Tuesday Take-Away on Friday {1 Chronicles 28:20-21}

Scripture reading is a fantastic discipline for the Christian, a privilege as well. As I open up God’s Word and crinkle the pages beneath my fingertips, I almost always hear the heartbeat of God ringing in my ears. I didn’t always hear it. In my younger seasons, I didn’t know to listen for it. With years of practice and personal need as my compass, I now view the Word of God as a necessity rather than as a reference guide. Certainly, it is a reference guide, but as reference guides go, they stack alongside other referencing material and can easily be covered up by the latest, greatest “must-have” being touted on the Christian market.

Nothing can replace God’s Word. It isn’t just seasonal, topical, historical, and practical. It’s so much more, so much so that on any given day and with any given scripture, God’s Word is applicable … right where we are. Certainly, a verse taken out of context may yield very little application to our current life circumstances. However, by digging a little deeper into God’s truth, thinking a little longer about it, and applying it a little wider, we harness the power behind that particular scripture to do a transforming work in our hearts.

Along those lines, I came across these two verses in my quiet time this morning. Really, they came across me, but I won’t quibble about their arrival. I’m just blessed to call them mine.

“David also said to Solomon his son, ‘Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished. The divisions of the priests and Levites are ready for all the work on the temple of God, and every willing man skilled in any craft will help you in all the work. The officials and all the people will obey your every command.’” (1 Chronicles 28:20-21).

What’s my take-away? How can this be applied to my heart in my today when it’s obvious that these verses were meant for those who would build the temple of the Lord nearly 3000 years ago? Here are a few thoughts I’m thinking:

  • God is still building his temple, and he’s using my life, alongside the lives of other believers, as his building blocks.
  • There is work to be done. I have been assigned as a co-laborer in that work.
  • The work will require my strength, my courage, and my faith in the face of fear.
  • God is with me in my work. He will not fail me nor forsake me.
  • The work will be completed.
  • There are others who are ready to help me in my work—others with the necessary tools, craftsmanship, and commissioning from God to bring about a completed work through me… in me.

As I linger over these thoughts, I realize that every one of them is important to my heart and my thinking if I am to move forward in this season. Every one of them must be believed, must be applied, and must be harnessed as truth if, in fact, God’s work is going to be most fully accomplished in my life. A breakdown at any point in this trajectory of understanding will, more than likely, leave my assigned work as is—undone and unfinished. And while God can use even that—my incompleteness—I’m thinking it would be far better to finish this race in tandem with his desires. I want nothing more than for God to finish in me that which he began in me on a hillside 2000 years ago. I want to go home to him as a completed work of grace.

How about you? As you look over and consider these thoughts, where does the breakdown happen for you? I challenge you to open up these verses in your own Bible, open up your heart as well, and linger with God in your deliberations. These two verses just may be the encouraging word you need to move you a step further down the path of your completion.

Be blessed in Jesus this weekend. As always…

Peace for the journey,


24 Responses to Tuesday Take-Away on Friday {1 Chronicles 28:20-21}

  1. First you TELL 'em….then you SHOW 'em!

    How well you've done that, Elaine. You're SO right. NOTHING can replace God's Word. It's "so much more…." Especially for those who dig a little deeper.

    Today, the "do the work" part of those verses struck me. After a couple of weeks waiting for the itching of poison ivy to subside, I'm needing to "do the work"!

    Strong and courageous are internal qualities…work is external.

    And I like the part that I'm not alone! Willing people WILL help!

    There. How'd I do???? Streght & Courage, friend!

  2. I did need those verses. Thank you so much. I too want to complete the work and it is awesome to hear God remind us to stand strong and courageous because He has us . . . He just needs us to do our parts. Awesome word. May we all be strong and fight!

  3. You did great, Rebecca! As I've thought about this a bit more, aren't we all sharpening one another? The words we extend to one another, the many acts of service and kindness, the encouragement and standing alongside… yes, we are applying some shaping to one another whether we realize it or not!

    Keep sharpening me, sister.


  4. i fail, because i look at the stormy water
    and then sink. thankfully, He stoops
    down to pull me out . . . over and over

  5. in the being still
    he talks to us about the transformation you mentioned
    and in our obedience to His input it continues His Living work in us and in His world…
    thank you for reminding us of our responsibility in recognizing His temple in each of us 😉

  6. As a young wife and mother, I allowed the word to be back burner. I had difficulty joining the multitude of roles before me.
    It did not take me long to realize the absolute necessity of daily reading and begin regular devotions.

    God's word is my lamp and light! It guards my heart, keeps my soul, and guides my reasoning.

    I love the scriptures you shared! I, too, was moved by the thought of our need for one another to fulfill God's will for our lives. And, I was also face-to-face with the reality of my ability to lose the completeness of God's plan for my life. Like you, I know that plan is something to STRIVE for. Lord, help me to be found faithful.

