Tuesday Take-Away {Genesis 28:10-12}

Β I haven’t forgotten about you, friends. I’d like nothing more than to spend some concentrated time on-line, visiting you and weighing in on your valuable posts. I’d also like some more time to write some of my own. But beyond what I would like to do, there is another preference that has surfaced for me–my “must do” for the next few weeks.

God is preparing my heart to attend P31’s She Speaks conference in July. Thanks to many of you and your investment into my story, I’ll be able to share with others some of the wonderful ways that God has ministered and is continuing to minister to my heart during this season–another step in my “living up to my learning” (if you didn’t watch my cancer-survivor picnic video, skip this reference or make up your own interpretation).

As a way of managing my time, I’m planning on posting a little nugget of truth at this blog on Tuesdays… something along the lines of Tuesday Take-Away. With God’s help and out of the well-spring that comes to me through him, I will endeavor to plant a little seed of truth and comfort into your heart. A small take-away for your day. My goal is not to overly flesh out my thoughts (some of you are shouting “Hallelujah” right about now… not funny). Rather, my goal is to point you toward a few take-aways that leap out at me. More than likely I’ll be chewing on them for the rest of the day. Accordingly here is the text and take-away for today:

“Jacob left Beersheba and set out for Haran. When he reached a certain place, he stopped for the night because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones there, he put it under his head and lay down to sleep. He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.” (Genesis 28:10-12)
My take-away:
  • Sometimes a “setting out” from the land of our comfort–our familiar–is required of us in order that we may walk in the fullness of all that God has for us.
  • There’s always a “certain place” of rest.
  • As odd as it might seem, a hardened “stone” rather than pillow is often the foundation for that “certain place” of rest and for the birthing of God’s dreams for our lives.
  • The “stone” we’re resting upon can serve as the portal that God uses to reveal himself to us.

So, my friends, how do you read it? What “setting out”, what “certain place”, or what “stone” is your portion this day? I love you each one and will get around to visit you as I can. As always…

Peace for the journey,


28 Responses to Tuesday Take-Away {Genesis 28:10-12}

  1. My immediate "stone" is a burny, itch face. It's not as hard as other peoples' stones, but it is mine currently. Thanks for the Take-Away. And cheers for your up-coming opportunity!

  2. What a great take-away! That verse covers about all of it for all of us… different circumstances, same principles.

    I am SO glad you will be a speaker at the conference this summer. Those ladies are going to be so blessed! I'd like to be a fly on the wall. But since I already see your heart through your words and your voice, I think I will be there 'in spirit'. πŸ™‚ I will for sure be praying for you.


  3. For the record, I'm not a speaker at the conference. I'm just going with some words on paper hoping anyone will take notice!


  4. Elaine, love your idea of a Tuesday Take-Away — and what great little nuggets you came up with from this scripture passage.

    A stone I've been having to rest on of late is quite a bit of rejection where my writing is concerned. Am trusting Him, though, and persevering. Hopefully soon He will bless with a comfy pillow of an acceptance! πŸ™‚

  5. Love your idea of little tid bits to chew on each week! Your take away for today instantly made me think of this:

    Often when life is hard or difficult, it is in in that place that God's glory is shown. He guides us, comforts us and works miracles in us when the "world" would otherwise be giving up. God works for the good in ALL things…even (and especially) when things are tough. We can trust Him for His ways are always the best!

    Love you Elaine!

    Blessings, Joan

  6. What a wonderful post concept Elaine! I do something similar called "Meditations Monday", and have enjoyed it a great deal. πŸ™‚

    As for your "Take Away" today, Like Jacob, God's been drawing me to step outside my comfort zone as well. It's been little steps so far, but I feel that He's leading me towards something far more significant in the near future.

    Thank you for the wonderful post, and have a Blessed Day!

  7. I will be happy for any little nuggets you have to share. I truly love your writing and look forward to "Tuesday mornings with Elaine" (smile)!!

  8. What a wonderful idea for a post…Take-Away Tuesday's…I love it. These verses today made me think that no matter where we are (even in the middle of the hot desert ~ or whatever or whereever "our desert" might be) or how uncomfortable we are (how comfortable could a stone pillow ever be afterall?) our access to God is ALWAYS there. Jesus IS that ladder that allows us to come and go freely to Him. Reminds me of John 1:51… β€œMost assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man." What a wonderful reminder this was. My stone has remained the same for soo long it seems. Pain is just something I live with….and yet, I can honestly say He is there for me always.
    I am excited about the conference for you and for the other ladies. Will pray all goes well and the Lord uses you in a mighty way.

    Hugs, Debbie

  9. This passage so resonates with me and everything God has put before me this year. Sunday was the six month anniversary of James' death, and Monday would have been our 15th wedding anniversary. I've stayed in the depths of depression and am climbing my way out, trusting in God and leaning not on my own understanding. He is making my path straight, and for that, I am humbled and grateful.

