library of faith…

Some days we just need a word from God.


Huh? OK, so let me define that a bit. For those of you who don’t speak “Christianese”—a word from God simply means (for me) a heavenly nudge. A heartfelt thought or two from the Father that falls over me like fresh water after I’ve spent a long day in the desert’s heat.


Yesterday was one of those days for me. As many of you know, I’ve been diligently working to put the finishing touches on my book, Beyond Cancer’s Scars. One of my goals for the book is that it will serve as a resource for small groups who desire to work through it collectively rather than just individually. Along these lines, I’ve written a facilitator’s guide to accompany the book. There are nine group sessions, and each session has a Scripture focus.


Yesterday, I had eight of those Scriptures selected. I needed one more; accordingly I prayed, thought, asked some of you to pray, and then I took a walk. And the deeper I got into it with Jesus, the more permanent his nudge to my spirit.


“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” –John 21:25


There it was … my ninth Scripture focus, a word aptly spoken at just the right time and a good fit for Session Six. I also happen to think it’s a good fit for this session, this day.


Jesus did accomplish many things while he was on this earth. Jesus is still accomplishing many things on this earth. He’s doing it through you and me. We are his agents in this temporal arena. We are the “books” being written, the “word” from the Word to the world. We are the chronicles of Christ, the shelved faithfulness of a kingdom that will not end. What’s being written into our stories, even today, is the stuff of eternity. Line by line; page by page; chapter by chapter … without end. Our stories are eternal. They’ll live on long after we’ve been memorialized at the graveside.


No, this world may not have room enough to shelve all the many books and miraculous works of grace that Jesus Christ is writing into us and through us, but there is a library in heaven waiting to hold the living witnesses of our faith. Heaven’s library has room for our books. It’s just waiting on a few finishing touches to our stories, a few finishing lines and chapters, penned and punctuated by the Creator of our souls.


Even today, you’re in the middle of one of those chapters. I don’t know how it’s reading to you and to those around you. I pray it’s filled with faith, truth, hope, love, and tremendous joy. However, I’ve lived long enough to know that it also might be filled with some suffering, heartache, confusion, and chaos … perhaps one of the worst chapters of your story. Whatever your chapter, whatever lines are being written into it this day, know this:  this is not your last chapter. It’s simply one of them. There are more to come. With Jesus Christ, there is always more to come.


Perhaps, then, we can better understand the Apostle John’s witness. There isn’t enough room here to tell God’s story. It’s too big, too grand, too eternal to contain it. We’ll have to wait until heaven to read it all, where days are endless, the lights stay on, and the library never closes.


I can’t wait to read your story, friend. Don’t be afraid of these ending chapters. Instead, surrender the pen in faith to the One who is generous with his grace and love. He can be trusted with your finishing touches. As always…


Peace for the journey,

If you were to give a title to this current chapter of your story, what would it be?


Also, the winner of Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform, (thanks to Amelia for drawing names this time) is Joanne @ The Open Door. I’ll be contacting you for mailing information.


20 Responses to library of faith…

  1. Transition. That is the first word that came into my mind! I think the title would be transition.

    Good post!! As usual.

    • I think I could name every chapter in my life with that word, Lori! It seems as if I’m always in transition. Love it.

  2. Elaine, This so touched me right where I am TODAY!
    The name of this chapter would be… Is that all there is?
    Your declaration over our lifes through your blog….”this is not the last chapter” made me stop and say… is she right?
    I have been asking myself… so what is my purpose now that I am 60 and life is changing. Is this it… to live out the rest of my days (however many) without a contribution or impact.
    Thanks for the nudge!

    • Oh girl, this (in many ways) is just your beginning! I wish you were closer; we’d brainstorm over coffee (or a mocha latte) about this new chapter in your life. We all have a creative edge… we may not think we do, but I guarantee you, there is a creative side to your life. I challenge you to start praying about and thinking about all the ways that God wants to use your heart for his kingdom purposes… now. Trust me when I tell you that “small” is sometimes the biggest “reap” of our lives. You might want to take a look at a series I wrote about Sarah and Abraham’s promise from God for a child… at their ages (The Promise of Eden)! Their world was just opening up. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

  3. Oh Elaine, I love what you say here. We are the book, we are the stories that are still being written. I love the photo too, now that’s what I call a real library! I am a library junky 🙂 Lori

  4. “Desperate for His Voice”

    Desperate for His voice….it’s actually a good, good place to be. Revelation and provision and trust and peace…all come in this ‘chapter’.

