one word…

“Just one word from You, and everything changes.
Just one word from You, will bring me life.”
–Vicky Beeching {“Listening”, Eternity Invades, 2010}
Just one word.
I awakened with this refrain running through my thoughts this morning. I’ve been thinking on it ever since… pondering the one word that would mean the most to me. The one or two or five situations in my life and the one or two or five situations in a friend’s life where one word from the everlasting Word would change the landscape of both of our lives.
One word. One thought. One loving look. One wink or nod in my direction. One break in the clouds. One droplet from the sky. One ripple in the water. One whisper from behind the veil. One gentle grace released from the Father’s heart, and everything changes…
for all eternity.
I don’t know what it is about our prayers that move the heart of the Father in one direction or the other, but I do believe that they do… move the heart of the Father. And today I’m just bold enough, harbor faith enough, to bring a few thoughts before him and ask him for that one word that would change everything… that would bring me life.
Perhaps you’d like to join me in the pondering—to take some time this weekend and speak some words to the Father, believing that with his one word, everything in your life will change…
for all eternity.
God’s words have eternal consequences. He doesn’t speak them casually or coincidentally. Instead, he considers them reverently and then reveals them to us with all the confidence and certitude of heaven. We may not always like what he has to say, but we can be certain that when he speaks, everything in our lives will change…
for all eternity.
Of this I am convinced, friends. There have been a few one word moments in my life over the past year, and eternity reverberates with the witness of what I’ve chosen to do with God’s holy utterings. How I pray always to be found faithful with their receiving, even more so with the living of them out on the pavement of my everyday life.
And so this day I pray for that one word from God that will make the best difference for all of his eternity. His glory. He renown. He knows what that one word will be regarding my one or two or five situations. He knows the desires of my heart, even as he knows his own. And somewhere between the two—my desires and his—an understanding is reached. A decision is made. A holy word is spoken.
I wait in anticipation of what that might be, whenever and however he chooses its release.
What is the one situation in your life right now that could benefit from a single nod from heaven—a sacred one word from the Father’s heart that would bring you life? The one word that would change everything… for all eternity? I imagine that you are intimately acquainted with that situation… that it rests heavily upon your heart and even more prominently in your thoughts. Even as I have asked myself that question, it doesn’t take long for me to recall my one or two or five weighty situations.
One of them pertains to my writing; in particular, my recent WIP (you can read about it here). Along those lines, I’d like the opportunity to flesh out my ideas with other Christian writers and make some stronger connections in the publishing arena. Lysa TerKeurst at Proverbs 31 ministries is offering two Cecil Murphy Scholarships to attend this year’s She Speaks Conference in July (a conference for women interested in speaking, writing, and leadership). I was able to attend the conference a couple of years ago and would like to attend again this year. There are still a couple of variables to weigh out in the matter in regards to my participation, but I’ve been praying over it and am confident of God’s leading in the weeks to come. I suppose I don’t have to tell you what a scholarship would mean to me.


It’s just one of the few things I’m earnestly talking to God about in this season of my life. It’s not the most important thing but important enough to warrant a few prayers in anticipation of God’s one word. I would appreciate yours as well. Now, if you care to share, what is the one situation in your life that needs the application of our Father’s one word? I’d love to pray for you this weekend. You mean more to me than you know. As always…
Peace for the journey,

PS: If you’d like to read more about my first visit to She Speaks, click here.

28 Responses to one word…

  1. Oh how I hope to see you there sweet friend!! Oh how I hope!!

    This is a beautiful prayer for "one word." oh how far just one word can carry us!!


  2. Elaine, someone that I dearly love discovered a lump in her breast a few days ago and will be going to the doctor the first of the week to start the process of getting it checked out. As you can imagine, we are hoping and praying for good news — a good word. Would sure appreciate your prayers.

    Hope you get to go to the conference!

  3. Oh, friend, you know the "one or two or five weighty situations" in my life (and the lives of family members).

    This would be absolutely wonderful…

    "One word. One thought. One loving look. One wink or nod in my direction. One break in the clouds. One droplet from the sky. One ripple in the water. One whisper from behind the veil. One gentle grace released from the Father’s heart, and everything changes…for all eternity."

    A beautiful post…I hope you get the scholarship!

  4. Has it really been 3 years? Oh friend, I'm praying today that you are one of the gals chosen.

    One Word from Him can make it happen.

    So, I'll be giving Him more than One Word about my opinion and prayers for your being there.

  5. Though I knew you in blog-world I met you for the first time at She Speaks in 2008…do you remember? you were passing our candy and full of so much joy. I would love to go to…its time for renewal and re-direction but I so hope you receive this scholarship my friend!!

    One word? At She Speak in 2008 it was SECURE. This year it is INTENTIONAL and He is still working on me r/t this!

    Love you!!

    Believing Him`Pamela

  6. Ooooh, I want again too! Maybe we BOTH will go! Joy is already booked… 🙂

    I actually think we were both there the same year before knowing one another!

    I would like prayer for just that. Does the Lord want me to go again, and I am praying a friend of mine will go too!

  7. Praying your word is "YES" and "SCHOLARSHIP"! Praying for you precious one. A friend of mine forwarded the information to me… I hadn't been considering it… but if YOU are going to be there… hmmmmm. Maybe I need to be praying about attending, too!

  8. The one word I want to hear from the Lord is "healed". As always, I continue to pray for your healing too. And I'll pray for God's provision for you to attend the conference if that's in His will for you. He does know the desire of your heart!

