when harvest comes …

Rough edges. I have some. They were readily exposed for me to clearly see this past year. The catalyst for that exposure?

Fifteen students hand-picked by God to move me on toward my perfection!

For the past several years, I’ve been incubated from such exposure; life and its many detours have allowed me some shade and protection along these lines. Certainly, there have been occasions when I’ve felt the soul-shaped sanding from others but not as intensely as I have experienced it in these past ten months.

Most days, I wanted to run away and hide, crawl back into the shell I had so carefully crafted for myself during my earlier season of isolation. Exposure was painful and bloody, with precious few moments of joy to temper the ache. But I hung in with Jesus … every single day. I called upon the name of the Lord more times than can be counted. Together, he and I walked the school year through, and as we rounded the corner toward the finish line, I was finally able to see the amazing work of grace.


I grew. They grew. And as we spoke our final good-byes, I held a little fruit in my hands – the same hands that (to date) had only held seeds, only sown seeds in hopes of one day having them grow into something more substantial.

This has been a fruit-bearing year for me. I couldn’t see the fruit in the beginning, and I certainly couldn’t feel it along the way and as we went. But I always believed in it, always trusted God for the greater work of grace that surfaces as a direct result of willing obedience to the call of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we choose the mission field, friends; sometimes it chooses us. Either way, the responsibility is the same – to sow extravagantly the seeds of our faith. To break up the unplowed ground beneath our feet with the spade of God’s Word. To water it with the sweat of our brow and the tears of our surrender. To nurture the seed and soil with fervent prayers and gentle hands. To trust in the unseen work of the soil and to believe that every hour of intentional investment will yield a harvest of eternal proportion.

Sometimes we have the privilege of holding that resulting fruit; sometimes we can only believe in it. Either way, our responsibility remains.

Keep sowing God’s seed in this season of your life. Whether uncomfortably exposed or intentionally hidden, you have a choice to make regarding the faith seeds that are stored in your heart. In releasing them for the greater work of the kingdom, you are making a choice for growth – for yourself and for others. Don’t be surprised when the spade digs deeply and (sometimes) harshly. Expect it, believing all the while in the unseen work of the soil and in the eventual harvest to come.

What cannot be seen or held is seen and held by God. He is superintending the process, and the outcome is not in question. But don’t take my word on it, take his …

“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. … You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.” –John 15:8,16

In season and out, sow generously and sow believing that He who began a good work in you is faithful to see it through to completion. As always …

Peace for the journey,

6 Responses to when harvest comes …

  1. Really beautiful, Elaine. It’s so true, isn’t it, that sometimes we just can’t see the growth in ourselves unless we look back. Sometimes all we feel is the growing pains. Your words today have challenged me to look for places to sow the seeds of the Good News.


  2. There is a time to sow, and a time to reap. Definitely true… and also, what we sow we reap, but not in the same quantity. So much more… good seeds will yield fruits, with more seeds in them. Amazing spiritual principle. Rejoicing with you in your season of harvest. More to come, dear friend.

  3. My friend, my friend, this post makes my heart smile so much. I know that this post is the result of a lot of work on your part, and that of the Holy Spirit. Work that took 10 months and not a few tears to produce the result. I will continue telling you that you have made an eternal impact on those kids. Only eternity will reveal the full measure of the impact you had on them. God bless you friend.

  4. Elaine, so glad you were finally able to see the fruit of your labor this year. Of course, I’m sure you’re just seeing a small part right now. More will bloom and ripen in the future. Your message today is an encouragement to me where blogging is concerned. We have no idea how God is using (and will use in the future) the seeds we are faithfully planting through blogging. Blessings to you for a great summer!

  5. Beautifully expressed – and I expect that you have only seen the START of the fruit from your sowing these past months! I am challenged by your words – especially as “he” and therefore “me” enters a new season of our lives. I DO plan to keep sowing and love the thought that sometimes we choose the mission field and sometimes it chooses us…..

    What’s next?????

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