Preacher Billy’s moving tips…

Preacher Billy’s moving tips…

Because every now and again… we all need a good laugh. Find something to laugh about this weekend, friends. In the meantime, here’s my man making me laugh. Oh, how I love a good tear-producing, snortin’ out loud, kind of laugh. I’ll see you on the other side of some boxes and some rest.

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  1. hilarious…I may just have to do the same thing…we are moving in a couple of weeks to Va.

    Tim Smith

  2. not sure if preacher Billy was as worried about someone seeing the tapes as was happy to get rid of some steam!! GO BILLY!!!

    You guys take care, and let us hear how the coming days go. Praying for you for a smooth transition.


  3. BWAH-hahahaha! Oh, that is a hoot…I almost snorted! 😉

    We're just simple folk…looks like our kind of Friday evening fun!

    Thanks for the heads up about the video.

    Sure wish we could be there to help. Miss you…

  4. Y'all were just havin TOO much fun! I think it was also a great stress reliever for both of you!

  5. oh, man.. I so wanted some good old tear-producing, snortin' out loud laughs and my amazing internet from the boonies wouldn't cooperate! I just had see what I could in 2 second clips. Ha!

    you always bless my friend,


  6. Wondering what your neighbors were thinking during all that?

    BTW Elaine, I gave Peace for the Journey to a friend who is going through a divorce after 42 years of marriage and she just wept when she saw the title. Blessing to her!!


  7. That's my kind of Friday night for sure but I'll tell you what it looked like a fun way to blow off some heat and simmer down from 'ministry' (LAUGH) too! Loved it…made me laugh.

    Love ya.

  8. Elaine, are you still running?
    I'm planning a series on running women. I would like to include you ~ interview type questions.

  9. Is "hickiefied" a word from Websters?? At least, I think that's what I heard through the laughter! Y'all are a hoot! Friday night fun in a small southern town! Gotta love it!


  10. That was great! While I haven't moved in awhile, I remember moments with our military moves that I would have loved a sledge hammer and something to destroy. :o)

    Thanks for the giggle.


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