  9. Yes, we can move the heart and hand of God. Praying that He moves your name to the the top of the list to receive this scholarship.

    Airplane, Conference, Elizabeth Sheri, those are four other words.

  10. I pray that you will be able to go to She Speaks. I know what a milestone that would be for you.

    Thanks for always stopping by The Point and leaving such insightful comments. I appreciate them so much.

  11. Being a lover of words, this is like taking a child to the candy store to pick out just one piece. Tough, tough decision!

    I'm thinking, though, that the word "yes" just might be it. To sense God's onlooking gaze while He whispers that ONE word, "yes" has sweeping connotations, and implications.

    I'm praying the word on the end of that scholarship is "yes"!

    Love you,

  12. What a great opportunity for you to be able to go to She Speaks. I am sure that you will get a scholarship, dear Elaine. What a vindication that will be for you against what the kingdom of darkness has tried to steal from you. My faith declaration for you is this: No weapon forged against you will prosper.

    If the enemy attempted to steal your voice, then this is the best way to prove that nobody can ever ever steal your voice, Elaine.

    One word that I need to hold on to these days is the word WAIT. Please pray for me as I wait on God to come through for me… may the enemy never steal from me and my children my rightful inheritance… what is due me and my children. WAIT. TRUST. These are the one words I need to hold on to.

    Love this post, Elaine. It's so full of hope.

    Keeping you close,

  13. Elaine, Oh how I would love for you to get to go to She Speaks. I will pray you get a scholarship. I'll also be praying for that one word the Father wants you to here. For me, for awhile, it has been "Depend."

    Love you, my sis.

  14. I'm in pondering mode too. The Lord has been giving me words in the last few weeks, as I seek His direction.

    Last week it was TRUST
    The week before that it was PUSH

    But the ultimate WORD I long to hear is AMEN!(Let it be so)

    I heard His audible voice speak this word over me in a very vivid dream 4 years ago. I long to hear Him speak it again with added clarity & understanding.

    It will change my whole world as I now know it. It was that kind of a dream. Some have called it a "Joseph" dream.

    I am honored that you will be praying for this with me. Thank you.

    And rest assured, I pray for God's hand in that Scholarship! Writing is a deep passion for you and the world stills to listen – when you speak. Doesn't matter what the subject is – His heart shines on and on thru your words.

    His heart rejoices over your words – with singing.

    hugs, my friend
    Patrina <")>><

  15. Thank you for the sweet comment you left me on my last post. Your words brought tears to my eyes.

    Right now my family's lives are centered around my father-in-law and his treatments. Cancer, as I know you understand better than most, affects the whole family in different ways. Your journey has helped me understand what is going on more than i ever could before. the Lord has blessed me with patience and I have great hope, but the situation at hand right now is stressful and just plain hard. I would appreciate your prayers.

  16. Beautiful Post! Yes, I so have those one or two or 5 situations – will be looking for that one word, like my husband returning safety from China, a son who needs to sell out totally for Jesus, our future, my dream.

    You so blessed me today:)Hoping you get to attend the conference.

  17. I agree with these comments Elaine… I hope the word is YES, but I also believe another word for you is NET… there is so much coming, and where you have been is a part of your next…

    Praying for the scholarship.. why not! 🙂


  18. I can't wait to hear "the word" the Lord gives you, Elaine.

    As I read and pondered YOUR words here, I thought about the One Word who existed with God in the beginning; the Word who WAS God…

    In one sense, God has already spoken His One Word, hasn't He?

    I think John 3:16 in NIV says "His one and only…"

    I wonder if (for me) "Jesus" will be my "one word"…

  19. beautiful elaine – i would appreciate your prayers in a decision that my husband and i are making. one that will change our lives for ever!!!

    love you!

  20. One word from Him will make it happen…I have faith that it will be heard. Blessings to you and gratitude for all your sweet words and loving prayers..;j

  21. praying for you. i was blessed to go to she speaks last year and pray the Lord will see fit to allow you to be able to attend this summer!

    praying you are feeling well as you heal, dear one.

  22. I love this post Elaine. I'd love to here "freed" about some stuff with our son. I will be praying and wait to see what our Savior says.
    You know I love you my sister-friend. Deep love only a sister can have. I hope you win this, I really mean that. I believe in you.
    Thank you for your encouragement and love.
    Keep choosing to make your walk match your talk because your life is an influence. xo

  23. I know the Lord is going to use even this cancer for good. How wonderful if you would receive the scholarship to SheSpeaks this year Elaine. What a joy that would be for you and also for the others who would get to meet you in person.

    One word right now is …rest.

    I have to add one more …soul rest.

    Blessings and love,

  24. Beautiful words, as usual, Elaine. If I dared to hope for one word to speak to my heart's desire…well, God knows. You have just catapulted me into asking for it. Maybe this time…maybe….

    I'll be praying you win the trip to the 'She Speaks' conference. I went to the 'She Writes' conference a few year ago, and it was awesome!

  25. One word. Well, I think my one word is "listen". I pray that as I listen for His voice I will hear His instructions for me. I feel an urgency to "do more"…I pray that He will open doors for me to serve Him in a women's ministry. My urgency says "now", but I know God is saying, "Wait until I lead you there." I am learning to follow Him step by step instead of running on ahead, but it can be difficult at times. So, I pray that I truly learn to listen to His instructions!

    I'm also praying that you receive the scholarship! I know that would be a true blessing!

    Living for Him…and listening, Joan

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