December 26th

I’ve been waiting for this day for several weeks now.

December 26th – the day after Christmas.

No wrapping. No baking. No one needing me quite so much. More peace. More quiet. More time to take a walk beneath the beauty of a setting sun. This is where I found the Christ-child; this is where we talked it over, just God and me. Thoughts and words and prayers regarding the doings and outcomes of my yesterday.

We had much to discuss.

It was good to get away with Him—to take a walk around the lake and give some attention to my soul. I am grateful for the respite, for this December 26th. It’s been a day of recovery for me, of welcoming the new while cataloging the old.

Oh, I wish I could manage my December 25ths a bit better so that I didn’t need my 26ths so very much, but I’m fairly certain that a 25th of such magnitude cannot self-sustain. A 26th is the necessary requirement of a 25th—a grace of godly proportion that allows a soul to dance in close proximity to the manger without the distraction and/or judgment of a larger audience.

Sometimes the manger gets pretty crowded on December 25th.

But the 26th?

Well, today there was more elbow room. Today, it was easier to catch a glimpse of the baby Jesus.

December 26th – the day after Christmas. This is where the star has led me. This is where the Savior will keep me. What tender, sanctified peace for my journey! I pray for you a similar portion, friends.

Merry Christmas and Christmas always, this December 26th and beyond. What Christ came to do for us and in us he is doing. Ours is a forward work of grace. Keep to the road of faith, and remember … our best days are ahead of us!


PS: How might I pray for you as we walk together this final week of 2013?

14 Responses to December 26th

  1. Elaine, I will be spending time with my parents again next week, and I will also be meeting with my siblings to discuss the next steps of care for them. It’s all going to be so very difficult, and I would appreciate prayers.

    But, as I head into 2014, I continue to have such a sense of the Lord’s near Presence with me, and for that, I am so grateful.

    Hope you and your family had a wonder-full Christmas, and that God will bring His richest blessings in the new year. I look forward to sharing our faith journeys…


    • I will keep you and this decision-making process in my prayers this coming week, Sharon. May God guide and direct your steps as you seek his best for your parents.

  2. Its getting harder and harder to go to mom’s, to walk that path to their door and not have dad there. Saturday is our family Christmas and I almost dread it. We are a family of faith and yet our grief remains so heavy. Mom has created shadow boxes for each of us in remembrance of our father. Pray for healing in our grief, for joy in remembrance of him. Not knowing what took his life so quickly leaves us unsettled. We need peace, especially my mother.

    Thank you friend.

    • Yes, Pam, this is a tremendous grief you carry, full of change. Anytime our “normal” shifts, even a tiny bit, we have to make adjustments … and it feels so very awkward at times, even unwanted. I know Saturday will be tough for you. I’m praying that God’s strength will be yours as it unfolds. Walk it through; let it happen. This is part of your healing journey. I love you dearly.

  3. Ah, yes, a day respite. We all need them. Yesterday, however, was not mine. I worked at the pharmacy and that was anything but restful. Actually, this is one of the only Christmases in the past 20 years that I hated to see come to an end. We had a marvelous day of family, fun, and food, all while celebrating the Savior. Today will be a quieter day for me. Blessings to you, sweet Elaine.

    • Enjoy this time of reflection, Leah. God has many new and great things for you as you step into a new year.

  4. wifeforthejourney:

    This is a great reflection especially as I consider how busy we have been. Reading from Isaiah 63 this morning “I will recount the gracious deeds of the Lord, the praiseworthy acts of the Lord, because of all that he has done for us…” we have so much to be grateful for. Even in the middle of the goodness of Christmas, how many times this year have I failed to respond in thanksgiving? December 26th was and is a good day indeed.

    Love you,

  5. My 26th is today. Oh, how I’m embracing it. Holding Him closer, falling deeper in rest beside Him. Grateful rejoicing is followed by rest.

    Great words my friend. Passing them along to other sojourners of this holiday road.

  6. What a beautiful quiet post this is. Indeed Christmas can be so packed with one event after another, not necessarily bad. But if we do not set aside some soul time for us to recover our bearings, then we just move on into the New Year without the much needed space. Loved the way you shared your heart here, dear Elaine. I ask for prayers that as I prepare to leave the US in just a few days from now, my long travel back home will be safe – no ice storms to cause flights to be delayed or cancelled, and traveling mercies so everything will be safe and smooth, and a beautiful reunion with my five children (two are my sons’ wives but I consider them my daughters as well) and two grandchildren. It was a lovely four months here in lovely USA, but I am ready to go back home for the next part of my journey. I do appreciate your friendship, Elaine.

    • Lidia – I am excited for your journey home, knowing that your heart is there. I’m thankful for the time you’ve spent here and the work that’s been done in your body. May God gently walk with you as you step into the promise of a new year.

  7. Beautiful words. True words. Please pray for me as I prepare to go on a missions trip to Ethiopia/Uganda. February 5th-22nd. Lots of details.

    • Absolutely, Sheri. This will be an awesome time of ministry/growth for you. You’re a blessing to this world!

  8. What a strangely beautiful year this has been. Christmas was one of the quietest we’ve had in a long, long time. Even so, we managed to stash a cache of blessings far greater than ever I can remember. Even so, I’m doing many similar “tendings to the soul”. It is a good enterprise. It is a God enterprise.

    Blessings, dear friend. May 2014 be a year of many pausings & much power.


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