my miracle

I saw her staring at us while in the check-out line at Wal-Mart. I didn’t know her, but it was apparent that she knew us. Moments later, her declaration confirmed my suspicions.

“Glad you’re home. Welcome home!”

Jadon and I looked toward the sound of her voice as I said, “Oh, do you recognize my son?”

“No, Ma’am. I recognize your miracle.”

My heart was tenderly warmed by her pronouncement.

My miracle.

My Jadon.

It’s been happening a lot these days … strangers recognizing my miracle. We call Laurinburg home, and ever since our arrival here over a week ago, we’ve been stopped by folks wanting to speak a word, give a hug, meet my miracle. Somehow (and as only God could orchestrate it), they feel a part of the story, tightly connected to the ever-growing community who are surrounding and supporting Jadon’s healing.

Whether through prayers, through giving, through visits, through doctoring, or just as casual readers/observers of my Facebook posts, their involvement in Jadon’s fight have granted them access to the outcome. It’s also given them access to our hearts.

Within minutes of Jadon’s accident, I made the decision to have our need go public on Facebook. And while I’ve frequently had a love/hate relationship with social media, this time around, I’ve seen how God has used it for his kingdom gain and good. The fact that you’re reading my words in this moment is proof that you are (at some level) connected to our story. And this, folks, is a beautiful representation of what I have often called “sacred multiplication.”

In the economy of God, when we enter into God’s handiwork—when we see him at work and decide to put our hearts and hands to the plow alongside his—we plant seeds into the lives of others. The growth and influence are exponential, expanding at a rapid rate that exceeds singular gain. The rapidity and scope of influence is often so great, it’s incalculable.

That’s where we’re at, at a point of not being able to measure the length, breadth, width, and depth of this far-reaching miracle. It has touched many lives, and I believe that this is what God had in mind all along. God’s miracles are eternally impactful, intended to point the world to him.

Mission accomplished. Mission accomplishing.

This beautiful sorrow we’ve carried continues to point the world to Jesus, reminding those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to receive that God has not left us. Instead, he is in our midst, making himself known to us, and drawing us all into a deeper, more intimate relationship with him.

Not long from now, in just a moment or two more, our faith will become sight and we will meet our Miracle-Maker face to face. But until then, there is a beauty being scripted into this world by the very hand and heart of God that should remind us all of just how close he really is to us, of just how much he wants to be with us, to do for us … to love us. Accordingly, I want to live my life with eyes wide-open, expecting to see more of the Father, to be and to do and to love more with the Father. God is not exclusive in his dispensation of miracles, friends. Through Jadon, I have come to realize that his generosity as it pertains to the miraculous far exceeds my expectations therein.

Humbly and with deep reverence, I make the confession that I can no longer underestimate God.

These past seven weeks serve as a witness and testimony to the Father’s inestimable love for me. My entire life, I’ve read about and committed to memory many of the miracles recorded in Scripture. But on this day, some 2000+ years beyond their unfolding, God has given me one of my own to hold.

This is my parting of the Red Sea. This is my feeding of the 5000. This is my “Lazarus, come forth.”

This is my really big God showing up on the scene of my itty-bitty life in a really big way.

So, by all means, go ahead. Recognize my miracle. Call him by name and welcome him home. Jadon’s story belongs to you even as it belongs to me. God has beautifully written you into this chapter of our lives and the ink is still wet. There is more to come. With God, there is always more to come.

Sacred, extraordinary, kingdom multiplication.

What in the world?!

God in the world. 

Yesterday. Today. Forever.

Amen. So be it.

©F.Elaine Olsen (allrightsreserved)

PS: In case you missed it on FB, here is one of the thousands of prayers prayed over Jadon in those first 24 hours following Jadon’s accident (thank you, Mike Price!). 

17 Responses to my miracle

  1. Beautiful words. Stunning truth. Feel the smiling nod of God on your family, my friend. He is well pleased with how you have stewarded this trial. All my love.

  2. God is so good to us and some things need to be shared so that prayers can be lifted to Him in your honor. Thank you for sharing so that we can know you and Jadon and keeping us informed. You learn to love someone you may never meet but they will always be in your heart. We pray Jadon will continue to heal and do with his life what the Lord has in plans. God bless you all.

  3. What an encouragement! Last night at my best friend’s wake service, Pastor Richie spoke of unwavering faith. The faith of Abraham. Your faith. Jadon’s faith. I am so very much in awe at the story of Jadon. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this chapter of his life story. And yes, I am waiting for my own miracle to manifest in my life. Much love to you, dear friend.

  4. Thank you, Elaine. You certainly have a gift of putting together words to create beautiful meaning. Blessings to you and your miracle!


    • You probably aren’t aware of this, but your Dad, Cherith, encouraged me greatly during my days back at ATS. I returned there for 3 years following my divorce, strengthening my faith and being loved by many men/women who had, earlier, raised me as a youth. Your dad was super supportive of my writing and always a light to be around.

  5. Your miracle, God’s miracle continues to encourage, even the most dedicated of believers, to press in closer and closer to His heart, His breath, His Life! Your miracle has tested my faith and I’m thankful for it! Thank you for allowing and inviting us to walk Your Miracle with you! Blessed are we!

  6. I have been Praying earnestly for Jadon. So glad for the miracle God is performing in his body. So thankful for your thoughts and sweet words today. We serve such an awesome God and we need to expect and be readyto accept his blessings. God bless you and Jadon

  7. Absolutely beautiful words, for some, words of encouragement as to what can be experienced through our God. For me, Jadon the miracle, the young boy who spent time with mom in her better days, the one in the porch swing or taking a ride in the golf cart. This boy has grown into a wonderful young man by the guidance of our Lord, you and Billy. We continue our prayers here in Rosewood. Love to all! God is Good!

  8. Thank you for allowing me to join you on this journey. I have been blessed in my life to be witness to God’s miraculous power of love for us and still I find myself in awe before another beautiful action of the love poured out on us. May we feast on the manna coming down before us through your miracle and yes Lord open eyes to see. Open ears to receive your words. Open hearts and minds to a kindness and spirit of love. Jason is not the only one being healed. While his body heals, countless others are finding a healing and renewing of spirit. God continue to bless you as you remind us all Good truly will never leave or forsake us.

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