“Beyond Cancer’s Scars: Laying Claim to a Stronger Spirit” . . . Book Release

And so it arrives . . . this moment I’ve been anticipating for over a year now. The day when I can release to you to the words God gave to me over the course of forty days last summer. It’s my cancer story, wrapped up in words and memories that express both joy and sorrow, hope deferred and hope realized. Funny thing . . . I still feel these words. They’re still fresh, still speaking strength to my soul. I pray they’ll speak strength to your soul as well.

It seems fitting that Beyond Cancer’s Scars: Laying Claim to a Stronger Spirit releases this week. Today, August 23rd, marks the two year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. Two years ago, I couldn’t see today—a future moment when the suffering I was about to absorb would bloom as a witness to the sustaining strength and faithfulness of God. Two years ago, all I could do was feel the pain, suffer the losses, and hold tightly to the faith that had so beautifully followed me all the days of my life.

That faith and God’s grace have carried me forward to this moment—a day when he turns the tables on my previous suffering by using it for his kingdom purposes. This is my prayer . . . that my story might serve as a soothing balm to your suffering season. That you would feel less alone in your struggle and that you, like me, would allow God to use your pain to shape the souls of the generation that sits beneath your influence.

Your story in God’s hands advances his kingdom. Write it, speak it, feel it, and, most importantly, live your story forward. The best is yet to be! With Jesus, the best is always yet to be.

Would you please help me spread the word about my book? Here are some ways you can help:

  • Share this post and the book trailer with your friends via e-mail, facebook, twitter, blog, and other social media pages.
  • Purchase a copy of the book for your pastor to serve as a resource for those in his/her congregation who are dealing with cancer.
  • Purchase a copy of the book for a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or friend who is struggling with cancer or another soul-eating “something”.
  • Consider starting a support group for cancer patients/family members/others who are suffering (a free, downloadable facilitator’s guide is available by clicking on the following link: Download Facilitator’s Guide for Beyond Cancer’s Scars).
  • Ask your local bookstores to carry my book.
  • Share my speaking information page with your church staff and others who are looking for a special event speaker.
  • Write a review of Beyond Cancer’s Scars for online retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)

To listen to a radio interview about the book, click here.


Ordering information:


This first version of Beyond Cancer’s Scars is no longer available for purchase online. The updated version, Beyond the Scars, can be found by following this link.

46 Responses to “Beyond Cancer’s Scars: Laying Claim to a Stronger Spirit” . . . Book Release

    • You were the first, Leah, to purchase a copy from me. I can’t tell you the joy that brought me heart! You’re a faithful, good companion for the journey.

  1. I just ordered my copy….the trailer was amazing….as was your sharing yesterday when the books arrived…you are such a blessing and inspiration to those who need to be reminded of the Hope and Peace that are available to all…

    • Book is on it’s way, Karen! Thank you for your continuing support of my writing. You encourage me with your writing each time I visit. Your book is next!!!!

  2. Elaine,

    My friend, when I watched the message you shared this morning on your facebook I cried with you. I left a message on your youtube and your facebook. I shared the link on my facebook and will share it on my blog and twitter later today after my program.

    Please pray about coming on the program in October after I have completed the study we’re in; to share your journey…I love you girl!

    Thanking God for what He’s doing in your life and what He’s going to do through your book! I will be ordering my copy but want a signed one so will be in touch with you!

    • Ladies, if you don’t know Lisa Shaw, get to know her! Lisa, I’ve greatly benefited from your radio show on Thursdays. Your strong anointing from the Lord blessed me each time I listen. This is a season when I’ve really needed your witness. Now, get “Next Step Courage” on its way to the presses!

      • You bless me Elaine!!! I’m glad God uses all of us to encourage each other!! Yes, I am working on “Next Step Courage”. I’m excited about it and your prayers are so important to me. But for now, I am excited to rejoice with YOU in what God has brought you through and what you’ve put to paper for all of us to read, glean and grow!!

