say, then it behooves you to rally the audience to which it’s directed so they can hear it. My guess is that God has already targeted the market to which He’s commissioned you.

    I’m also thinking Paul would have given his eye tooth to have a Twitter feature for his ministry 🙂

    You go girl!


    • Love it, Sassy! Paul twittering… you know, that’s comforting in a strange sort of way. A good way to look at it. I think you’d like Michael Hyatt’s stuff if you aren’t already part of his “tribe.” He makes a lot of sense without being over-bearing, a real go-getter like you:).

  7. You have found the perfect words to express my feeling. The questions you asked are the very one that entangled my mind and heart that caused me to stop posting to my blog several months ago. As I pray for God’s direction on if I am to pick it back up, start over or put it away for good I keep coming back to “what is my motive.” I have to admit that months ago it was all about just getting noticed but since I have taken my break I realized that if I am speaking to 100 people a day but I don’t point them to Christ my words are worthless. However, if I speak to 1 a year and they begin a relationship with Him then every blog post, FB status and Tweet is worth it.

    • I thought it’s been kind of quiet at your cyber address, Amy. I know that I keep this going (4+ years now) because writing is part of who I am. I also know that it’s part of my getting my message out to others–a message of encouragement and hope, especially to those who are going through cancer and other struggling seasons. I once heard Amy Bayliss say something along these lines… “If you have a testimony, you have a ministry.” I pray that God takes your testimony and uses it for his glory as only he can. Blessings, sister. Good to see you here again.

  8. Elaine, the whole platform thing is overwhelming for me, too. Those who have found success building big platforms seem to think that anyone can do it, but I don’t think I’m convinced. I think a lot may depend on our message, how many are looking for that message, how many others are delivering it, and why they should listen to us instead of others.

    For example, so many other bloggers are delivering the same message I am of encouragement, refreshment, and soul nourishment. Do I change my message in an attempt to find a hole, a spot where I might have a better chance? I can’t do that when I feel like God has called and equipped me to “refresh spirits and nourish souls.”

    So, I keep plugging away and doing my best to write a quality blog and build my platform little by little. The truth is not many are listening to me in a noisy world — at least not by the standards that those in publishing are looking for. I’ll just keep doing my best and leave the results to God as whether or not I’ll get a publishing contract someday.

    I am going to read Michael’s book. Just got my copy today in fact. I would still like to be entered in the drawing, though, because I have so many writer friends who would love to get a copy of it if I win it.

    I, too, hate the me aspect of all the platform building, but it seems to be part of the business as it functions in this day and age. Good topic for discussion…

    • Cheryl…you and Elaine both shine a bright light in my corner of the world. I greatly appreciate your work. Encouraging and uplifting is exactly what you are, a rare find in this noisy nonsense-filled society. Never stop what you are doing. It’s a breath of fresh air!

    • You are so right, Cheryl. Michael has a distinct niche, helping all of the rest of us with branding our message. There are a lot of us doing what we’re doing, writing God’s encouragement into our posts… so, there really has to be more for me than just the words. There has to be relationship, and I am thankful that I can at least say (with most of those who’ve posted comments here), I know something of your stories. I love your blog and your well-written posts; you’re living authentically before God and your readers. Keep to it!

      • Thanks so much for your encouragement, Elaine and Nancy. I can say the same right back at you both. You guys share great messages and encouragement, too, and I love that we’ve made a real connection through our blogs. Hugs to you both!

  9. HI Elaine…It’s been a while! I haven’t been blogging for quite some time and this post really about sums up how I have been feeling. The word platform makes me cringe so much so that I really stopped writing on my blog. I kept asking myself, what’s it all for? I LOVE to write, it soothes my soul however, I don’t want to write to be “noticed”, that makes me fear! I just want to write because I love to write. I don’t want to compete or make myself “known”…I just want to write…and so I do, at home, every morning in my journal. I too bought Michael’s book and it’s amazing. I just don’t know if I am up to the task. I feel like you, I will write to write and let whatever happens happen.


    • Sweet friend, it sounds like you’re in a very good place right now, a place of “readying” for something more. When we can just journal with God and not have a need to share it with the world? Well, that’s a very good place of soul-development. In time, I believe God will move your pen along, as well as your voice, to speak your story as only you can. You have one, you know… a story. May God empower you to tell it, live it, realize it, and give it as only you can. Love you.

