A Good Day

A Good Day

Good days.

I don’t know if we get a quota on them—like one good day a week … a month … a year … until we reach the max, and then we’re done. I know that there have been seasons in my life that seemed to portion out like that. Times when no matter how I turned things, wished for things, and even prayed for things, good remained hidden.

But not today. Today was a good day any way you turned it. In fact, this week has spent in good measure. Full and rich and close to perfect. Yes, there have been moments of chaos and times when my mind wandered beyond the boundaries of certainties. Tears have found their home upon my cheeks, and a pain or two has whispered its insistence into my heart.

But as I stand this night on the threshold of a seventh-day pause, I do so with a backward glance that yields a satisfactory nod to a week well-lived and to a God who isn’t capable of authoring otherwise. We sometimes think that he does … author otherwise. When pain, hardship, heartache and questions are our requirement, it’s difficult to reason the good of God.

I understand. Life has afforded me a few occasions for arriving at that conclusion. But life and the pursuit of all things sacred have also afforded me something else.

A growing understanding and knowledge of God.

For every comprehension that eludes me, for every question that surfaces in my heart to challenge the integrity and goodness of the God whom I call Father, there is an overriding and overwhelming anchor that pushes my thoughts through to the other side of my confusion.

Faith and the certainty of all things therein.

That is where my conclusion lies. In the unseen and unimaginable wealth of a God who is willing to sustain my breath a day longer in hopes that I will arrive at a declaration concerning his incomparable goodness. Regardless of the mitigating factors that collect and gather to beg my thoughts in another direction, God is after my acknowledging him for his goodness.

Some days, like today, it’s an easy reach … an easy write … an easy prayer of thanks. Some days, not so much. Perhaps for many of you, there’s been nothing easy about this day. I’ve heard from a few of you. I want you to know that I walk with you. I covenant with you in prayer for some easy and some identifiable good to work its way onto the scene of your life. But just because we don’t always see God’s good doesn’t mean that it has been diminished because of our difficult.

This faulty theology cannot stand up to the truth of who our Father IS. We can spend a lifetime blaming him, labeling him, squeezing him into a box that “fits” our need to have everything make sense, but at the end of the day … at the end of this life … no seemingly justifiable scrutiny on our part will keep God from being good. He simply and profoundly cannot help himself.

Good is what God IS. Good is what God does. God’s good is what woke you up this morning. God’s good is what will safely see you through another night’s rest. God’s good cannot be fully explained nor can it be completely measured. Still and yet, we get the privilege of trying. And for me, today, it was an easy find.

Today was about as good as I imagine an earthly good to be. Tomorrow holds a good all its own. When I get there, I pray for the willing eyes to vision its unfolding and the expectant heart to receive it all the more. I earnestly and sincerely desire the same for you. Would that we all could get to the end our week with the overriding and truthful conclusion that our God is good and worthy of all our praise.

Sing him well in your Sabbath tomorrow. From my pew, I’ll be listening for your voice alongside mine.

So shall he. So shall he.

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24 Responses to A Good Day

  1. Wonderful photos. Congratulations to the graduate and thank God for all days but especially the “good ones”. May you and yours be blessed with MANY more.

  2. There is much in life that eludes my understanding and I am ever grateful for that anchor I have confessed to be the weight that pushes me through when I am stuck in my own thoughts.

    Rejoicing in your joys and tears of this week. The pictures are sweetness recorded and the love and happiness within is palpable.

    I stand with you praying for willing eyes and an expectant heart. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your song today.


  3. Elaine how I needed to read this in the early hours of this Sabbath morn. The burdens on my heart as I awoke this morning were weighing me down. Thank you for reminding me of the good of God.

    “When pain, hardship, heartache and questions are our requirement, it’s difficult to reason the good of God.” “Regardless of the mitigating factors that collect and gather to beg my thoughts in another direction, God is after my acknowledging him for his goodness.”

    God’s good isn’t diminished because of my difficult. Father, please give me the “willing eyes”. Lately I’ve been surrendering to saddness. Give me that expectant heart to see Your good and know Your good.

    From silent to singing this day.
    Love ya my friend,
    Thank you,

  4. Oh, Elaine. What a wonderful reminder of the incredible good in those days that just don’t feel like it. And I am so pleased that you had an “easy reach” week. Congratulations to your handsome son (if he’s willing to wait a decade plus, I’ve got an adorable daughter who would love to meet him ;)).

  5. Amen!

    These are among the oft-rare moments when the signature of the divine is unmistakable. Our breath is caught away, and we are undone. Good is what God IS! What more can be said?

    Thank you for sharing His divine signature on your heart.


  6. his blessings abounded in your words and throughout all your pictures! congrats colton on your graduation! love the family pics…especially in the lap 🙂
    they're never too big for mama's lap…well, kinda!

    oh, the bittersweet of life's transitions but thank you Lord for our understanding where our blessings come from in your world!

    I pray rest, relaxation and sweet reflection for you this Sabbath. Thank you Jesus for your promises when we are burdened and you take on our yoke…you are our strong tower, your strength gives me unending hope.

    shalom & shalom!!