        Go forth with courage and serve the Lord continuously my friend as you walk with Peace for the Journey–Beyond cancer’s scars!

  3. Elaine, just shared your link on Facebook. Am so excited for you and so excited about what the Lord will do in the lives of many through your book. Lord, use Elaine’s offering to touch a multitude of hurting hearts!

    • Thank you, Cheryl, for your support. It’s been a long journey to get here, but it’s been worth it.

  4. wifeforthejourney:

    Two years ago today, August 23, 2010 we sat in the Dr’s office and learned of your cancer. The sensation I had in that moment, like someone had poured a pitcher of ice water down my back, is a memory that stays with me still. Life changed for us that day – the day I learned that the things that “happen to other people” can happen to us.
    Beyond Cancer’s Scars is so much more than the story of us, or you. Beyond Cancer’s Scars is not a journal, no ‘Dear Diary’ chapter book, it is for anyone who needs to know that God can find a way to bring something good out of even the worst of circumstances.
    Not everyone in this life will get cancer, but all of us will experience pain in one form or another. What is special about Beyond Cancer’s Scars is how you have brought your faith into your own experience of pain, and done it in a way that people can relate to no matter what their background may be.
    So, today is a day to celebrate life; not just surviving but life in abundance. For me, that abundant life looks like the best news of all in an uncertain world. News
    that I get to keep my wife; that our children get to grow up with their mother and that a broken and hurting world has another beacon to point the way home to Jesus. Good news for life’s journey…..

    Thank you for being my wifeforthejourney! Love you,

    • My Precious Faith,

      How very proud I am of you and your faith in our God! You have been faithful and trusting and He, as always, has been Your Guide, Sustainer, Director, and Protector. I am proud that you have used your talents to share your very heart with others with your writings and relationship building. I am proud not only to be your Aunt, but to be a fellow Kingdom Builder with you..
      My love always, Aunt Patty

    • Dear Billy,
      Now my reply to you…..what a precious note you shared above! You have been such a stronghold for your wife. How I appreciate you and all you do for the family. Bless you. It was such an honor and blessing to attend your church and listen to you as you very effectively presented God’s Word to the people. Your multi-faceted faithfulness to your precious wife in so many ways is endearing to us all. God bless you and know that I love you dearly!
      Aunt Patty

      • And sweet Aunt Patty, where would I be without you kindness in our lives?! You have ministered to my heart and my flesh in a way that exceeds the norm, but then again, that’s just like you. Everyone needs an Aunt Patty, but you can’t have mine, friends. She belongs to me!

  5. I think you already know what a joy it is for me to see this book now a reality. As we all prayed, God already knew this day was coming, and he already knows how many hearts are going to be helped with your words.

    I’m thrilled Elaine! Just ordered my copy. I almost feel like those of us who were praying are sharing these pages with our hearts, before we’ve even read the book.

    Love you sister, and I could not be happier! 🙂

    • You , better than most, know the struggle I’ve been through to get to this moment. Thank you for being one of the first to purchase the book. It’s on its way to your front door! Oh, and thank you for your strengthening prayers along the way. I’ve felt them everyone.

    • Thank you, Shane, for being here and sharing in the celebration. I’m grateful for your participation in my life. Blessings and peace to you as you settle in to your new home and new ministry.

  6. I will share this with many others Elaine! I am going to order it too. I have many friends who have experienced cancer so I want to tell them about your book. But first I want to read it.

    Blessings and love,

    • Debbie, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you for your faithfulness as a friend and for joining me on the journey all these many years. It’s friends like you who keep me honest before the Lord, striving to write authentically and with the witness of heaven! Shalom, sister.

  7. Elaine…

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

    After watching the trailer, I was struck by how you struggled many years ago with the desire to be published. There were days you were discouraged. When I think about your journey… I couldn’t have imagined (nor I know could you or your family) that God would use cancer in order for you to share your beautiful talent w/ the world!