  10. Your words, “Indeed, a tough wrestling, this idea of platform and my feelings about getting noticed, about getting God noticed.” convict my heart. Sometimes I feel as though I must strive to get God noticed when He in facts needs no help from me. Why would I think He needs me? Why do I think He needs me? More often than not I believe this very lie.

    When I fall into this faulty frame of mind, it’s clear once again that my eyes are focused on to myself. It’s amazing He’s ever been able to use this wild stallion even once, I’m still so untamed.

    Let’s be content to shine His light in our small corner of the world. You always illuminate my little habitat.

    Love ya sweet sister.

    • I agree, Nancy. God doesn’t need us to get noticed, but He’s allowed us the wonderful privilege of sacred participation. What a mighty trust God has placed into our hearts and hands–to be entrusted with the dispensing of the Gospel. I’m so glad you’re my partner in ministry. And for those readers who don’t know, Nancy’s written an awesome Bible study called “Draw Me Near.” I worked through it during a very difficult, recent season in my life, and God transformed my heart through Nancy’s pen! Check it out!!!

  11. This is something I have worked through in my heart and with the Lord for the entire time I have been in ministry. Chuck Swindoll said something in one of his books that really impacted me. Allow God to promote you rather than promoting yourself. If He wants you in the spotlight, let Him put you there.

    I’ve tried to stick to that, but there is a fine line between promoting yourself in a prideful manner and simply making yourself available for others to call upon ( i.e. Bible study, speaking, etc). I think the key for me is to allow the Lord to lead me in everything I do….what I write, where I speak, where I offer my writing, etc. Also, it is key for me to daily ask Him to search my heart for pride and help me do away with it.

    BTW, I am a huge fan of Mr. Hyatt, too.

    • Leah, you are a genuine servant of the Lord, and I greatly admire all the work that you do at your blog. You’re a teacher, and your study, “From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest” greatly ministered to my heart at exactly the right time, God’s appointed time. Like so many others here, I’m glad to share this common road of faith with you. You are a treasure for my spiritual walk.

  12. Getting noticed in a noisy world – have beaten myself up over this one many a time!
    That I don’t have a noisier platform and that I even want one! That I surely don’t have a noisier platform because I am too stuck on me to be trusted with one. And then wondering isn’t there more? More than blogging and facebook and twitter and pinterest? Isn’t there something more I could do to share my experiences with JESUS? And yet, I say to myself, you don’t do this well – are you nuts to look for more avenues? And the battle goes on.
    And yet I am grateful for outlets. I am grateful for the Dear Ones I have met in Blog-land – Elaine, Leah and others that I would not have known this side of Heaven. Not only for just the pleasure of knowing you but reading your insights into this journey of faith and emotions and flesh wrapped around these spirits we are. I am grateful. And yet I’m not opposed to a noisier platform for me — but am I ready??? And what options are out there? And is there an audience for ME in HIM out there somewhere? It scares me – in lots of ways. And perhaps I’m just too lazy or distracted??? I’ve said too much!! 😉

    So, would the book help with this? Thank you, Elaine. Love to you!!

    • You can never say to much, Kathie! I love your boldness and willingness to express that boldness. And yes, Michael’s book is a guidebook, a field manual of sorts that is helping me flesh out some ideas about getting my message out to the public. There are many practical tips to help propel our messages forward; that being said, all of his advice must be measured against our goals for our words–our messages. This book has touched a few nerves in me, and I am grateful for the prod. We should be thinking about the reasons behind our “doing.” Blessings for a beautiful day in Jesus! Oh, and just so you’ll know, my table has a lovely covering on it currently. I think of you every time we eat dinner:)

  13. I hear your heart Elaine and I so agree.

    I too purchased Michael Hyatt’s book with all the extras. I’ve followed his blog and believe he has so much valuable advice to share. Yes, I want to get my message of God’s love out to others.

    But …

    I hear you. It can be easy to get lost in the fun of social media. I love people and connecting but I also need time alone with the Lord. There is a time for connecting and a time for quietness. And I do believe that if we have a message to share with others …God will make a way.


