a prayer for my Amelia…

a prayer for my Amelia…

***See update below…

Would you do me a favor? Would you pray for baby girl… my Amelia? Today was the first day of school for my two youngest at their new school. Jadon fared pretty well, but Amelia… well, not so well. She got sick at lunch, played by herself at recess, and didn’t go to the bathroom all day. She’s extremely fearful regarding the making of new friends and of “doing” her papers correctly. She was inconsolable the entire evening, pleading with me not to make her return to school tomorrow. In addition, she’s experiencing bouts of anxiety that somewhat resemble panic attacks.

This tears at my mother’s heart, and I’m completely exhausted with it all. I don’t know how to help her; in many ways, I relate to her pain and have had my own difficulty navigating these days of change. It’s my heart’s desire to live with a “thumb’s up” approach to daily living. Some days, however, it’s tough to keep upright. I’m praying my way through this; I’d appreciate yours as well.

In addition, I’m awaiting word of recent, personal medical tests… never an easy wait.

May God grant each one of us the daily grace we need to push past the confusion and rest peacefully in his good and tender care. Blessed weekend to you and yours. As always…

Peace for the journey,


PS: To the relief and praise of her parents’ hearts, we were met with a smile this afternoon when picking up Miss Amelia. Thank you, friends, a thousand times over for blessing us with your prayers. It may seem insignificant to some, but to us it means everything. Blessed weekend to you all!


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  1. I will be praying for your Amelia tonight and tomorrow! I well remember those feelings as I changed schools many times growning up. I pray that God will send Amelia new friends and teachers who will be watching out for her during these first days of school. I will pray for you as well, that the waiting would not seem long and that the results might be all good news!

  2. Precious Heavenly Father ~

    I am thinking of Elaine and Amelia tonight. I know how they're feeling, alone and in unfamiliar waters. I wish I could DO something. I pray for their supernatural comfort.

    Help Amelia to know that she can take her time to learn to do her papers right; that if she gets it wrong at first, nothing bad will happen. Bless her with a special friend; help her to walk tall and let that charming smile lead the way.

    And bless Elaine with the stunning vision of being held close in your arms. Help her to close her eyes and be IN that picture.

    Strengthen the husband and daddy. He has much on his plate. Give him wisdom to know where he can best be used in the Body and in his home.

    In Jesus' name, amen

  3. Sweet Amelia: I can remember feeling just how you felt today. It was a lot of years ago, but it was hard. I will be praying for you at your new school, that Jesus will send you a friend that you can be a 'buddy' with. Don't forget for a minute that He is right there with you in your new school. In fact, He was already there waiting for you!

    Tell your mom I am praying for her too. I know that God is going to answer our prayers!

    Love you sweet girl.


  4. Poor baby… What a tough time for her — and you! I will be praying for you guys. Praying also for a good report on your tests. Keep your eyes on Him and continue to rest in His care!

    Love you,

  5. Oh Elaine!

    I would be honored to pray for your sweet Amelia.

    Bless her heart.

    I'll be praying for you too mom, I know how hard this is for you as well.

    Lord, please comfort this precious child's heart tonight. I pray you surround her with your love.Let her feel your presence all around her at school tomorrow. She is so special. I ask that you give Elaine wisdom and understanding on how to walk her through this time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    Keep us posted!

    Elaine, I'm praying for your health as well.

    Love you♥

  6. Praying for Amelia…and you…when our kids hurt…we feel the pain just as strongly…or even more so…

    Also praying for waiting grace…and a good report…

  7. oh, my precious Elaine, I am praying for sweet Amelia. SHe is just a few months older than my granddaughter, Mikaela, and this just breaks my heart!

    Praying for you as well on the test results pending. Waiting is the worst, but God know that results! Don't let the enemy use this time to mess with you!

    Love to you – Beth

  8. Elaine, even as I was reading this post and knowing that you all should be in bed by now, I started praying.

    Thank you for sharing what you didn't have to, so that we all can pray for you.

    You have prayed for me and mine many a time….
    Praying for Amelia tomorrow, that God will calm all her fears and help her through this transition – and that God will help you through as well – you may not have the answers or the solution for her, but God does.
    I will also continue to hold you up in prayer as you ache watching your daughter go through this tough time, and as you wait for results from your tests.
    I love you and am so grateful for your friendship……..

  9. I am praying for Amelia and can identify with her in my early years. Praying that torment away and God's angels to minister confidence with each passing hour. And I stand in faith for you believing for a good report.


  10. I'm praying! My little daughter is having problems being left in the church nursery so I can relate a little to your Mommy heart. I'm also praying for a friend to come up beside her and make it fun.

  11. Talking about pulling at a mother's heartstrings!! I will be praying for your Amelia and your other daughter and you as well…God is able!!


  12. I remember those first days of school as a child. I cried and did not want to go either. I know it was terrible on my mom. Then I remember going off to college. I was such a homebody and when Friday came, I was headed home.