    It is an honor to consider you a friend. It’s been a privelege to lift you in prayer and it’s a joy to see the magnificent work God has woven in your journey!

    I love you my friend!

    • Sweet Kristen, one of my first blogging friends! Thank you for putting up with my ramblings over the past almost 5 years. Some day we really need to get that cup of coffee and take a bike ride together. Can I borrow a bike . . . with a basket and brakes?

  8. Dear Faith,
    My reply appeared below as a reply to Billy, which was not my intent at that moment; of course, this could have nothing to do with my “techy” skills??? Anyway, much love and check it out below. Aunt Patty

    • Another reason I love you . . . and even though you’re not as techy as you’d like to be, folks still can’t have you! You’re mine;)

  9. Elaine,

    As I told you in my email…I know that God will use the message in your book to bring healing to everyone who reads it. Whether that healing is physical, spiritual, or emotional, He will take your season of suffering and use it for His glory…bringing PEACE to us all for this life’s journey.

    Looking forward to getting an autographed copy of your book! 🙂

    Love you…

    • Well, you’ve lived this with me, my siamese-twin, and me and my Billy can’t thank you and your Bill enough. We’ll see you soon.

  10. Dear Daughter,
    Naturally we celebrate the release of your book today–what a grueling process this has been–but more than that, we celebrate the two years and counting that we have been blessed to see what God has done in and through you since your diagnosis. Tomorrow is never “ours” but HIS. He has proved himself Faith-ful. You were well named! Our love and continued prayers are with you and your dear ones. We hope you’ll be covered up with book orders and that your readers will find sustenance and peace in what you have been inspired to write. Love you, Mom

    • Mom, you’re my rock and have been throughout this entire ordeal. Just when you thought your best mothering days behind you, you stepped up to the plate to be a strong extension of God’s love to me and to my family. This has been your finest hour.

  11. So proud of you friend!! Can’t wait to see how God uses this-you bring Him such glory! I am ordering myself a copy for my own collection but ordering another with the bracelet for the person in my life who God will direct me to give it to.

    Thank you so much for being willing…no matter what God calls you to. As always, you inspire me!!


    • Your support means everything to me, Pam. Thank you for always championing my pen and for reaching out to bless me with your encouragement. We really need to share some chocolate again soon!

    • Nancy, your book and bracelet are on the way! Please share the extra copy with a friend who needs it. I love you, sister.

  12. Fatih Elaine, dear friend… I can’t keep the tears from falling. Across the globe, thousands of miles away from where you live, your story of hope has touched my life, and your faith shines brightly, lighting my way. You are an example of an overcomer, someone who refused to give up, or even give in. That we have never met face to face… in cyberspace… doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m friends with you in a deeper way than I am with some of my face to face friends. The spirit to spirit connection is stronger.

    Congratulations. I am proud to be called your friend, Elaine.

    I will post the trailer and a link to this post on my blog. And yes, I will tell my friends about you, and encourage them to read your story of hope and endurance for themselves.

    Keeping you close,

    • You’re an overcomer as well, Lidia. I draw strength from your witness and from the way you consistently take care of your heart. You are who I want to be as I grow up in the faith. Keep to it.

  13. My deepest heartfelt congratulations in the release of your new book! I admire your writing style and look forward to reading the story of your cancer journey.

    “Two years ago, I couldn’t see today—a future moment when the suffering I was about to absorb would bloom as a witness to the sustaining strength and faithfulness of God.”

    An amazing statement!! Isn’t this true? The day we heard those words, “You have cancer,” it seemed the world stopped spinning, but little did we know! It is by the amazing grace of God that what we thought may never come to pass is now coming to pass with so much more to come! Yes, may God use to His highest glory our experience of suffering, sadness, fear, relief and victory in advancing His faithful name!

    I am including your video clip in my next posting. I am writing about evaluating my time so far blogging, reflecting on what I’ve learned and who I have met (including you!) and where I might on go from here. In seven short months of blogging, the authors from the Christian cancer blogs that I linked from my site continue to suffer according to the world’s definition. They may be suffering physically but a future glory is coming! And one author has passed into this glory since I began writing. So, yes, it is a time of reflection . . .