    PS. Since I already have Michael’s book (but haven’t read it yet), please don’t enter me in the giveaway. I do think his book is valuable and he is very smart and wise. And yes I will be reading the book!

    • Debbie… I think it all just feels very tough right now; I tend to look at the whole agenda rather than taking it a step at a time. I’m not as driven as I used to be, neither am I as confident. It’s so important to keep a daily perspective and to make sure that my heart is in a right place with Jesus before attempting any great thing for him.

  14. Elaine, as I read your blog today, I along with the Lord heard your heart. But of course He already knows your heart intimately, and that is the “why”of my response. Why you should use every possible tool available to you to get your message out. God gave this message to you and He wants others to hear of His grace.
    Yes God can supernaturally place your name on the lips and in the hearts of whomever He desires, and He does and will.
    But God also allows people to birth, discover and use tools that will enable you to reach, teach and touch many more.
    I also am a follower of Michael Hyatt’s blog and purchased his book; as you said it is full of tips, lists and practical information to help us all “be all we are meant to be” in Christ. This knowledge was given to Michael by God because he wanted him to experience and sift these tools to then instruct us on the use and benefit of them.
    God is full able as His word says “It is God that judges; He brings one down, He exalts another” Psalm 75:7, should any of us become “the noise” instead of the “message”.
    So I say, Thank God for the book and let’s use the tools to the Glory of the Lord.

  15. Hey Elaine! I am exactly where you and apparently so many other blogger/writers are at the same crossroads right NOW as well! The whole branding platform, merchandising, getting our voice out there, question has had my head spinning lately. I recently read a post about smaller bloggers remaining small but a common thread through the entire post was how could we remain content to stay small when the Lord has poured so much in us that needs to be shared with the world! Just this week, I made the jump to Twitter…or as least I opened an account…still haven’t peeped a tweet yet, but I’m gonna launch out into the twitter depths some day soon :))! I was prompted to do so because I was told that it’s a piece of the puzzle of expressing what He’s given me…(gosh how I hate the “me” part). It’s so complicated to separate the “me” from “self/blog/writing” promotion thing…..(gosh how I hate the word “promotion”, too). However, I do believe He’s gonna direct each of us on this journey and as we use the tools that are presented and place them in His hands, He will show us how to apply them and receive all the Glory!

    Oh, and I would LOVE to win the book. I think it would be such a wonderful addition to my toolbox!


    • “A wonderful addition to my toolbox…”

      Love this, Jackie! I agree; we need a toolbox to make it happen. Like Sassy Granny said, the apostle Paul would have loved to have a Twitter account in his toolbox. Imagine those tweets!

  16. Such a timely discussion of the dreaded “P” words….might I add another?


    God gives each of us different passions for serving Him…and as long as that is the motive in what we do, then I believe His Spirit will direct us in all things….when to leap into something new….and when to back off for a season…

    Yes, it gets noisy….often…quite often, actually….but that is how this generation is wired…and children of God can deliver the message that is in their hearts to mission fields far and wide…the ones right next door…to the other side of the globe…without even hopping on an airplane….

    Another “P” word….Purpose…combine that with Passion…and you have a winning combination that will override any platforms or promotions that don’t point to Him!

    Elaine, I love how you pointed out it’s all about keeping our focus….and for sharing how most of us feel about that monster called soc ail media….keep on writing….your words are sorely needed….

    • Just the other day, I had a visitor from “closed” country… someone who has returned many times. When I grow discouraged, I sometimes think about that soul who is taking a risk to be here. Good purpose; the right passion. You’re right, Karen. A winning combination!

  17. Elaine, I poured out my heart to God about this very subject matter this morning. I’ve been in the process of doing some necessary promotional work for the past month. It’s coming to an end – thank goodness! – but it had to be done. Know what I mean? And so with all that going on lately I have felt like such a barker of goods. Yuck. I’ve been focusing on things like using social media correctly, opening you avenues of conversation, optimizing my newsletter’s reach, etc. Bla, bla, bla. And in all of that I’ve started feeling dirty, soiled. Still….it had to be done. I have to be smart about how I use my time, my resources. I have to make sure I’m targeting the right audience, getting enough of a following to draw the attention of the next publisher, etc.

