a bit of housekeeping

Precious Readers:

We’ve come to a point in our journey together where I feel as if I need to address an issue with you; not one I ever intended on having to address, but one that I feel I need to be more vocal about in regards to my writing.

Plagiarism–copying and pasting my thoughts as your own. I feel as if I’ve been generous to all of my readers with my words over the past, almost 2 years of blogging–giving freely of my pen for God’s kingdom agenda. But I’ve noticed some traffic as of late and some infringements along these lines that, in my opinion, crosses the boundaries of “basic blogging etiquette.” It creeps me out a bit, and concerns me to some degree. Thus, I’m asking you as kindly as I know how to, please STOP using my words as your own. If you’d like to reference something I’ve written, please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Now, I’m all about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, and quoting anything I’ve written with proper referencing is fine. But to paste entire posts of mine as your own isn’t right. I’m sorry if this seems harsh; many of you might be offended, but the greater offense is to unlawfully “take” something that belongs to me without my permission.

Now, with that being said, I want to move on with my words, sharing them with you because of the trust we share within this blogging community. As always, friends, may God’s peace be yours this night and in the days ahead. I want to continue life with you in the blogosphere without having to worry about “word theft.” Certainly, God has given each one of us enough words and creative thought to write our own, unique posts. I, for one, am the benefactor of that overflow and so enjoy reading what you have to say.

Thanks for listening.


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