11 Responses to “There is a Certain Place”

  1. I have just found you – through a friend (Lidia Arbolario).

    The Lord spoke volumes to me through this post. Thank you.

    May He bless you as much as you’ve blessed me.

    (I will be ordering your book!)

    • So glad to have you here today, Deborah. Lidia is a great friend; I’m so blessed to have her in my life! Blessings and peace.

    • As always, I appreciate your support and friendship. Thank you for your authenticity and for a faith that always shines through!

    • Prayers, Denise. Here’s a toast to all the new that God wants to do in and through you this year! You’re a blessing.

  2. Isn’t it amazing, Elaine, how God uses our own words at times to minister to our hearts? One of the blessings of being a writer, isn’t it? So glad He helped you through this current struggle. Blessings, friend!

  3. The lessons come, then we make them our own by repeated visits & uses. I’ve no doubt you’re “over yourself” by faith, but the walking out of such a yielded place is a moment-by-moment ordeal. The thought that came to mind as I listened to you was: “Oh … she remembered to remember!”

    For me, the intentionality of choosing a Philippians 4:8 mindset has not come easy, or early.

    So proud of your listening heart!

  4. At certain points in your video I chuckled as it struck such a familiar cord. I even shook my head knowing God was eying me asking, “Sound familiar?”

    Sweet girl I know how you feel. I really do. Ours is a journey that is extra special (but difficult) because it demands great humility. Just the other day I read something that spurred me on in my writing. It said, “If you are not willing to write for free, don’t expect to write for pay.” How helpful as I finish my recent work that no has asked for and few are aware. I pour my heart into something without pay but must remember at all times, it’s for God, the only one who matters.

    You are God’s special work-woman. He loves all you do for Him and will bless it abundantly.


  5. Elaine, it is always so wonderful to see you and hear you. What a blessing to hear you read the words from your pen. One day we will meet face to face but until then… Peace for the Journey! 🙂

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