my playdate with God (and book give-away) …

I watched her as she read to me a chapter from her book. It was her “tucking in time” and she closed the day with words softly spoken in her sweet, Amelia voice. I just listened – the holiest response I could give to the moment.

This was the highlight of my week. Really. After listening to the voices of fifteen others drown out my own, hers was a welcome refrain. She didn’t whine or whimper or demand her due. Instead, she just gave me words from her purest place, and I was transported to wonder and awe. All I could do was receive them and thank God for this close proximity to the sacred. That time with my daughter smelled and felt like heaven on earth – a moment that slowed down long enough for me to capture God’s kingdom come, coming down and tapping me on the shoulder.

Qualitative time vs. quantitative time. My friend, Laura Boggess, speaks to this kingdom pause in her new book, Playdates with God (Leafwood Publishers, 2014):

“There are two kinds of time talked about in the Bible. Chronos time, which is calendar time—the gradual ticking away of the minutes—and kairos time, which can be thought of as the appointed time—the right time. Kairos time cannot be measured; it is qualitative rather than quantitative; it is the perfect moment—for such a time as this. … When we speak of the kingdom of God being here—right now—we are talking about kairos time. …

Haven’t I felt the kairos? My eyes are open to the knowledge that each moment passing is unlike any other, and so I grab each one by the beard . . . slow it down and look it in the face. Those are the moments when time stands still, when beauty seems to speak in ways that make my heart weep, when I feel the presence of God like a second skin ….” (p.134-135)

Like a second skin. Yes, this is the beauty I felt while listening to my daughter read her words to me. In that moment, nothing meant more to me. Nothing. It was peace on earth; a life could finish well on a note like that, all wrapped up in tranquility and perfect perspective.

These are the moments when the kingdom is most real to me – when I see God in flesh, spirit, and truth. This is how I know he’s real and that he is very much touch with what’s going on in my life.

I want more of them – more playdates with God. More times of noticing with him. More times of wondering with him. More times of celebrating with him . . . his peace on earth. I imagine we all want that, don’t we? And I imagine we all have that from time to time – kairos moments reminding us that there is but a thin veil between our now and our next and that, every now and again, God isn’t reluctant to lift the veil so that our hearts and souls might see beyond the temporal to take hold of the eternal.

Laura’s book is a field guide to this journey of discovery. Certainly, we don’t need to read a book to schedule a playdate with God. But I wonder … how many of us are really taking the time to pencil him into our busy schedules? Playdates with God is a generous, grace-filled invitation to do just that, to find God’s kingdom in the here-and-now, right where we are. In reading Laura’s thoughts and in hearing about her adventures with the Father, my heart is inclined toward the same. My hunger is not unlike hers – to seek, to find, and to hold holy moments that lead me straight into the arms of Jesus.

And when that happens, friends, the veil is lifted. What is unseen is seen and what is yet to come, comes.

The kingdom of God is near. It’s here. So, go ahead. Schedule your playdate with God and find rest for your souls. His holy playground awaits your presence. His presence is already there. As always …

Peace for the journey,

PS: Leave a comment to enter a give-away for Laura’s book. I’ll pick a winner with my next post. The winner of Peace for the Journey is Beth Herring.

18 Responses to my playdate with God (and book give-away) …

  1. Beautiful! Both your words, and Laura’s (I love her perspective, don’t you?!)

    God is everywhere, and if we seek Him diligently, He will be found. But I have found that my eyes are most attuned to *seeing* Him when I am in touch with my childlike faith.

    C.S. Lewis talked about those moments when time seems to stand still, when we are filled with a peace and longing that words cannot describe. He called it joy – and spoke about how those moments were integral in his eventual conversion. He had no logical explanation for this feeling other than it had been placed in his heart by Someone.

    I believe that these moments are *foretastes* of the glorious future that God has in store for us. Precious, quiet, and holy moments, experienced in the simplest things.

    Thanks for sharing this very uplifting post. And for giving us another lovely moment with dear Amelia.


