Take Good Care

What one good thing do you want to do with the rest of your life?

It’s a question I’ve been chewing on for the better part of this year. Knowing that my earthly existence is measured by human standards and knowing that at any moment that particular calendar might draw to a close, it’s a good question to ask. In not asking it, life can float aimlessly along, chipping away at time with precious little to hold in exchange. Not that I need a lot to hold, but I need something … at least one thing.

One good thing … to do, to give myself to.

And so this afternoon while out for a long walk in the feels-more-like-April-than-December temperatures, while watching the bluebird stepping his dance amongst barren branches, I had a thought … a rather simple one but one that just might help me walk out my remaining calendar days.

Take good care of the moment, Elaine.

What moment?

This one. Not the next one, not tomorrow’s, but this one … right in front of me.

Not randomly, but with goodness.

You see, I can handle my moments. We all can. Give us a moment, and we’ll fill it with something, take care of it somehow, someway, with some sort of somewhat. Whether well thought out or haphazardly, we take care of our moments. But in doing so, we must consider the quality therein.

Is our care of the moment any good? Does it serve any good purpose?

Jesus lived good moments. He should be our guide along these lines. While he always had the end game in mind – his calendared days – he is known for the moments lived in between the stable and the grave. Wherever he walked, as he grew and as he taught, he took good care of the earthly moments he’d been given. Whether in conversation with his people or in conversation with his Father, Christ’s moments were never accidentally lived nor haphazardly shared. They were simply and profoundly lived and fueled by the winds of goodness.

Like my friend the bluebird this afternoon, Jesus danced within and amongst the barren branches of humanity. His color was brilliant positioned against the backdrop of winter. He was set apart, not camouflaged by the clamor of his surroundings. Instead, Jesus lived branch to branch, moment to moment, watchful of his surroundings, and willing to share the road with others.

As I step into this next moment (and, yes, into a new year), I don’t want to simply take care of my moments anymore. Doing so relies too heavily on fleshly impulses. Instead I want to take good care of each one – being firmly rooted in God’s goodness, mindful of his momentum, and quick to follow his lead.

The rest of my earthly life is too much, too big for my hands (and heart) to hold these days. I pray I live it well. But this moment, this single slip of time that is right in front of me? Mine … yours? Well, certainly we can take good care of it. With God’s help, good moments are the rule rather than the exception.

Live your moments like you mean them, friends. Take good care of them, and take good care of your hearts. Dance amongst the barren branches of winter as often as you dare, allowing your Father to take the lead. Live and move and have your being in Christ.

This is the very best we can do. This is the good way to finish your life. 

Peace for the journey,

11 Responses to Take Good Care

  1. I’ve been thinking along these same lines Elaine but you put it so clearly! Thank you for sharing. May you have a very blessed year in 2017!
    Love you my faithful friend!

    • Love you too, Marilyn. Blessings to you and Benny as you walk into the promise of a new year, filled with many good moments!

  2. Oh my, what a challenge to our hearts…to my heart. The line that spoke most deeply to my heart was this one: He was set apart, not camouflaged by the clamor of his surroundings.

    In a world that expects us to bend and accept things that are not godly, we must be prepared to be set apart and look different from our surroundings.

    Happy New Year, dear friend. I hope 2017 is a blessed one for you.

  3. Love, love, love this. It’s so timely for me. I turn 60 in a few days and this speaks to what has been resonating in my own heart as I look forward to new beginnings and a new decade of life.

    • I have no doubt that you are taking good care of your moments, Cindy. Happy early birthday to you. Each candle tells a story, doesn’t it? Keep writing it, friend.

  4. wifeforthejourney:

    Taking GOOD care of my moments remains a challenge to me. As I have so often been told in the course of my life, how often I am found working hard, but not not working “smart.” Being busy has often been the way I have numbed my senses and sensibilities – when I’m afraid or uncertain about what to do or where to go in my decision making. I find myself looking back over 2016 with excuses at the ready. I want to look towards the New Year with the determination to have fewer excuses to make.

    I have reason to have high hopes for 2017 – because I will be going there with you. You are my wifeforthejourney; God’s best provision for our family and I love you!

    ~Preacher Billy

    • 2017… in God’s hands. May we superintend the trust he’s given us with faith, grace, and lots of laughter.

  5. Love that thought, Elaine – take good care of the moment. And I wish I had a bluebird dancing among the winter branches in my neighborhood. I don’t see them around here very often. Take good care! 🙂

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