a prayer for Runner Mom…

Would you all bless my heart by remembering our sweet blogging friend, Susan (most folks just call her “runner mom”), in prayer this week? Susan’s father, Mr. James Furman, passed away unexpectedly into the arms of his heavenly Father this past Saturday. He’d just arrived home from turning on the heat at his church in preparation for Sunday services and mentioned to Mrs. Lib (his bride of fifty-six years) that he wasn’t feeling well. Moments later, Mr. James moved from his earthly “tent” into his heavenly dwelling, and all the angels of heaven stood by to watch him make his glorious entrance to his Father’s throne.

Tomorrow, Mrs. Lib, Susan, and the rest of the family will stand graveside to memorialize the life and witness of Mr. James Furman. I understand him to be a fine, Godly man, who lived his life on purpose and with the hope of heaven reigning supreme. I certainly know him and Mrs. Lib to be the parents of one extraordinary daughter.

I highly esteem Susan, as does my family. She’s a faith walker, and I am privileged to count her as my good friend. (What kind of person drives five hours to meet an “internet” friend, sight unseen, and live under her roof for two nights with her exceptionally bizarre and wild family–all because she was willing to take a few pictures for said “internet” friend’s book? I’ll let you decide.)

Welcome home, good and faithful James. Your Father has been waiting for you…

peace for the journey,


PS: If any of you would like to send Susan a card in the mail, please e-mail me, and I will send you her address. Her computer is currently not cooperating with her life. Shalom.

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  1. My deepest sympathies to Susan and her family. Praising our God that her daddy is resting in the arms of our Savior! Let Heaven and Nature Sing!

  2. I am so sorry to read this news but joyful as he was a beleiver. However, it's still a time of sadness for his family. I only recently began to follow Runner Mom's blog but I would love to send her a sympathy card. I'll email you Elaine.

  3. I am praying — thank you for sharing so that we can lift her and her family up to the Lord for healing, comfort, and peace…

  4. Praying for his family! What a beautiful life lived! And now in the presence of Jesus… Hallelujah!!!

  5. I so love Susan as well and will be putting a card in the mail to her in the morning. THANK YOU Miss Elaine for sharing this with us.


  6. Thank you Elaine for this opportunity to lift up Susan and her family in prayer. Trusting and knowing God will be 'with them' in this season!

  7. Oh, how sad to lose a loved one at any time of year, but my heart always hates to hear of a loss at Christmas. I pray this season will hold only sweet memories of her time with her father in future years.

    bless you, Elaine, for being her news bearer. I will pray for Susan and her family.

  8. My heart goes out to Susan. As a fellow christian woman who has lost her daddy, I know the pain and ache in her heart.

    My prayers will be with her and all the family. THankful that He was a child of God and is at His feet at this very moment.

    Love, Beth

  9. Yes, of course, I will keep her in my prayers. You are also a good friend to her, to seek prayer from blogger friends. Donna

  10. I am so sorry for this loss…I know their hearts are hurting.
    I will pray for them…what a rough time to loose someone…not that anytime is easy.
    I am so glad that he was a brother.

  11. A glorious Homegoing for one is a new phase in life's journey for another. I hold Susan and her family close to my heart as they continue on. I give thanks to The LORD for His graciousness in taking Mr. Furman without suffering.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Merry Christmas, Elaine!

  12. Sending my heart felt sympathies to Susan and her family. Thank you for sharing with us and please let her know that the blog gals send our love.

  13. My deepest sympathy to her and her family. Praising the Lord that he is resting in the arms of our sweet JEsus.


  14. Hi Elaine,

    Please send her address to me so that I can put a card in the mail to her.

    Praying for Susan,

  15. What a testimony. My heart is blessed when I read of people who have lived well their life of faith. Death is just a passage for them that are IN CHRIST. God bless and comfort Susan's family. Love, Gladwell

  16. Elaine,

    You are such a dear friend. Blog-buddy or real-intheflesh-friend, you are the real deal. Probably why I like you so much.

    I had a good time catching up with your blog. LOVE your WIP. Keep it coming Elaine. God will fill your pen with ink, as soon as the little ones are back to school. And not a moment sooner. Let Him be your time-keeper. It will all get done when it needs to be done. In His timing.

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