    • Laura is one of the most authentic, Jesus-seeking women I know. Her pen is not unlike Lewis’s. So poetic and profound! Thanks for being here, Sharon. You’re always such an encouragement to me and to many others.

  2. Elaine, I agree with Sharon–thank you for sharing this precious moment with Amelia. And thank you for sharing some thoughts on my book. You are the kindest and most generous friend. I’ll never forget the way you encouraged me in this writing journey early one (remember our thoughts about “pillow talk” [it’s not what you think, people, grin]). I never thought I could write a nonfiction book, but you believed in me, even way back then. No, we don’t need to schedule a time to meet with God, that’s for sure. I just need a way to hone my attention deficit. But he is always near. Yes. And thank Him. Thank God 🙂

    • And I still think there’s a pillow-book in there, friend. But this one will do for now. I hear your heart in every word. Really, a work of great grace and filling.

  3. I could just picture you and Amelia, enjoying sweet, precious time together.

    That’s the kind of qualitative time I love having with my Heavenly Father…time that feels, as you said, “like heaven on earth – a moment that slowed down long enough for me to capture God’s kingdom come, coming down and tapping me on the shoulder.”

    Your words give me pause this evening, my friend. Your message challenges and inspires me to seek more of those playdates with God. Lauren’s book sounds wonderful!

    Love you. Miss you. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Playdates, phone calls, emails, texts, letters…good morning, g’nite… I know that I enjoy hearing from friends and loved ones. It is nice to be remembered. Remember…sometimes when I find myself feeling sad that I didn’t receive a call or find myself frustrated with the timing of a call, it hits me. I remember Jesus. I bet He would have enjoyed hearing from me. Maybe talking with God would be “easier” if I had to pick up the phone or computer. Maybe it would be “easier” if it required more effort. Now where is the logic I that, I ask. God made Himself really available…nothing required for conversation except time.There is the culprit…time. Maybe we do need to schedule out time with God…schedule so that we don’t let life get in the way of spending time with the One who gave us life.

  5. Oh my, it sounds like a beautiful book. I have to admit that I don’t always take the time to slow down and experience Him in the daily-ness of my life. Your post made me acutely aware that I NEED to do that. I had never thought of it as a play date, perhaps because I’ve never had children, but I love the concept. As always, Elaine, your posts make me think and search my heart. Love you, friend.

  6. There are so many noises all around me. But God has recently brought to mind that I need to be still before Him. Thank you for your faithfulness to share His Words and your heart.

  7. I had seen Laura’s book trailer video only yesterday and instantly thought this is one I hope to read. Living the Kingdom life in the now is something that tugs at my heart. To live life abundantly in the now we are given. Yes I long for Jesus’ return but in the meantime I don’t want to miss out on those special but seemingly ordinary moments. I don’t want to be so busy that I miss them.

    I wondered how you are doing with your 15 in class. I know it’s a change for you. Praying that all is going well.

    Blessings and love,

  8. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read this–it sounds like a great encouragement! I wasn’t familiar with Laura but have started reading her blog–what a beautiful writer!

  9. I always enjoy reading and pondering after I have read what you have written. Will be looking for this book for myself and also for a gift for my mother. Hope all is well with you and your family.

  10. Elaine, so glad you got to enjoy that special time with Amelia. Love times like that that are so filled with contentment and peace. Laura’s book sounds wonderful. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. This book seems like it would bring some spring back to my oft bogged down too grown up soul! Thanks for sharing about it!

  12. Your daughter is surely growing up to be your best friend, and her sweet spirit what you just need when you are drained out and needing a spiritual refill. What a touching post this is. I have always been amazed by God’s kairos moments… when heaven comes down to touch a weary, thirsty wayfarer. And suddenly everything takes on an eternal glow. That is what I often feel when I read your posts, Elaine. And what beautiful words Laura writes… I have no doubt her book will be a dear companion to anyone longing to draw closer to the Father’s heart. Shalom dear friend.

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