how might I pray?

People sometimes ask me how they can pray for me. Not often, but every now and again. I’m very appreciative when they do because I know there is deep sincerity attached to the asking. There’s something about having my name lifted before the throne of heaven that reassures me, connects me, attaches me to the Sacred in stronger measure.

Personally, I think we should ask the question more … be more available with our willingness and our petitions on behalf of one another. We’re good at “saying so”, but are we deliberate with our “doing so”?

Not always. Guilty as charged. My well-meaning isn’t always followed up by my well-doing; I’ve tried to be mindful of that before speaking my allegiance regarding my prayers. I know my human limitations and my frailty where prayer is concerned and, therefore, I try and not make prayer an “offering” of my heart to others unless I’m willing to back it up with my words.

That’s just what works for me. How does it work for you? Is your faithfulness to pray in keeping with your promises to pray? When we say that we will pray, but we don’t, what’s gained? Who wins? What’s the point?

Good intentions?

Our good intentions never land anyone’s needs before the throne of God, at least not from our lips. Saying we’ll pray has become a casual word-toss in our Christian circles. It fits with the rhetoric of a faith journey. But prayer is more than rhetoric. Prayer is the intimate connection between our hearts and our Father’s. Our prayers are the words that pave the road from our spirit to his. What we say to him matters; what we don’t matters as well. It’s all entwined together … our words and our silence. The truest truth of our heart weaves intricately in between the two.

I don’t write these words to lecture you. If anyone needs a good lecturing, it’s me. I simply want to do better in my prayer life; I want to operate my heart from a place of sincere understanding and willingness to stand in your stead in your time of need. I want the same in return.

We give one another a great gift when we move ourselves away from the computer screen, get down on our knees, and spend some time in intentional prayer for each other. Not only are our hearts refreshed, but there is movement that occurs in the heavenlies that might not otherwise happen when our words intersect with the heart of the Father.

And I, for one, could use some heavenly “movement” today. How about you? Are there some things in your life that need a special mention before the throne? I’m asking because I’m committing my heart to prayer in your behalf this week. If you’d like to do the same for me, here are my thoughts in keeping in line with the Apostle Paul’s…

Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should. (Ephesians 6:19-20).

Do you realize that we’re all chained to something? If I’m going to be chained to anything, I want my chains to link directly back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want my words, my actions, my thoughts, my “going out” and my “coming in”, my lying down and my getting up to be fully entrenched with the ministry of the kingdom.

Sure, there are other needs that are ever-present in my life, but if I could request but one thing for the road ahead, this is it.

A mouth filled with the words of Jesus, fearlessly spoken on behalf of his good name and his good grace. This is how you can pray for me this week. How might I pray for you?

As always,


PS: I’ll be MIA for the week, but I will be faithful in my prayers for you. Please leave your requests in the comment section. Shalom.

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  1. Elaine…

    Wonderful post. I too am guilty of well meaning and not well doing. I too, agree that the words "I will keep you in my prayers" or "I will pray for you" have become words that roll off the tongue, but then those words don't become action.

    I love to pray for people. Some of my prayers are very detailed… sometimes they are very simple.

    I will be lifting your name to our Jesus this week my friend! I will also lift your friend who was attacked by the vicious dog up in prayer.

    Lord, may the words of Elaine's mouth and the meditations of her heart overflow with the words Christ would want her to speak. Fill her with your strength to boldly proclaim You Lord!
    In the mighty name of Jesus… Amen!

    How can you pray for me this week? I am speaking Sunday morning during the Sunday School hour, sharing how God has worked in my life. Please pray that what I share glorifies our Lord. Please pray that I find strength in Him and not be too nervous! 🙂

    Thank you friend!

  2. What I try to do when I tell someone I'll pray for them is to pray right away.

    When I get a prayer request on the phone or via email, I pray right after receiving the request. When someone asks me to pray for them, I'll usually pray immediately, wherever we are.

    I'm so forgetful…I'm concerned I will unintentionally forget to pray for people. This is what works the best for me.

    I'll email my prayer request to you!

    Love you,

  3. Wow – I needed to read this today. This is something that I have felt the Lord convicting me of A LOT recently. I know that those words ocme to my lips so often … but not as often as I pray. I feel the weight of my dishonesty and want to become the person who actually prays when she says she will. THank you for posting this … I know that God had it for me today. I am printing it out to take home with me.