    I look forward to your take-aways.

    Blessings, sweet lady,

  10. I love this idea…For me, I sense God calling me to take a new step however, I am not quite sure what that is yet…just a little nudging right now by Him…which makes me very excited to see what HE is going to do!

    I wish I were going to She Speaks…for many reasons and one of them would be to meet you face to face and give you the biggest HUG!!!

  11. My take away is even when we are least comfortable (stone as a pillow), God is with us and speaking to us i.e. discomfort can bring great revelation.

  12. My stone today would have to be some hard feelings I'm harboring that need to go away…I'm drawing closer to Him so I can transfer that burden. Thanks for the take-away Elaine. It really spoke to me today. blessings, marlene

  13. My stone today would have to be some hard feelings I'm harboring that need to go away…I'm drawing closer to Him so I can transfer that burden. Thanks for the take-away Elaine. It really spoke to me today. blessings, marlene

  14. wifeforthejourney:

    My "stone" includes my morning rememberances of our life together in Wayne County. Many are the days I find myself returning to those familiar paths; I guess it must be our return trip to Dr. Glover that has me thinking today.

    We have covered a lot of ground today, and I am blessed to have and share such a history with you. I'm excited about what God has planned for us "next" here in our new home. My life is good because its a life that includes you!


  15. I am so excited for your upcoming trip to She Speaks! I pray the Lord will use it as time of encouragement and refreshment and may every opportunity you have to tell your story serve to continue to build your faith in the One who does all things well.

    Blessings to you, friend!

  16. I love this!! I am praying for this kind of insight as I read scripture. Grabbing hold to this take away. The chaos never seems to end but I am choosing to praise Him anyway and somehow it is giving me peace in another difficult time.

    You so encourage me my friend.

    Believing Him~Pamela

  17. I'm so glad to see that you will be around here on Tues. And so excited for you that you are going to the She Speaks!! Awesome!!

  18. So glad you're gonna be able to go to She Speaks! I hope you will feel like taking lots of pics and telling lots about what happens there! In my mind I think about going but secretly know that this "home-body" that I am will never make the trip! ha

    As for my "stone" …a nagging irritation with someone that may just be a misunderstanding on my part.

    My "setting out" is in trying to reach out in ways and places that I've not done before.

    It's so amazing how you Elaine can 'take-away' so much from a few verses! As I've said before, you truly have a gift with words!

    God bless you my dear friend!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  19. I so wish I could join you at She Speaks! But I am so excited for you, my friend, and look forward to seeing what God does with this time. I'll be praying for a special meeting with Him while you are there.

  20. Jacob is my all time favorite Bible character.

    I love the way God grows him up to maturity and nobility.

    This is indeed so true for me: "Sometimes a "setting out" from the land of our comfort–our familiar–is required of us in order that we may walk in the fullness of all that God has for us."

    And yes, I certainly agree with this:

    "There's always a "certain place" of rest."

    I rejoice with you over your upcoming opportunity to attend the P31 conference.

    You have been such a blessing to your blog friends, including me, of course.

    Your light shines in the darkness, Elaine.

    I am cheering for you.

    Much love

  21. Awwwww, you ROCK! πŸ˜‰

    I love the take-away idea…I could do that!
    Makes me think of the Son of Man having no place to lay His head.

    (and I am still thinking!) Okay, so maybe I couldn't do that~lol, just kidding…!

    I don't think I could sleep on a rock. I have difficulty on a pillow some nights.

    Seriously though. I wish I could go to She Speaks. Do you know I got an email that places opened up, but then the $$$ wasn't there. I wait upon the Lord for all the hugs I am missing (oh and clarity of my calling too)
    ~Bless you faith-filled, word-wonder sister! Looking forward to the next book!

  22. My in vitro before and my fertility treatments now being used by the Lord to draw me back to Him and close to Him. He is Good, and His love endures forever!:)

    Blessings to you Elaine:)

  23. Beautiful heart you have, Elaine. Thank you. I thought of the only place for Jacob to rest was the ROCK (Christ) and it was also a hard place(difficult to get comfortable) but solid and unmovable..

    See you SOON! Yay, God!!

  24. You know, Elaine, I really like this idea. (Although, for the record, I kinda like when you flesh out your thoughts…)

    So, hmmm…my takeaway?

    I had a couple of thoughts:

    – Jacob stopped when the sun set. It's important to know our limits, and to take appropriate time to rest.
    – God can speak to us in our dreams.
    – God is ALWAYS working in our world and in our lives
    – Reality is so, so much more than what we can see and perceive with our 5 senses

    Thank you for your thoughts – they really reached my heart, and I will be pondering those, too.

    GOD BLESS you as your prepare for She Speaks.

  25. sleeping on a stone. hhhmmm. reminds me of ps. 61:2 – "lead me to the rock that is higher than i." resting on the Christ the Rock.

    love you.

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