Sabbath Rest

One of the things I love most about Sabbath days is the unexpected presence of Christ in the most chaotic of moments.

We are not unfamiliar with chaotic Sundays. We are a clergy family, and by the time I arrive at church with my four kids (my husband has been gone for hours by this time), I am in great need of a rest…Sabbath or otherwise. Today was no different.

Arriving at Sunday School, I noticed my friend, Frank, in the corner with his Sunday School literature. He teaches our class one Sunday a month. It was good to see him this morning. His wife and my dear friend, died two weeks ago from a six year battle with cancer.
I shouted across the crowded room to him and asked him if he was the teacher for the day. He gave me a a hesitant smile (he never knows what I am going to say…), and I responded in the affirmative!

I told him that when I woke up this morning I really had the desire and “want to” to be present in God’s house and meet with Him in a special way. However, at this point, I was in a considerable “lather” and admonished him to bring me the Word. I really needed a Word. He smiled back and assured me that he would do his best.

That Word came…somewhere between his opening prayer and Luke’s teaching on the sending out of the 72 and the closing moments of sending forth. Really, the sacred pause came for me when my Spirit settled down to receive the witness of the man standing in front of me. Tendered with his pain from losing so much coupled with his tender heart for God, a Sabbath rest was found, and I was never so happy to be in God’s house this morning.

Sabbath rest comes in many different ways. This morning, God used Frank to bring it to me. Seek his rest this day and in the days to come. Seek our Lord, while he still may be found.

peace for the journey~elaine

3 Responses to Sabbath Rest

  1. Elaine, thank you for your moment of sharing. Some of the days we face are hectic-but we know that GOD is always with us and just wants us to tell HIM how much we love HIM.

  2. Hi Cousin Elaine!! I am so very impressed with you, again! Gr8 Blog, and I will be reading this often! Love you very much and miss you all, always. Carolyn~

  3. Elaine, I was a member of your dads church in Mayodan , we all just loved him, he sent me this and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading it. I know your parents are so proud of you.I also sent this to some other people to read.Thanks for sharing. I think that God works in so many ways and a lot of times through so many people.

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