    You're wonderful!

  4. Haven't been by in awhile…haven't been much of anywhere online in awhile! Your new look is gorgeous and your writing, as usual, both beautiful and challenging. Glad I stopped back by…

  5. It's like you've read my mind today, Elaine. This is something that Lord has really been speaking to me about over the last few months. I'm am trying to be more "doing" and not just "saying"…. more actual praying instead of just saying I will pray, etc. You've really spoken to me in this post and I thank you. And, I guess this would be the area in which you coule pray for me… that I would be more intentional, more "doing" for the Lord and for others.

    Thank you!

  6. Elaine – your post reverberated truth with me! That's one reason I started my prayer blog – to keep myself accountable. Now I have committed to going facedown each morning without fail and lift up those requests as well as spending time on my face with my Lord.

    You are such a huge blessing!

  7. Oh, thank you! I'm guilty of this as well. You know…our confessions are cleansing! I mean well, but I don't always have the follow through. I agree with Beth on this one. I have to do it THEN or… This is an area where I need growth–learning how to pray.

  8. Oh Elaine..I hear you. I have become faithful with my Bible reading and devotions. But I need a more intentional prayer life–especially as I'm asking God to help me use my time and energy as HE would have me to do. There is so much on my plate–and not much left of me these days, it seems. I'm lagging in energy, time…refreshment.

    Thanks for your prayers, and you have mine this week. God bless you.

  9. Just finished praying for you Elaine.
    After reading your previous blogpost to my ladies Sunday school class yesterday I read the scripture from James 1:22 about being "doers" of the Word and not hearers only. I used the example of sometimes hearing a prayer request but never "doing" the praying.

    And thanks so much for your promise of prayer for me this week! I need it greatly! Had I been meditating more on my verse for the first two weeks of October…"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness." Proverbs 31: 26…..I probably would not be in the mess I'm in!

    Love ya Sister!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  10. I pray that God will give you His words at all times, Elaine, and I pray that you have a good week this week.

    And how to pray for me right now? Pray for me as I organize our church Angel Tree ministry as well as try to help my daughter plan her wedding. I've got so many details running through my poor little brain, it's not even funny. Well maybe a little 🙂 And please pray for my daughter Kelli, too, as she faces some ongoing struggles at work.

    Thanks, Elaine — appreciate you!!

  11. elaine,

    I have never asked you to pray for me and my family that I did not feel for one moment that my request was not fulfilled. Thanks for always being there for me to lean on. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I treasure our friendship! Love you!

  12. I have been much better about asking people: May I pray for you? They always say "yes", and even offer some specifics now-and-then. Either way, it's powerful to see how the Lord touches them even when I'm clueless to particulars.

    Praying for you. Safe journey,

  13. True that, Elaine. All of it …

    Asking us how you might pray for us? Oh, bless you, Elaine … And yes, I have a request:

    That the farmfields would clear of snow;

    that the sun would shine;

    that the wind would blow;

    and that my favorite farmer could harvest.

    Thank you, thank you for asking.

    Sending love.

  14. Goodness! Very convicting! I used to keep a prayer journal, but haven't done that lately. I do try to pray with people immediately when they ask me to pray for them. But I know I need to keep some of them on an on-going list.

    I will definitely pray for you this week. I trust the Lord will bless and use you for His glory.

  15. Thought-provoking words. Oh, that my interior might match my exterior – the unseen and unheard parts of me consistent with the words I say & "image" I present, intentional or not….

  16. I commit (with my heart and words) to pray for Jesus' words in you to pour out. I would love the very same prayer. blessings my friend.

  17. Elaine,

    I too have been guilty and God really showed that to me back in July. I've been much more committed ever since and there is STILL room for improvement with-in my shell.

    Love to you as your are mia this week.


  18. I like this statement Elaine: "I want my chains to link directly back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want my words, my actions, my thoughts, my “going out” and my “coming in”, my lying down and my getting up to be fully entrenched with the ministry of the kingdom." ME TOO!!

    My prayer request is that we don't lose our home. We will be making a phone call today for help.

    Father God, I lift up Elaine with her request. I pray all her needs are met and that they glorify You. I pray in Jesus' name, amen.