  7. Oh yes, well spoken words, friend. Congrats to your son, I’m so glad you shared this with us. I sat through church this morning where our seniors led the worship and gave testimony about their walk the Lord. Cried the whole way through, not sure why. Just love the passion that is experienced in young people seeking the Lord with open hearts and minds. I long to walk after Him that way all the time.

  8. Congrats to the graduate and the proud parents! Celebrate fully those ‘good’ days. I’m relearning to do that. There was a season of so much ‘bad’ that my spirit forgot what joy felt like…but now with the warmth and sunshine, the joy is just bubbling out and often I go back to sway to the rhythm of the islands–happy times. I’m fully embracing these good brekas for I know not what lies ahead…
    blessings to you,
    Love, Sita

  9. Oh, Elaine!! Congratulations!! I love the pictures–especially the one of him on your lap! Thank you for sharing them and this wonderful post. Hope that your Sabbath was peaceful…after your big event, you all needed that.
    Love ya,

  10. Oh Elaine…congrats to all of you! I’m so glad you shared these glimpses of this “Good Day.” I thought of you and yours on several occassions and had to smile. Love and joy is evident in every photo…(I especially love the photo of Colton on your lap!) A sweet celebration indeed.

    God is indeed good and worthy of our praise.


  11. Amen and Amen! You have spoken such truth today Elaine! No matter what….God is good!

    The pictures were great! I know you are so proud of your son! Enjoy the “good” that stems from this event for as long as you can! 🙂


  12. Oh my friend… I was praising God right alongside you today.

    I helped lead worship this morning from up front. God blessed me with quiet time yesterday in the midst of busyness, and with a brief but good time with him before church.

    I was blessed to sing this morning, on a team where a 16yr old girl led from the piano… she fills in for our regular pianist when she is gone, and this young lady is exceptional… she has a God given gift to lead worship from the piano… it is amazing to hear her and to watch her worship as she plays. It is a blessing to see the youth in our church mature, grow, move on to new seasons in their lives, and discover the gifts God has given them… though I am not at all of those transitions yet with my own kids, I pray that I have the eyes to really see them when they come.

    At the end of our worship set today, I was so overwhelmed by the love of God, the power in His name, the power of His Spirit, flooding us with His presence, I had to leave the sanctuary and find an empty room to just go into a corner where I could be unobserved. I fell to my knees, in tears because of His amazing grace. In the midst of my struggles and surrenders, He is so faithful. I am overwhelmed by Him. And I am so grateful we are all one body… that we are family and can join in praise of our Father, even miles apart.

    God bless you and thank you for this post!

  13. A peice of scripture I read this morning before going to bed (been working nights all weekend) really troubled me. God brought me back to His truth, His presence when I was reviewing my scripture cards I have been memorizing this year. Bespite the insecurities, the pain, even in the joy…there’s Him. How does anyone live without that?

    Congrats on all the family fun you have been having and thank you for sharing it with us!

    Blessing to you and your family~Pamela

  14. You always manage to encourage no matter the post:) I loved the pictures and am thankful you had an awesome day!

  15. Father, thank You for the gifting of Elaine. Thank YOU that YOU are good and that You are all the GOOD we need. Amen.

  16. Elaine, so glad you’ve had such a great week. Just wait till the weddings come — you won’t know how to contain the happy!

    Loved the pic of your son in your lap. I’ve got a daughter who still finds her way into mine, too. Love it 🙂

  17. What a joy to read your lovely words this Memorial Day evening! Oh, yes, God is so good, in everything, at all times! His mercy endures forever, and I praise Him for His faithfulness in our lives!

    I so enjoyed the pictures. You and your son look a lot alike. And what a lovely time you all shared together! Your beautiful smiles tell a loving story.

    By the way, is that your home in the background? I ask because it looks a lot like my house.

    Blessings, dearest friend. Take care.


  18. Oh, God is so good! All the time! Rejoicing with you, Elaine, and, as Colton transitions to a new chapter in his life, I pray God’s richest blessings will be upon him. May he have great peace for his journey. 🙂

  19. Elaine! these pictures make me cry. happy tears of course, because you all are so beautiful. And what a day. He orders them, you know.

    Catching my breath…

    Trusting Him with yours…and mine…

    love you, friend!


  20. God’s goodness can be so overwhelming… and so sweet. Glad you had a big piece of it today!

  21. Praising God with you for such a good day! I thought of you! I love this post! (I love all your posts!) “He simply and profoundly cannot help himself.” He is GOOD. AMEN!

  22. wifeforthejourney:

    How good it is to celebrate Colton and the goodness of God that has come to us through our soon-to-be-18-year-old. We are indeed blessed in more ways than we can begin to count – but thank you for helping me start my morning with a thankful heart.

    Life will always be challenging. If its not one thing, it will be something else. May the grace of God help us all to rest in His goodness, and be reminded of all His promises. Our children are blessed to have you as thier mother, and I for having you as my wife!

    Thanks be to God, and I love you!
    ~ Billy

  23. Praise the Lord Elaine!

    I’m on a new blogging schedule so I missed getting to you before now but CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR HANDSOME SON and to his incredible future!

    I am certain this is a wonderful time in your family while you are probably also experiencing moments of tears with those Mommy feelings we have but it’s a wonderful time I’m sure.

    God bless your family.

    Love ya friend.

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