    Love you!


  7. I like your analogy. We are God's building blocks and He is still working on us and with us. Isn't it great when He teaches us something from His Word that was just what we needed to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Greetings Elaine,

    These verses remind me of the first chapter of Joshua, where he is told to be strong and courageous, and in essence to be careful to observe God's Word and meditate on it day and night…I want to be transformed in the renewing of my mind like that…

  9. I love how God brings a verse my way right when I need it.

    And then keeps reminding me of it throughout my day.

  10. Daily, I surrender to God and pray He uses me so I may best help Him in the building of His temple. Like you, I want to stand before God, knowing I have sought His guidance to becoming ever more pleasing in His sight.


  11. I'm always telling my four year old, to "Sit Still!" but I fail to do that myself with His Word. This was a real pick-me-up today. "In tandem"-a bicycle built for two. God lets me ride with Him, but He certainly does all the work.

  12. I think what struck me about these verses was the part about being strong and courageous. That is something I'm always asking God for – to have the physical strength to do what He asks me to do, and to have the spiritual courage to obey Him.

    I also like how that sentence finishes: "…and do the work."

    I think God is speaking to me about a particular opportunity that's in my life right now. I feel like He's saying, "Yes, I know you're going to get overwhelmed and scared, but do it anyway. I'm right here."

    That's the secret for me. In spite of my feelings, I must forge ahead.

    Thanks for a good word from the Word today, Elaine. I leave here encouraged and bolstered in my faith.


  13. "Do the work" is always a timely exhortation for me to just keep on keeping on, to just keep working. Also love the thoughts that we are working together and that others stand ready to help us with our jobs.

    The Word of God… the best source of food for our souls. What a treasure!

  14. Hi Elaine,

    That's actually one of my favorite scripture verses, particularly because it's so easy to get discouraged while we're busy doing the work. So I find it incredibly encouraging–like a boost from God.

    I adore how God's word is always fresh, always applicable to where I am at that current moment.

    Thanks for this word, girl!

  15. Absolutely beautiful sharing Elaine! Love what you gleaned from the Word you shared and ever so true!!

    I like you Elaine over the years, as I grew even more (and I'm still growing and will always be until that Day…), in my walk with God I find that I NEED His Word. I lean in hard on every word…I listen attentively for His still small voice. I have to…I must! I need Him every minute of every hour to keep pressing forward in Him.

    Keep sharing as you live it Elaine. May God receive all the glory!

    Blessings and peace!

  16. Oh, yes, dear friend, just like you, I want to go home to him as a completed work of grace.

    You are both a temple, and a living stone.

    So am I.

    What a pity to see a temple half built, or the potential of a living stone lying by the roadside.

    Your words inspire me to move on in this journey, no matter how painful or difficult it may be at times.

    The truth is that the pain of our existence is what chisels off our rough edges, the process that helps each one of us fit beautifully into the glorious masterpiece God is creating, corporately and individually.

    Much love to you today, dear Elaine. We are all in this together!


  17. Oh how I loved this post. Such beauty and God knew I needed it. It is finding the time to be still with him and be able to listen to him. Thanks for the encouragement.

  18. Wow! Such powerful words. God has truly given you a marvelous gift in communication.

    You are so right. God's Word is something we rely on. Sometimes I just think about it being HIS Words. He has written a letter to me telling me of His marvelous character and His gift He has given me.

    I am so amazed.


  19. wifeforthejourney:

    Even though I'm late in coming to the "Take Away" I am richer for being here.

    "God is still building his temple, and he’s using my life, alongside the lives of other believers, as his building blocks." I can't imagine what my life would look like without you alongside. YOu are the best!

    ~ Billy

  20. Hi Sweet Friend~

    Your wrote:
    "•God is still building his temple, and he’s using my life, alongside the lives of other believers, as his building blocks"

    It was the building blocks that caught my eye in this post!

    For the last two weeks God has been showing me that not only are we building blocks together but also in developing relationships with believers and even non-believers. What I mean is that those relationships build one block at a time. I am presently working with a friend's daughter [not yet a believer in Christ] and I am meeting with her once a week to help with her kids….. but really just to build a relationship first. I cannot talk with her of the things of Christ if she doesn't even know me. So I'm laying the first blocks of the friendship and trust foundation before God will build upon that!

    First things first!

    JOY, Stephanie

  21. Elaine, I keep re-playing your quote in my head…“As I open up God’s Word and crinkle the pages beneath my fingertips, I almost always hear the heartbeat of God ringing in my ears.” I think of this with every page I turn now.
    Thank you for sharing your gift of words!
    Love to you!

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