faith meets life . . .


I listen to their voices as they herald their morning choruses. Songs of faith. Melodies written in antiquity, yet music still breathing the living witness of God.

I hear them recite their morning verses. Words of faith. Scripture written in antiquity, yet truth still breathing the living witness of God.

My children are working their faith through with the help of our homeschool curriculum. What joy to hear these sounds again! Something about the rocks crying out resonates in my spirit. What I have forgotten to do … what I have often chosen not to do resurfaces in my son and daughter. This is good habit. This is music to my soul.

And my mind wanders across the sea to others who are doing the same—heralding their morning choruses and reciting their morning verses, despite great persecution. My brothers and sisters in Christ living out their faith on the front-lines in Egypt. This is when it counts for them—when faith works itself out in their flesh … literally. The surrenders being made there cannot be measured by statistics. Not really. Instead, this kind of surrender can only be measured by the heart.

True worship. Authentic praise. Unparalleled obedience. Unwavering trust. Faith on the front-lines of the battlefield named Persecution.

This is the life of a Christian in Egypt today. Great strain coupled with great faith.

Is this the life of a Christian in rural North Carolina today? Is there anything great about the strain and faith in my life? Is there anything great about yours?

Each and every day we wake up to the battlefield named Life. Accordingly, we have some choices to make.

How will we worship?

How will we praise?

How will we obey?

How will we trust?

If our faith was placed on the front-lines of the battlefield named Persecution, how would we stand?

I’m thinking there’s a great deal more to this suffering than my mind can comprehend, a lot of refining attached to hard choices made on the front-lines and in the face of certain, painful consequences.

Perhaps, this is when faith shines brightest. My brothers and sisters in Egypt may not be able to see the light from where they’re standing today, but I see their flame from where I’m crouching in rural North Carolina. Their candles burn brightly; their faith shines surely. Certainly, it is enough to strengthen weak hands, fortify feeble knees, and straighten the paths that our faith is living upon this day (Heb. 12:10-13).

Songs of faith. Words of faith. Antiquity made new again in my heart this morning. Here on the battlefield named Life. There on the battlefield named Persecution. Faith lived in between and among us.

From rural North Carolina across the sea to Egypt and everywhere along the way, light the candle of faith, friends. Keep it burning. We need one another. As always …

Peace for the journey,

16 Responses to faith meets life . . .

  1. I am often reminded that the early church grew radically through the refining fire of persecution. Christianity was forged in flames it seems. I am convicted by the way I often take for granted the *luxury* of being a Christian in America. I have many Bibles, in many translations, and I can freely read them in public. I can say grace before a meal in a restaurant. I can gather with other believers with no fear of retribution. Sometimes the enemy lulls me into complacency. However, we are ALL on the battlefield. The devil has arrows that he’s designed specifically for us.

    May we all fight strong, supporting each other in prayer. May we not let the LIGHT be extinguished by the darkness – whether it be overt warfare, or subtle subterfuge.


    • I’m so moved by their witness, Sharon. Perhaps it is the same for us in our times of great struggle; perhaps the light never shines brighter than when our faith is tested by great trial. Oh to stay Jesus-bright in it all! Your light shines brightly from that mountain.

  2. I’ve been feeling like my faith has been challenged of late, but when I consider what those who are undergoing persecution are going through it makes my challenges seem quite small. But like you said, Elaine, wherever we are, whatever we’re going through, we need to keep the candle of faith burning. So thankful that Jesus is our Light…

    • Recently, my husband made a comment (along these lines) in one of his sermons: “The greatest challenge to our faith is waking up each morning” (living our days). The older I get, the more I agree. There will be times and seasons in our lives when our faith is challenged at different levels. The overall goal is to come through, refined as gold. Whether today proffers a “big” test or a small one, may we be found ever faithful to the cause of Christ, come what may.

    • I think we stand there more often than we realize, Marilyn. We just don’t see it at the time, but as we stand in faith, I’m convinced that our candles shine brightly for others to see. I know I’ve seen it many times in you. When our lights grow dim, we can look to others to catch the heat. I desperately need the faith of others – it keeps me steady in times of crisis.

  3. It is a question that rumbles around in my heart more and more frequently in the days in which we live….will I stand faithful and strong when persecution comes? Not if, but when, for I believe with all my heart it is coming to America. I pray that I will be faithful. I know my God will be faithful to give me the fresh manna that I need for whatever each day brings. The question is whether I will be faithful to go outside my tent and collect it. I pray I will. Beautiful post, Elaine.

    • You’re a faith collector, Leah! Many of us look to you now to lead us; as these days grow shorter, your voice will become even more of a beacon to those searching for the light and witness of Jesus Christ. Keep to it.

  4. Humbled, challenged, determined, deeply grateful for the relative “life of ease” I enjoy compared to the suffering of others. Can/WILL my light shine in my comfort as well as THEIR discomfort? I choose to exercise it today with morning song, morning prayer, morning worship. Can you hear me down there 🙂

  5. My thoughts are very similar to those of Cheryl and Leah. My family has had so many challenges over the past several years. I’m ashamed to say that my candle of faith has dimmed from time to time, causing me to stumble on the path God has set before me. Thinking of my persecuted brothers and sisters in Egypt – and all over the world – causes me to feel quite embarrassed and ashamed at my inability to stay steadfast and strong in the journey. I’m so glad my God loves me and never gives up on me. I’m also thankful for your love and encouragement, friend. You help me stay accountable!

    Love you…

  6. “Songs of faith. Words of faith. Antiquity made new again in my heart this morning. Here on the battlefield named Life. There on the battlefield named Persecution. Faith lived in between and among us”…this post really captures my heart and confirms my convictions of late. I so need to stand firmer…especially in my home as a testament to my family.

    Thank you for these words of wisdom. Pamela

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