  19. Elaine,
    I so needed to hear that today. I will be lifting your name and requests up to God. It would be a honor to pray. I alos have a request. My time with God has been rather limited and fast or non existent. So I ask that my to do lists fall to the side and that I make a conscious effort to spend time just being still and being God's presence. Thank you.


  20. Last night I was with a gal, who just took my hand and said "let me pray for you right now." And if I could print every word she said I would put it in my journal as a reminder every single day to be in prayer. I was touched by her words, and now you post on this very thing. My time was spent first in prayer and then onto the day. Making my mind clear for Him.

  21. You're one of my heros, Elaine.

    I'm praying.

    For you to fulfill the plan that He has ordained for you.

    For Him to open the doors of all the places where He wants you to share His word.

    Pray that I will be rooted and established in His love.

    His peace.

    His word.

    Thank you for your friendship.

    Sweet dreams.

  22. I love that you back up your good intentions with words. So often I find myself sitting in God's presence without speaking, which is good, but words are a necessary part of our prayers. Good post!

  23. Thanks for reminding me to think of others as I come in contact with them. Asking how I can pray for them will certainly show my deep concern and love for them. Then, I have to follow-through.


  24. Hi, Elaine! Thanks for the encouraging post. A dear friend of mine used to ask how she could pray for me and then — right then — we would pray together. It didn't matter where we were church parking lot or WalMart checkout line. I loved it. I miss her!

    I'll be lifting you in prayer this week! Will you do the same for me? Thanks!!!

  25. Hi Elaine,

    Dropping by this morning to thank you for your prayers. We are waiting on the Lord, trusting in His provision and His faithfulness.

    The snow has melted, but now we are enduring the rain. We hold on to His promises of a harvest to come. And we pray that He brings sunny days for the week ahead.

    THANK YOU, friend, for praying.

    I prayed for you today, as well, that you are experiencing a time of refreshment during your week away — unplugged. 🙂

  26. I've been gone to Seattle for two weeks and have so much to catch up on. I pray (and mean it) that you are well! I'll touch base again later!

  27. I love your prayer request. I try to either pray with the person or pray right there, right after I say I will pray.

    I love your prayer request.

    I just want my life to honor Him – that's my prayer right now.

  28. Perfectly said, sweet friend. When I say that I will pray for others, I usually stop then and there–if on the computer–and pray. I also write it down as well—this little 'ol brain doesn't remember quite as well as it used to! At some time of the day, I do have my prayer time with the Lord. I will be lifting you up as well, Elaine!

    Love you!

  29. Mercy! I just read the dog attack post! Bless her heart! I will be praying for her as well! Oh, Elaine! I know only a fraction of what she went through–just a tiny fraction! I am so sorry! Let me know what I can do!

    Love you!

  30. Dear heavenly Father thank you for Your precious daugther Elaine! Thank You for filling this willing vessel with words that so easily 'splash' outside her and wet the hearts of us who need a drink! Thank You Lord that encouragement to strive towards Your will can come from such a thing as this…a blog..You are a miracle worker in all areas and in all generations…thank YOu Lord for working in all things! May I continue to desire to be a part of this work and truly take it seriously…seriously lift others up to you in prayer! Amen

  31. I think we all do this. Not intentionally. Most of us mean well, but we allow things to get in the way. Priorities? I am preaching to myself, now!

    Prayer is so important. And that is ironic understatement. Why, them, is it last on our list?

    I have to blame selfishness and laziness on my part. I just don't always do as I know to do. May the Lord help me. I want to love God so much that when I hear His voice, I immediately lay whatever I am doing down and seek His face. No forethoughts. No questions. No roaming mind.

    I've got to get there!

    Great post, as always.

    Will miss you.



  32. You are precious, Elaine. Appreciate you sharing that we are all chained to something. 🙂 I want to be chained to Jesus.

    You can pray for us girls at the Free To Be Me Bloggers Retreat this weekend. I fly out on Thursday. The retreat starts on Friday at noon. Thanks for lifting us up to His throne. We are believing for chains to break and for women to be set free in Jesus name.

    Wish you were coming.

    Hugs and love,


  33. Amen Elaine! Amen!!!

    "Personally, I think we should ask the question more … be more available with our willingness and our petitions on behalf of one another. We’re good at “saying so”, but are we deliberate with our “doing so”?"

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