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I am. I have been for the past couple of weeks, and now I’m physically sick. What has been brewing in my mind and circling over my emotions has taken root in my flesh, and I have taken to my bed. Oh, perhaps there’s a floating bug in the air that took advantage of my compromised immune system; ‘tis the season to catch unwanted viruses. But I’m thinking the two are connected.

Whenever a virus lies in wait, whether of the physical variety or of the assault-your-heart-and-mind variety, some breakage is inevitable. When both are present at the same time, there’s bound to be a collision that forces the issue of healing.

I hear the Father’s question spoken to my heart today, even as I read it in antiquity from John’s Gospel (5:6) …

Do you want to get well … Elaine?

The answer seems obvious. However, that which is obvious is not always that which is chosen. Follow-thru is paramount regarding a choice for health. If I want to get well, I’d better start acting toward that end. What does this look like for me?

Two things: a choice to medicate and a choice to meditate. To fuel my body with the proper regimen of proven remedies and to fuel my mind with the same. And so, as I reach over to my nightstand for another Vitamin C tablet to bolster my flesh, I also reach for the Book that’s been remedying my soul-maladies for nearly half a century. Together, they are prescriptive, a best course of treatment for attacking the viruses within and bringing about my healing in due time.

When I am distracted by God’s Word, I am less distracted by the many cares of this world. Not that I live apart from the world; the world is ever-present around me and requires my participation. But in the midst of that requirement, there are ways to temper such burden. A good dose of vitamins and a good dive into scripture is a good beginning.

Maybe today a virus is eating away at your good health. You’re worn down from the chase, running in circles and slamming into walls that won’t move. Try as you may, you can no longer deny the impending collision. Where your preference plays a role is in answering the same question that was offered by Jesus to the one infirmed at the pool of Bethesda some 2000 years ago:

Do you want to get well?

I know I do. My prayer is that you will as well. Whatever sickbed you’re lying on today, the prescription for healing is within reach.

Medicate and meditate. Meditate and medicate. Back and forth – forth and back until the worldly disruption in your flesh and in your mind fades to black and the eternal distraction of Jesus comes into clear focus. In him and with him, all things are made well.

Peace for the journey,

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  1. You are amazing, Elaine!

    ABBA, thank YOU for Elaine! A choice servant. She helps me and I know YOU are helping her. Thank YOU. I pray her immune system will build and as soon as she is rested well she will be up and about but until then love on her immensely and let her know she is special to many, many of us here on the other side of her computer screen. Thank You, ABBA, in YESHUA’s Mighty Name of Healing and Restoration.

  2. Elaine, Hoping and praying here that you will soon recover and be back to yourself. I do agree that when we worry it can take a toll on our bodies as well. I struggle with taking everything back from God and chewing on it before giving it to Him again. And it really never helps to take it all on, does it? I sat here this morning with the realization that all my worry over the past seven years has done nothing for me to change my circumstances. I’m still where I would be but maybe more stressed because of it. Life can teach us so many lessons and I’m thankful for that!

  3. Elaine, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re sick. That is never an enjoyable journey. But, thank you for this beautiful post that has proven to be a balm for my soul. My father passed away, rather unexpectedly, last week. And, I have found my soul has taken a nose-dive of late. Yes, I know he’s in a better place – the BEST place, after all. But in the aftermath of many hours spent at his bedside, many heart-breaking and difficult decisions, many emotions, I find myself spent.

    The Lord has been unbelievably good in all of this. And I feel His Presence so near. However, in the late-night hours, or in the middle of the night, the enemy has assaulted me with negative thoughts – guilt and fear.

    So, I will take your advice. I’ll take some extra Vitamin C – the ascorbic acid kind for my body, and the Vitamin Christ kind for my grieving and weary heart.

    Do I want to get well?

    Yes, even if it hurts…


    • Dear friend – what a grief you are carrying right now. I’m only now hearing this. I am so very sorry for this great loss. Grief walks its own timetable and, undoubtedly, this one will carry for a long season. My prayers are with you as you walk it through. God is near, and his love for you immense. Rest in that nearness and love today.

  4. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well…wish I were there to help you. I’d make a pot of chicken soup for you, tuck you into bed, and take care of things for you, so you could get the rest – and the respite – you need.

    Take care of yourself, friend. Those ol’ viruses – physical and spiritual – try their hardest to wear us down. They do their best work when we are exhausted. Be sure to get the rest you need. Call me if you need me.

    Love you dearly…

    • Thanks! Billy made me a really tasty soup last night – the “throw it all in and see how it winds up” variety. It was delicious; left-overs here I come.

  5. As I chew on my Vitamin C and read this post, I can SO relate! This is my second week of being sick…although I’m very much better than I was last week thankfully! I’m wondering after reading this if my constant grief about family problems may have opened the door to physical sickness. Thank you for the advice to keep in the Word during this time of being both physically sick and heartsick. So many times God gives you just the words I need to hear at just the time I need to hear them! I pray you get better really soon Elaine!

    God bless you my Faith-full friend!

    • I tend to think the two are connected in your case, Marilyn. Stress takes a terrible toll on the body. Perhaps getting out in the sunshine and taking a short walk would help offset the stress. I know it does with me. It’s just too windy, and I’m too sick to get outdoors today. Love you, friend.

      • It’s so cold and windy here today too. I have coughed more today than in a couple of days. What’s up with that?? I’ll be glad when warm weather and sunshine come back. Thanks Elaine for always making my heart feel so ministered to!!

  6. Close to my heart and situation, Elaine! I believe I am finally normal after almost 4 weeks of cold/sinus symptoms from sore throat, cough, chest congestion, watery eyes, and bad earache! I despaired of getting well, but it finally ran its course and with a day and a half of feeling better, I believe it is behind me! Drink lots of water, rest, vitamins if you’re into that. My friend gave me Congaplex which I took toward the end – some kind of herbal supplement that she believes in…. Don’t be hard on yourself; patient as the body heals itself. In my opinion, this is NOT the time to be hard on yourself. 🙂 Praying for your health to return in God’s good time. ♥

    • Thanks, Rebecca. I’m so tired of all this stress in my life. It seems to have piled on. Just like this cold has sent me to bed, I want to pull the covers over my heart and hide until I receive the “all clear” signal. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  7. Elaine, we are so sorry that you are sick; we are hoping and praying that all the wise steps you are taking to return to health will bring you the desired results immediately.
    Rosalie and Bill

    • Tis the season of going ever deeper with the Lord! Praying God’s nearness more real to you in this season than ever before.

  8. Praying you “turn the corner” today and feel much better dear friend. Sending my love and extra ((Hugs)) your way! Shalom.

  9. wifeforthejourney:

    All of us know what it feels like to be sick of body: Doctor’s visits, pharmacy, medicine cabinet, chicken soup, rest – all the things we do for ourselves when we fall ill. We take our bodily illnesses seriously, but what do we do when we are sick of heart? Ignore it. Tough it out. Deny it. Push through it. Get over it…..how often do we take what is going on inside of us as seriously as when we have a fever or a runny nose? Thus, I am appreciating your post that much more today. I find that I often treat my physical illness more seriously than what is going on inside me. Heart sick. Sin sick. Afraid. Doubtful. These are not cured by anything but my faith in Christ.

    Thanks for helping us think about our faith and our priorities,

    love you,

  10. Elaine:

    I know the truth of these words. Spirit, soul and body… my mom used to say. We need constant healing in all 3 areas. I also love what Preacher Billy said in his above comments.

    Praying your body heals, as it will, and that your sould and spirit will also be refreshed.


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