    Continue on, dear sister! Our life purpose and our stories move forward with hope in and through our resurrected Lord!

    Cyndi Heath

    • My new friend and sister-warrior…

      God is using you far more than you realize. I know you can’t see it; I feel the same way, but what the enemy has meant for evil, God intends for his good and for the growth of his kingdom. I’m here to support you in any way I can. Just reach out, and I’ll be there.

  14. Elaine, It’s been a real blessing to know you and to have experienced your faith first hand through the Bible Studies you have led and hearing of your work for God during your chemotherapy treatments. Your good news is something our entire congregation will celebrate with you and your family. I look forward to getting a copy of your book in my hands and sharing it with others. I will forward info about your Book to all I know and will post it on my Facebook as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with the world in the form of a book.

    • Awe, Ann, thank you for stopping by and sharing your warm thoughts. You know we love you and appreciate everything you do for our church. I especially love your latest contribution–the stunning, warm afghans you crocheted to keep us warm as we listen to that crazy preacher on Sunday mornings. I hope you’ll be able to join us in the new study in a few weeks. See you Sunday!

  15. Elaine,
    4 years ago this summer I met you in brief passing at the She Speaks Conference. You wouldn’t remember me. I knew about your blog. It was powerful and spoke volumes to my heart.
    Last year, I was in Joy’s (from Canada) speaker’s group and we talked of you often. We knew then that God was weaving your story in powerful ways.
    I am not surprised that our Lord used something so horrific to bring glory to Him. Praise Jesus.
    This summer on June 9th, my husband was diagnosed with Testicular cancer and for 3 months we have been at MD Anderson getting treatments. Today was his last chemo treatment so I have no doubt that God meant for me to read your post today (from where another P31 FB share)!
    Thank you for going the extra mile to continue in your faith to see that God’s message was shared! I will be ordering the book soon!
    Many blessings to you as you shout out to God’s people about His healing mercies!

    • For the life of me, Amy, I’m racking my brain over here trying to remember your face. Details that might help me remember?

      There are so many phases and facets to our suffering journeys, whether it’s cancer or another soul-eating “something.” Each story is unique and incredibly challenging. We turn the tables on our suffering when we willingly get off the sidelines and into the fray to claim the prize of a stronger spirit in Jesus Christ. This book isn’t a diary about my cancer journey, although cancer serves as the backdrop/setting. This is book is about finding Jesus, finding higher perspective, and moving forward in faith, despite the carnage going on around us.

      I’ll be praying for you and your husband as you move into this new phase of recovery and healing. It takes a while to unpack it all. You’ve been in survival mode, hunkered down in the trenches with other valiant soldiers. It’s not easy to walk off the battlefield in tact, and this is, in essence, why I wrote this book. I pray it will be a blessing to both of you. You are not alone in your suffering. I get it. And you, sweet one, are a survivor every bit as much as your husband is. Never underestimate the toll this cancer has taken on you (there’s a reflection or two in the book devoted to you spouses). Feel free to keep in touch as you’d like. I’d love to be an encouragement to you.

  16. […] Lastly, I have a blogging friend, Elaine, “Peace for the Journey”.  I have not had the privilege of meeting  her face to face but I know her because her expression through writing makes me feel like I am sitting right across the table from her as we sip hot tea or coffee and share our cancer stories.  Elaine is an author – and she is a survivor.  Elaine recently released a book, “Beyond Cancer’s Scars: Laying Claim to a Stronger Spirit”.  (click here for more information) […]

    • Thank you for your support, Sheri. As you know, your push to get me to a writer’s conference last summer was a catalyst toward getting my pen moving! I couldn’t see it at the time, but God’s hands were all over the entire event. I love you dearly. Book & bracelet will be in the mail to you tomorrow.

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