Sabbath Sunrise – a prayer for my son

Paint my boy a Sabbath sunrise, Father – one filled with the color of hope, not the cover of despair.

Take the pain that’s been smeared onto his canvas at night and replace it with splashes of your morning grace.

What she has taken from him, replace it with what you have given to him. A hope. A future. A plan that includes something best, not something less.

His are deep wounds, bleeding red, hot, and furious. Stop the hemorrhaging with your hands—the very ones that bled and shed red for our sin and our pain.

I can no longer cradle him in my arms. My lullabies sing harshly, and I have few words to fix the ache within. Only scattered thoughts to fill the awkward pause in between his despair and his healing.

So Father, would you paint him a Sabbath sunrise? Would you paint me one as well?

How we need the color. The warmth. The reminder that all has not been lost in the night.

Your sun still rises. This is gain. This is resurrection. This is Sabbath.

Give us eyes to see it, minds to conceive it, and hearts to believe that you painted it just for us—your perfect peace in the midst of a perfect storm.

For him, my boy with a broken heart. For me, his mom whose heart breaks alongside.


16 Responses to Sabbath Sunrise – a prayer for my son

  1. Beautiful Elaine!!! Our prayer is that God brings Colton comfort and peace. We understand what you are going through. God will restore and bring someone amazing into his life!! He did it for our Aaron, and he is so happy again!! Much love Colton!!!

  2. I’m so sorry Elaine! (tears!) But what a beautiful prayer! I pray that same thing for our oldest son. It’s so different when they’re grown up. We can’t take them in our arms and rock them and make things all right. Prayer is our only real resource in times like these.
    Love you my Faith-ful friend Elaine!

  3. I recognize the painful pathway leading from what was, to what is. They’re not always painful, the pathways. But I can see from your telling that is one hurts deeply. Sometimes it takes so very long and so many tears to grasp what will be. My heart aches for both you and your beloved son.

    Love & prayers,

  4. My tears well up this morning as I read this prayer… so beautifully spoken from a heart that is hurting. I echo this prayer, speak it as my own prayer for your son and for you… your whole family. It is going to be a year filled with healing grace, dear friend.

  5. Praying for Colton and praying for you, my friend. A mama’s heart beats with her children’s hearts. When they hurt, we’s a terrible feeling, knowing that we can’t kiss away their pain and tears as easily as we could when they were young.

    Colton is a fine young man. His faith and his family will bring him through this painful time, and he will come out of it stronger than ever before. I just know it.

    Love you dearly…

  6. I hear the pain in these words, and it’s one I’ve felt, and no doubt most of us, as mothers, in one way or another. I pray God’s healing grace for your heart and his. My heart hurts with both of you.

  7. Praying for that sweet guy and his wonderful family! God is walking beside him during this time and will heal his heart. Love you my friend!

  8. So sorry to hear that your son is going through such heartbreak. My girls both experienced similar heartbreaks, and it hurts so to watch them hurt and not be able to ease their pain. May God comfort Colton and bring joy to his heart once again — and may God comfort you as you hurt alongside him, Elaine. Blessings!

  9. Oh no! I am so sorry. I well remember that ache, that hurt of lost love from many, many years ago. Praying God fills his heart with joy and love once again.

  10. A Sabbath Sunrise. For sure HE is already answering. You have a remarkable gift, Elaine, to express pain in such way that it brings healing. I love you my sister-friend and thank you for being you. And, ABBA, thank YOU for Sabbath Sunrises for your hurting children.

  11. Broke my heart, Elaine. I have been there with both of my sons, and it hurts…so much. I am consoled by the fact that God knows this *parent pain* – and He loves our children even more than we do ourselves.

    May He bring His healing – to your boy’s heart, and to your own.


  12. wifeforthejourney:

    None of our kids will ever have to question who’s corner their mother will be in. You are the best!


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