“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” –Psalm 19:14



Being a student of God’s Word brings me great joy. I delight in sharing that learning via my pen and my voice. Both are a comfortable fit for me. As God graciously allows me the opportunity to serve him through my writing and speaking, I humbly bow to his leading and earnestly seek him regarding the direction of my words.

Speaking is not unfamiliar territory for me. I’ve spent my lifetime serving the body of Christ through my teaching, singing, and writing. Several years ago, I sensed an urgency within my spirit to fulfill my role in God’s kingdom agenda. God used that time to shape and fill my heart with a willing “yes” for my participation in the Great Commission—the going to the world and making disciples of the next generation. The overriding purpose of my life is to know God and then, out of that knowing, to lead others to know the same. Which leads me to this offering…

If you are looking for a speaker for a particular event (retreat, church service, women’s gathering, cancer survivor’s assembly), I would welcome the privilege of talking with you further about the possibility of my participation. Please contact me by clicking here. Each invitation will be prayerfully considered.

As a speaker, I could offer a selected list of topics for your consideration. However, rather than limiting my topics to a prescribed list, I would like to hear from you about your particular needs for your event. If you have a specific theme or focus in mind, given ample time I am willing to craft my presentation toward that end. Regardless of the particulars, God’s Word will be my focus. To help you in your planning, here are a few topics I’ve recently explored as a speaker/writer (*note: all topics can be given as a single session or a multi-session event):



Beyond Cancer’s Scars: laying claim to a stronger spirit (2 Kings 19 & selected texts)


In this signature talk, Elaine reflects on her personal journey through cancer and issues the rallying cry for all survivors (whether from cancer or from another soul-eating “something”) to cling to God’s promises for renewal. This talk works with a wide variety of audiences, especially for those who desire to turn the tables on their suffering by allowing their pain to work for them instead of against them.



Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus: answering Christ’s call to intimacy (John 21)


Intimacy with Jesus is often missed, because, rarely, is it chosen. Set against the backdrop of the Sea of Tiberias and a morning fire on the beach, Elaine explores Christ’s invitation to his disciples for daily intimacy—a clarion call to break their “fast” from him in order to forever have fellowship with him.



On Walkabout with the King: stepping the path of an ancient faith

(Hebrews 11, Jeremiah 6:16, and selected texts)


What does it mean to walk in faith? In this signature talk, Elaine defines faith through the witnesses of the faithful saints listed in the Hebrew’s “Hall of Faith.” Each saint adds a personal characteristic to the faith equation, thereby equipping modern-day saints to walk out their faith in the spirit and understanding of their spiritual ancestors.



The Promise of Eden: living in the sacred possibility of man’s impossibility

(Genesis 18:1-15; Genesis 21:1-7).


God’s promise to Sarah and Abraham for a child (generation upon generation of children added to their family tree) collided with their fragile, human condition. How could the seemingly impossible be accomplished through the reality of flesh? In this discussion, Elaine expounds on the heart’s desire for Eden’s more and the Creator’s desire and willingness to accomplish that more, despite the fragile, human condition.



A Signet Ring in the Hands of a Covenant God: becoming Christ’s letter to the world (Haggai 1 – 2; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 2 Corinthians 3)


What does it mean to be Christ’s letter to the world? Using Haggai’s prophetic charge to Zerubbabel to rebuild God’s temple, Elaine explores the charge given to all Christians to be Christ’s living temple, his written letter, and his seal of authenticity to a world that is looking for a Savior. There is great privilege attached to this assignment, and only through the power of a Covenant God are Christians able to powerfully and effectively fulfill this mission.



Living Stones from Brokenness: a journey home to restoration with Nehemiah

(Nehemiah 4 and other touch points from Nehemiah)


One stone at a time; one faithful step of obedience alongside; one God to superintend the process. This is how a life is rebuilt and restored after a long season of rubbled reminders. Using the story of Nehemiah’s monumental undertaking to rebuild Jerusalem’s wall, Elaine challenges listeners to utilize Nehemiah’s blueprints in their faith-filled efforts at soul-restoration.



Living Our Consecrated Deserts: finding purpose in a desert pause

(Philip’s desert walk from Acts 6 – 7)


Most won’t choose the desert as a vacation destination; still and yet, everyone spends a little time in the desert at some point in their lives. In this talk, Elaine explores the potential beauty and purpose of the desert and challenges listeners to keep in step with the disciple, Philip, as he fulfilled Christ’s assignment for him in a desert pause.



Setting the Table for Communion: meeting Jesus on the road of doubt (Luke 24:13-34)


Do you want to have Jesus as a guest at your table? God does not refuse the table of invitation, especially when he is the topic of conversation. In this talk, Elaine uses the backdrop of “The Walk to Emmaus” as her guideline for setting the table for the King.



Fighting to Win: facing our giants from God’s perspective (1 Samuel 17)


Using the backdrop of David’s epic confrontation with the giant, Goliath, Elaine equips listeners with six strategies to recognize and defeat their personal giants. Battle done God’s way and from God’s perspective is a certain recipe for victory.


Click on the screens below to view speaking samples:


 “on walkabout with the King”

Cancer Survivor’s Picnic {“entrusted”}

“Out of my Poverty”

Living Stones from Brokenness