    And so I’m ready to move on to the stuff I’m really called to…the writing, the studying, the exploring, the mentoring, the teaching. Oh please, bring that stuff back!

    Well, I’m ranting and rambling at the same time. Needless to say, my brain is a little fried from contemplating all the publicity and promotional stuff while trying to hear God’s quiet voice above it all. Yes, I want to be heard, but not just for the sake of getting my voice in the mix. I want HIM to be heard. I want to get out of the way. And yet…He has chosen to speak through me at times…so….

    All that to say, I’m right there with you, gal. If I win the book, I’ll gladly read it. I’m sure it’s a great resource. But then I’ll gladly move on to other things as well.

    PS – yes, put my name in the hat for the book!

    • Thanks for being here, Kay! I visited your website yesterday and loved what I saw… very together and well-packaged. It really is beautiful, and I know just how much time it takes to be in the middle of all this stuff… exhausting at times, especially when marketing falls in our laps. I think Michael’s book is a great help, at least getting started. I imagine you’re already doing a ton of the stuff he talks about. I’d love to learn more about your books and will check into them when I have a free moment. Blessings, sister pilgrim.

  18. It is a dilemma to struggle with. When I first started blogging, I was simply delighted people started to visit and I met several women whose hearts yearn for God and His kingdom, including yours. But there was ‘something’ about my blog, my style that did not appeal to many others. Then I went through a season when I ‘lost’ heart and stopped blogging. Truth is no one really noticed or wrote a note that I was missed. Last month I started back while participating in Blogathon2012 doing all my posts from my Bible reading. I looked at my ’29’ followers and weeded out those I did not know or felt uncomfortable with their sites. I am left with ’19’ followers but I know that most of that 19 do not actually ‘follow’ me.
    That actually gives me a lot of freedom inside. I am not writing for anyone in particular. Just what God shows me in my Bible reading, my only focus right now along with my other blog where I am writing my spiritual resume–very slowly–.
    I look at my newsfeed and see many people popping by, most I do not know or will never. No comments are left really.
    But I do know that there has been another blog brewing in my mind, an income blog that would deal with issues God has allowed in my life that would appeal to a wider audience. People’s praise embarrasses me. I love being in the background and even when thinking of writing a book, I often think of using a pseudonym.
    Anyways, I’m probably way off your discussion here, but that’s my bit.
    Love you, Elaine.

    • I think it’s really good to know why we’re writing a blog; there are so many varying focuses out there, so many reasons for our putting our words out in a public forum. At the end of the day, I have to remember that this is a public forum… a very public way of displaying my heart. It’s my hope that others will read, come alongside and join in the journey. I think we all hope for this. We want to know and be known. I know that’s part of the reason I’m here. Otherwise, I’d have probably closed shop a long time ago. There’s a community aspect to all of this, and that’s the pulse that keeps me moving ahead. So glad to know you, Sita.

  19. Sometimes I feel like NO one is reading or listening to my words. Other times I feel like maybe someone might be. And then at times I feel like TOO MANY people are listening…i.e. as on facebook. I’ve thought about just deleting my account and getting my “stuff” out of the public eye. I try to always put out “stuff” that points to the Lord but often wonder if it’s worth it. Sigh!

    • Valid thoughts, Marilyn. As I said in response to Sita’s thoughtful comment, I reiterate again… there’s a great sense of community that I experience with blogging. I’ve gotten to know so many folks. I know it matters to me what you write, but you have to weigh out your heart in the matter. It’s a lot of work to keep writing and to keep up with everyone, so perspective is needed. There have been seasons when I’ve written more, written less; visited more; visited less. I’m still trying to figure it all out and trying to be authentic as I do so. Regardless of who’s visiting or not, the writing process is a great way to work out our thoughts/feelings. I don’t think it is ever wasted, even when we can’t see the gain. Love you, sister.

  20. I totally with you here. Sometimes it feels like trying to balance spinning plates trying to keep caught up with all the latest social media trends, you just wonder what’s next! I do love how churches have jumped on the band wagon and are using these forums. Our story, our testimony is the most powerful thing we have and God will use that to His glory to spread light on the people around us. I don’t think we have to work so hard for them to find us. God will bring them to us! Blessings, love the new look of your blog, Elaine. Lori

  21. Just having been reprimanded for posting on FB too much, I totally relate. I know that God has given me a voice to touch those in my life… and there are those who wish to quiet my voice. Onward with what has God called us to do… and in the way He has called us to do it.

