“Peace Be Still” ~ a BellaMella Canvas Give-away

**CONTEST IS CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who took the time to peruse Melanie’s work. Amelia just drew the winner – SKOOTS 1 MOM. Congratulations, Skoots. Please shoot me your mailing address so that I can pass it along to Melanie.

Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.  -Mark 4:39

Jesus spoke these words to the tempestuous waters that raged around his disciples on a night some 2000 years ago. He continues to speak these same words over us in our nights of troublesome sailing. 

Peace. Be still.

Peace. How desperate we are for God’s daily allowance to be ours! I cry out for it in times of personal struggle. I cry for it in your times of great tribulation … for God’s peace to be our portion regardless of the strains that come against us.

The good Father has never forsaken my prayers along these lines. While I’ve not always received the desired outcome of my specific prayers, I’ve never been denied the peace of Christ. It is possible to bear the seemingly unbearable when God is in the boat. Wherever God is, so is his peace.

Not long ago, my friend Melanie Dorsey began to paint her heart-words onto canvas. Bravely, she allowed the world a window-peek into her giftings to see, first hand, how God is moving her faith forward. How blessed I’ve been to watch this unfold – a new dimension to further develop her words of witness. I couldn’t be more inspired. So …

I asked Melanie if she would be willing to apply her creativity and her paint to this verse from Mark. This portrait is the finished product. And this, friends, will be given to one of you.

“Peace be still” is a mixed media, 11 x 14 canvas. The sides are painted and suitable to hang “as is” or framed. The canvas has a sealer for a finished look, and the character is cut from an actual hymn page, Wonderful Peace (belt displays hymn title).

I love it. I hate to part with it, but it’s been in my heart to do this for a few weeks now with the idea of sending one of you a little peace for your journey.

If you are interested in winning this treasure, take a moment to peruse some of Melanie’s other work at her webpage. In the comment section below this post, please tell me which ones are your favorites. Your name will then be entered into a random drawing for a chance to win this “Peace be still” canvas. For additional chances to win, please share this particular post link on your facebook and/or twitter pages. Indicate in the comments below your additional participation. This contest will close at noon on Friday, October 25th. A winner will be announced on Friday afternoon, and Melanie will send the canvas directly from her studio.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with this beautiful hymn, Wonderful Peace, I’ve included a rendition of it sung by one of my favorites, Gary Chapman. Sing your way to worship, friends, and remember that our Jesus has not left the boat. He who superintends the waves is the Peace who superintends our hearts. Be not afraid. Peace … be still.

I love you dearly,

18 Responses to “Peace Be Still” ~ a BellaMella Canvas Give-away

  1. I looked at Melanie’s paintings and I like the one that says–The Lord is my light and my salvation…
    Each one of them is meaningful but this one was the most meaningful to me today.
    Sue Dodson

    P.S. Loved the song by Gary Chapman. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Was immediately captured by this verse; God recently brought it to me and spoke it over my season of caring for my parents. Love you and so thankful for you to share your gifts! God Bless you!

  3. Elaine, it seems as if God knows exactly what I need to hear and uses it to speak it. My boat has been a rockin’ sister! I have been following Melanie’s blog and her pieces are amazing! There are just too many to choose from. But a few of my favorites are “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” – one of my favorite “old time” hymns and “Be Still & Know” (something that God is working on in me through this storm in my life), and the “Season of Thanks” collection. I Love the “Grace” and “Thankful” table top pieces. ALL of Melanie’s works are beautiful and so original.

    Thanks again for sharing this post. During times of trouble, I KNOW in my heart and my head that Jesus is my peace and portion, but darn it, my human emotions, my fears, my doubt, etc. get in the way. I see God working and refining these things in me during this time. It is rough, but I have to let God calm those waters for me! Love you my friend and thank you for your willingness to part with such a wonderful treasure!! I would treasure it always my friend if I were to be so fortunate to win it! Love ya!!!

  4. wifeforthejourney:

    Alas I probably can’t win Melanie’s artwork….wouldn’t be fair, but I still wanted to stop by. Love you!

    ~ Billy

  5. I love what God is doing through BellaMella! Miss you Melanie!
    I loved: He Set Me FREE – the bird out of its cage!

    May God bless you both for continuing to bring His Word to the nations!

    Choosing JOY, Stephanie
    Psalm 126

    • Hi Stephanie! Are you on facebook? If so, send me a friend request. I just checked your blog and it looks like you have taken a blog break. Good to see your face via profile pic.

      • Elaine, thank you for sharing your “Peace” canvas with others. I met Melanie our freshman year at Lee College in 1981 and am pleased to call her a friend. I have the He Loves Me canvas she painted for me and I love it. I am also a fan of her Be Still… Love Lifted Me… and her Lilly the Lamb Jesus Loves Me and many others.
        I started reading your blog after Melanie posted a link to it many months ago. Thank you for the inspiration you share. I have been blessed.

  6. I just came from Melanie’s page with her art work displayed – each one is really special. But two stood out for me – “Be still and know” and the other one is “Grace” with cardinal. What a wonderful way to share her gift of creativity with us.

    And this post is really one I identify with … what a confirmation of the prayer God led me to declare over my first grandson on his fifth’s birthday.

    Blessings, dear friend.


  7. I Love Melanie’s gift and already own 2 beautiful pieces. Please don’t enter me in the drawing as it will be a blessing for someone to receive their first piece 🙂 Just wanted to let you know I think of you often, pray for you regularly! Bless you!

  8. Peace is so what I need daily in my life, especially in these last days. Trouble waters need calming. This painting and this song bring me peace today. Thanks for sharing this with me…you know I needed it! Love

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