    I pray for peace for Amelia and her sweet mom. I pray that God will give Amelia a new, precious friend to walk beside her in these first days of school.

    Seems both of you are waiting…Amelia for the settling of her soul into a new school and new friends; you for the test results to come. I am thankful that He waits with you.


  13. Remembering all those anxious moments over the years, and want to tell you that sometimes the only peace came when I grabbed hold of this truth…He loves our little ones more than we do and He is El Roi…the God who sees me. He knows all of it and sees it all too and we can rest in that, if we choose to. Praying for peace for you, and Amelia too!

  14. Bless that baby girl's heart and her mama's! I will be lifting you all up in prayer. Love you bunches!

  15. My arms of prayer are wrapped around your baby girl Amelia and I'm praying for your Mother's heart. I sent a reply Email to you this morning sharing encouragement of what I did with our baby girl when she was young and went through something similar.

    I love you friend.

  16. wifeforthejourney:

    How I wish I could be Amelia's "shadow" today – but how much better for it to be the Lord! Our little girl is so wonderful, so just-who-she-needs-to-be at 8 years old, my prayer is for at least one new friend for her today.

    Thanks to everyone who is taking time to remember what it's like to be in elementary school again. That is just NOT an easy time, especially when you are "the new kid."

    Blessings to you all and we'll keep you posted I'm sure.

    ~ Billy

  17. I will be praying for Amelia! I moved once in Kindegarten and once in the 7th grade. Never moved again! It is sooo hard.

    Remind her [as you probably have already] that Jesus is there with her holding her hand and perhaps we could pray together for God to give her a new friend there. That's what I'm asking for – for her!

    Even when she has no one [human] to talk with at school – she can always talk to Jesus from her heart!

    Bless her heart today!

  18. So sorry! Have you thought at all about the prospect of home schooling Amelia?

    I do hope that your tests come back with the desired, hoped for results. I,too, continue to wait on the last of my tests done a couple of weeks ago. Most of them were all right. Nothing major anyway.

    Love to you and yours!

    Marilyn…in Mississippi

  19. To the relief and praise of her parents' hearts, we were met with a smile this afternoon when picking up Miss Amelia. Thank you, friends, a thousand times over for your blessing us with your prayers. It may seem insignificant to some, but to us it means everything.


  20. Hi Elaine – I just saw your post. I am glad Amelia had a smile for you this afternoon and I will pray that the smiles will continue; that friendships will grow and that opportunities to love and be loved will abound. It is never easy to start anew – whether a child or an adult. Gratefully, Amelia has a wonderful family to come home to.

    I will also be praying for you in the midst of your wait. Time seems to pass all too slowly in the waiting, doesn't it.


  21. It's those who have stood in the need of prayer who know that nothing is insignificant. You have lots of friends who know that truth, Elaine. That is a treasure.

  22. Praising the LORD for God's faithfulness to always hear our prayers and answer according to HIs perfect will. He has His love all around Amelia!!!!

    Love you much friend! Hugs to Amelia!

  23. I'm so glad things went better for Amelia today. I wasn't online yesterday afternoon/evening or this morning. Sorry I missed this specific prayer request. However, know that I lift your family in prayer each and every day.

    God's got ya covered, in every regard. Looking forward to hearing nothing but good reports for both of you. Keep me posted.

    Big hugs…

  24. I am so glad to read that your sweet girl is doing better today 🙂 – It is hard for a parent to see their children suffer.

    I pray that your test-results come out good.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  25. Elaine,
    I missed praying at the moment but my prayers are continuing for you and your family. So glad that Amelia had a better day. I moved every 3 years in my father's pastorate – even went to 2 High school's. No – it is not fun being the 'new kid'. I think it is harder for girls than boys too.

    So, like Billy, I pray for 1 new true friend – and may that friendship enlarge her territory – I pray protection around her, as it's never easy for pastors kids in the school system – and particularly when you are the newbie!

    My two grand kids that live here in AR – were in the same boat last year. Madi still feels like a fish out of water. They are pastor's kids too.

    I do pray for that peace that only He can give. I liked how you ended your post:

    "May God grant each one of us the daily grace we need to push past the confusion and rest peacefully in his good and tender care."

    Thank you! That resonated in my own spirit as well – I claim that GRACE for my own situation as well.

    God bless you and your whole family in this NEW place He has you in! In His time, you will sing of the -up-side. You are positioned for VICTORY and not defeat!

    Patrina <")>><

  26. So glad to hear that Amelia had a smile on her face!!! That is so heartwarming, knowing that God heard the prayers lifted on her behalf!!

    "Thank you Lord for your faithfulness."



  27. I will be praying for Amelia (and you too) that the smile will continue as she adjusts to her new school. I know how difficult it can be to move and go through changes!


  28. Elaine, Amelia has been in my heart and thoughts since I first read of her anxiety. I trust that as each day goes on the Lord is strengthening her. She is just so precious.

    Also worried and concerned for you. Did you hear back from your medical tests yet? Friend…I didn't even know. I'm so sorry. Lifting you up in prayer.


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