  22. Elaine ~

    This issue is so huge amount speakers and writers right now. I do feel the strain. But I am 100% in for using social media to make God’s name famous. I use it to build relationships. That is truly my sole motivation. When you have pleasant relationships, people like you and you like them. And you think well of each other. That isn’t pride. That is friendship. Jesus calls us friends.

    People are looking for answers and God is calling others to answer. I follow blogs to get input/answers and people follow mine for the same reasion. That isn’t pride. That is following God’s calling … mentoring … discipling.

    I sat on my thumbs for literally years knowing God had called me to be a speaker but unable to thaw out from the resulting fear of drawing attention to myself. Imagine that? A speaker drawing attention to themselves. Imagine the same for a writer with their name on the front of a published book. That’s a lot of attention. Speakers speak. Writers write. The goal is to have people to speak to and people who will read. That’s not pride. That’s using the gifts God gave them to be USED for His glory. He is the one who gave the gifts according to His good pleasure.

    God doesn’t expect us to wallow down in the muck of false humility; He expects us to take up our gifts, our Sword of the Spirit and our Shield of Faith and walk INTO the battle that is raging. Others can sit safely on the sidelines and “wait” for God to drop things in their laps. But not me. I’m done with that.

    • Well OK then:) You rock, Candy. I love your strong heart and amazing witness. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • I don’t know you, Candy, but I appreciate your perspective. It’s often the way I feel, too. Most days I feel the responsibility of being a good steward of the gifts (mine is teaching) that God has given. But there are too many days in which I feel very overwhelmed in my attempts to get what I believe is a God given message “out there.” And it’s on those days that I “pick up my ball and go home.” And that’s sad to me.

  23. You are way ahead of me Elaine, in even thinking through the ‘why and what should it be ‘questions… but now that you have posted this, it has me made think in a new way about the whole thing. I have felt that the fellowship with other believers has been such a plus for me, hearts that have joined and like minds that sharpen each other. But, with the whole media thing, there is really no limit to who might read our blogs and why.

    I do think that when we share our hearts in honesty, that it will probably be useful for someone else. We all love to be liked, but there is much more than that in the whole blogging ‘thing’. It gives our minds and hearts a voice to express what God is showing us. I am so blessed by what I read in the lives of other bloggers, some of it fun, some sad, and some just ‘sit straight up’ challenging to my own faith.

    I seem to go back to dad’s age long question, ‘Lord, what wilt thou have me to do??’

    Love you!

  24. Elaine, I don’t know if you remember but I wrote to you some time ago about my struggle with these very things. Thank you for your encouragement then and your encouragement now. You have articulated so well this tension of using our desires/gifts to make Jesus known while keeping our hearts and motivations pure. And just the fact that you articulated it… helps.

  25. Elaine,

    One of your She Speaks sister here! We met last year at closing assembly.

    It certainly can become a full time pursuit staying on top of all the latest trends in Social Media and marketing:-)

    And there is something sacred to be said for “keeping it simply deeply devotional”.

    God has a medium for each of us and a specific methods for sharing that message, ones where we feel like we are being authentic to who we are.

    Many times it feels somewhat contrived when we are learning something new.

    My suggestion is to absorb all the book has to offer, then allow GOD to direct you through your own personality in terms of which ones stick for the long haul.

    I love your writing and your experiences have only pulled out the best Elaine that GOD has to offer this world.

    I feel HIM in your post.

    Lots love….

    Jennifer Boddie

    P.S. Place me in the drawing for the book!!!!

    • Hey Jennifer! Yes, I remember you sitting with me at the back of the room. You were so very kind to me that day… a day when I felt so very alone and on my own. I am grateful for the connection and for this remembrance. I hope all is well with you and with your family. I remember us sharing deeply about some of the struggles both of us were going through at that time.

      I really appreciate your encouragement here, and I agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve finished the book and am now reflecting on a few simple things I can do to implement Michael’s strategies. And it’s not too late to enter for the book. I forgot to do it with today’s post, so I’ll be randomly selecting a winner with my next post. Blessings!

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