a quick work part two…

a quick work part two…

OK… a second post in one day. You can bet this will never happen again! Thanks to Paula, “peace for the journey” has a new home address: www.peaceforthejourney.com . The old blogger address will re-direct you, but wanted you to know to make any changes along those lines. Honestly, this one nearly wore me out; godaddy.com and blogger instructions don’t mix! But I knew who to call.


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10 Responses to a quick work part two…

  1. Love the new look and your new photo at the top, Elaine — looks great! I'll change your link on my blog now…

  2. Oh wowZER, Elaine. This is beeeeeeeeeeeeYUTeeefulll!!!

    I absolutely one hundred and fifty thousand percent love it!

  3. Your welcome sweet friend. It's amazing how when I talked to you today on the phone, it didn't feel like the first time. It feels like I've known you and we've been friends a long time. That's how it is with Sisters in Christ. We have the same blood running through our veins….the same heartbeat of Christ. Call me any time!

  4. Wow, love your new look. And when I switched my blog to drop the "blogspot" I called Godaddy and they walked me through the changes. Thank goodness because I would've been frustrated to try to tweak it myself.

  5. wifeforthejourney:

    Your creative energies have not been wasted on this one! Everything looks great; I will continue to click on your different tabs to be sure it looks ok on my desktop.

    Have a great morning, and I'll see you at lunch.