Peace continued . . .

Sometimes we cannot see the way that God is taking us. Really, most days it’s that way, is it not? Just steppin’ on in faith because it’s the best we can do. As a people deeply connected to the heart of God, we try to honor that connection through our obedience and our allegiance to those not-yet-taken steps by actually taking them . . . one at a time.

We scratch our heads, as well as our hearts, and wonder what God is up to – believing that he is, in fact, up to something. Isn’t that most of the battle—settling our confidence regarding the God who can be known and trusted? That he thinks holy thoughts about us and offers holy ground for the clay feet that carry our frames forward?

This is faith on the edge. Alive, active, keeping pace with the day and keeping prayerful during the night.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so settled in my life of faith. Even four years ago when those death words were spoken over me and my faith sprouted all kinds of fresh wings, even then my faith was less. God grew me in th


at season, shaped my heart in a way that might not have been shaped otherwise. I accept this shaping. Most days, I glory in this shaping because I can measure the progression of my heart. Without those suffering days, I’m certain that my God-confidence would be lesser in this place where I am standing today.

I would still be waiting for faith to take hold at a deeper level. I’d still be wading in the shallows instead of splashing around in the deep. Life is better here in the deep. To be certain, it’s more mysterious, perhaps even a little more dangerous. But it’s a better pool of trust when the only shoreline within reach is the hemline of a water-walking Jesus.

I’m not saying that my faith is as strong as Peter’s was on that night when he took those sweet steps of trust across the sea. I am, however, simply willing to position my heart in a similar place of possibility. I’ve been keeping my eyes and my mind fixed on Jesus, and the communion has been sweet and certain.


Kept in peace. This has been a year for such a sacred keeping. I couldn’t have imagined on the front side of 2014 all of the many challenges that would confront my peace-keeping mission. With three months remaining, I imagine that a few more disruptions will work their way onto my calendar.

But I will cling to Peace.
And I will dip my hand over the side of the boat and wait for the waters to stir.
And when I feel the holy vibrations from the approach of the water-Walker, I will be brave.
And I will step out.
And I will step forward.
And just maybe (if only for a moment) I will walk on the waters with the King and know what it is to be fully alive and fully at peace.

The waters are stirring, friends. The Master approaches. Keep watch and keep ready. These next steps just might be your best ones. As always . . .

Peace for the journey,

10 Responses to Peace continued . . .

  1. You’ve tossed me a life preserver of hope this evening, friend, along with the gentle reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus, and not on my circumstances. Keeping the faith…

    Some days, it feels as if I’m merely treading water. I admit that, at times, it’s a little scary in the deep for me. I’m going to hold onto this little nugget of truth you’ve shared, though, to encourage and inspire me in the days ahead:

    “Life is better here in the deep. To be certain, it’s more mysterious, perhaps even a little more dangerous. But it’s a better pool of trust when the only shoreline within reach is the hemline of a water-walking Jesus.”

    I love you. Seven more days…

  2. Elaine, you have no idea how much I needed this reminder. As I watch my Mother’s earthly tent waste away because of dementia, the controller in me wants to DO something to change the circumstance. Yet, I know God is moving her toward her heavenly home, and I feel it won’t be long now. I have peace about that.

    My look back at the point where my faith began to grow is back to 2002 when my Daddy was diagnosed with cancer. My faith was small, yet that mustard seed of faith sprouted and over the past 10 years my faith has flourished. In this season of loss, my faith in Christ has sustained me, and I have been able to rest in knowing that He is faithful, and He will sustain all of us from beginning to end.

    Just yesterday I felt such anxiety over the whole situation with Mom. I needed peace desperately. As I prayed and asked Jesus for His peace, He willingly gave it. I will likely need to ask again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, because in the moment of trial, Satan tries to steal our peace. I’m so thankful that Jesus has a never ending supply.

    Sorry this rambled on so. Just some thoughts I needed to get out.

  3. Splashing around in the deep a bit HERE, too! Reading Leah’s comment, I realize how not alone I am…

    Then your words, “These next steps just might be your best ones” seemed to jump off the screen at me as I prepare for my knee-replacement surgery on the 23rd.

    I am encouraged by your courageous journey, Elaine. Rejoicing with you for the evidence of God’s grace, provision and faithfulness in your life and that of your family ♥

  4. Oh, my goodness…this word – “Life is better here in the deep. To be certain, it’s more mysterious, perhaps even a little more dangerous. But it’s a better pool of trust when the only shoreline within reach is the hemline of a water-walking Jesus.” – was just what I needed today…right now…

    God is so good!

  5. wifeforthejourney:

    The place of possibilities is a good place to be. I cannot count the number of times I have been encouraged by your own hope and trust in God. The seasons of our life have come with ebbs and flows in my own strength, faith, and trust in God – but through it all you have so often been God’s instrument to push, pull, and lead me to the place of His choosing.

    So today, I am thankful for your own model of obedience in letting God point you towards what is best for us, our family and this mission field on which we stand. No better place to be than right beside you!



  6. Elaine, I tried to comment last night, but it looks like it didn’t post for some reason. I’ve really had a chance to be stepping on in faith the past week or so. I had a book contract offer a few weeks ago, and before we could get it all finalized, the publisher had to withdraw new contract offers because of financial difficulties. Very disappointing, but I’m trusting that God is bringing about the best for me. Maybe the next steps will be the best for me, huh? Thanks for an encouraging word!

  7. “The Master approaches.”

    I got all tingly reading that. What a thrill it is to walk with Him. Even if the journey takes us through a desert or a wilderness or through a stormy sea. He is there.

    That is the bedrock of peace that I am clinging to also, Elaine. An anchor that holds steady, no matter what.


  8. Hi Elaine ~

    Thank you for your words of hope.
    I marvel at how God uses all of our pain for His glory!
    And in the midst of suffering, expands our capacity to trust. What a miracle working GOD! I love these words:
    “But it’s a better pool of trust when the only shoreline within reach is the hemline of a water-walking Jesus.”
    Perhaps our steps will collide one day soon…I would love a physical hug.
    Blessings to you and yours, Jess

  9. Thank you Faith Elaine… Faith is part of you name… and your divine calling. You live up to your name well, dear friend. You know as well as I do that faith never comes easy. And yes, it grows with every step of obedience to go deeper… As I read your beautiful words, the song Oceans kept coming to mind. Have you heard it? It’s probably my song for this year as well, but it was the song the Lord gave me for my 61st birthday… I share the link here.

    Shalom dear friend.

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