“Oh, Hey Girl!” Happy Monday

hey girl

She’s enormously gifted, my friend Melanie Dorsey. She’s a creative in all that she does. Whether lending her heart to words, painting, sewing, cooking, re-purposing furniture and beyond, Melanie pours her all into the project at hand. I don’t think she can help herself. She’s so much like her heavenly Father . . . creatively creating. Indeed, Melanie is helping to solve the problem of pain in this world through her artistic fashioning.

Most recently, Melanie has been working with watercolors. I adore these little portraits of grace she’s been creating. You can see more of them by clicking here. To honor her work, I’m giving away a set of five note cards to one of you (your choice of cards)! Take some time to peruse Melanie’s designs and let me know your favorites in the comments below. I’ll pick a winner with my next post.


In the meantime, I pray your week off to a very good, God-start. May the day ahead of you be filled with a rich awareness of God’s presence and his love for you. As always . . .

Peace for the journey,

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  1. Thank you so much, Elaine, for both hosting the give away and for the beautiful words. I clicked over to read your article on “solving the problem of pain.” Wow! How did I miss that a few years ago? It’s certainly one of the primary reasons I create for as you said, “Creativity helps to heal the wounded.” Yes, it has. It does.

    • FYI – the links on the first post that appeared didn’t work correctly. Retyped the post. Seems to be working fine now. So happy to have your work here on a rainy Monday. Just love that cow!

  2. Melanie is amazing! And did you know Elaine that she lives close to my sister in Florida? I got to meet her in person a few years ago. Her work is beautiful. Knowing the story behind her pain and why she creates to ease pain makes the art work even more beautiful. I love the note cards.

    I am thinking of you Elaine as you venture off to this school year. The children will be blessed to have you in their lives.

    Blessings and love,

  3. they are all so adorable! I think I like the one with the bees the best. Btw, I have been using your book as a devotional every morning. I love it!

  4. I love the cow!! “Oh hey” right back at you both, Melanie and Elaine! And yes, may you both start this week (and finish it!) with a heart to God and hands to His work!


  5. I really love the watercolors in your post today. I can think of several friends that could use a pick me up that I could send these to and one for my wonderful husband. My favorites are Hammie I collect pigs, Croaking Along my neighbor is going thru cancer issues now and she collects frogs, Bee Yourself my former boss is also going thru cancer issues and she has always been a teeny bit different in her thinking than I am thankfully she found God before she was diagnosed, Four Bluebirds for my sister-in-law who is an avid nature lover and photographer herself, and Lemon for my husband who is a much better husband to me than I am a wife to him. Hope this finds you and your family doing well these days!

  6. I just love the birds note cards! Melanie has such wonderful gifts from God! I have several of her canvases and I know that she prays over each and every one she sends out to me and others who order from her. She is also a prayer warrior! She prayed for my husband when he was in the hospital with complications from surgery. Any creation I receive from Melanie whether it’s a canvas, a crocheted bookmark or pin, or note cards is such a blessing to me!

  7. I love all her designs! Melanie is so beautifully talented that it’s hard to pick just one! But if I must it would be the picture of a bouquet of pink flowers that says ‘that your JOY may be full’…

  8. wifeforthejourney:

    I realize that I probably don’t qualify for the give-away, but I thought I’d check in anyway. We are certainly all admirers of your work Melanie and Elaine loves having you for a friend. Blessings to all,


  9. What cute cards! I love the birds! BTW, you (Elaine) got a couple of mentions over at The Loft link up as a blog that inspires!! Well deserved mentions, my friend!

  10. I am loving the ones I already ordered!! Can’t wait to send them out and share her work with my loved ones!!

  11. I’ve been watching Melanie’s facebook page and all of her beautiful designs. It’s hard to pick a favorite …. truly. I think I’d say the honey jar one…. LOVE IT!! And the flowers. And the pink cow. And um, that peacock that was framed was gorgeous!! 🙂

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