    Beautiful post, friend.

    Blessings to you today,
    Kate 🙂

  5. What a neat thought that we are among some of the books that Jesus has written that the world doesn’t have room to hold. Wow — exciting!

    It’s hard to nail down my current chapter of life to one simple title, but if I had to choose, I think it would be Waiting and Trusting. By the way, so glad to hear that the Lord gave you the word you needed yesterday!

  6. I think my word for this chapter in my life woud be “Extremes”. Seems like I go from one extreme to another! Great happiness (child getting married) to great sadness(grandchildren moving to another country). Sometimes being so busy and sometimes so bored. One day a burst of energy, the next day I can’t get out of bed! I would like to level out and steadily plod along a a nice steady pace instead!

    And ,yes, I do always need a word from God! Thanks for sharing your word with me today!

    Love you friend!!

  7. LOVE this!! And as you told me, these chapters He is writing in our lives can only be written with and about our lives. Great post, Elaine!

  8. This is exactly what my soul needed to hear Elaine, thank you. Hmmmm… Chapter title, “looking beyond myself” (even though my depression draws me inward most days). Not that I’ve mastered that chapter title.., but I believe that is what God is teaching me…. Great Word Elaine. Thank you

  9. This post: a pleasant place for me to come this morning – like a quiet library filled with books that have brought me joy already and more to come. Thank you, Elaine. I needed this!!

  10. Firstly – SO excited about winning 🙂

    Secondly, this is a POWERFUL Word for ME, dear Elaine. Every chapter is different. But it’s exactly what God wants it to be. Thanks.

  11. Hi Elaine,

    I was here about six weeks ago, but then I was away for a month, and it’s only now that I’ve begun dropping in on my friends in the blog neighborhood.

    Your new blog is beautiful. What a wonderful motivation for you in this stage of your journey, dear Elaine.

    Congratulations on your new book.

    I scrolled down a bit and read your recent posts, those that I have missed. I am excited to hear more about Naomi and Ruth. Ruth’s story is among my favorites.

    Looking forward to your insights on your studies on Ruth.

    Thank you for walking with me in my journey as well. I am truly grateful for the kingdom connections God has given me on blogworld.


  12. When I come here, no matter the topic, I find comfort, I find peace. I desire to seek Him more, to understand Him more, to love Him more. I thank God for the gift He has given you to pen His words.

    The chapter title of my life right now…”More of Him…Less of Me”.

    Love you Elaine.

    Striving to Live Out Loud~Pamela

  13. So glad to hear your book is moving along. Getting a book finished and out the door can be a long process.

    I surrender to Him, daily, confident that He will write a better story than I ever could. It took me a long time to completely surrender, but once I did, it changed the very fiber of my being. I’m no longer a worry wart nor compelled to control every part of my life. While I still make to-do lists and cross the items off as I finish them, I know the most important things aren’t found on a list, but in the Word.


  14. So timely for me…love how your words express what is awaiting…

    “With Jesus Christ, there is always more to come.” and “where days are endless, the lights stay on, and the library never closes.”

    My chapter – “As He has promised….

  15. Elaine, I loved this post. And first of all, congrats on the wonderful progress on your book. I think it will be a wonderful help to so many people!

    I really liked the imagery you used – the books, the shelves, the library. You know, when I’ve read that verse from John, I’ve always been surprised by the longing it leaves in my heart. I want to hear all those other stories – and I’m so glad that there will be eternity to read them!

    The title for the chapter in my life right now? Hmmm. Maybe this: “My Exhausted Feet Still Follow Him.” Moving away to a whole new area – (and just plain moving itself!) – has been such a challenge. But God leads…every step of the way.


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